Sunday, June 30, 2013

Event Announcement - She Said YES!

We are ENGAGED!!

And guess what!  So is We're Parents!?! We've decided to team up together to bring you one FABULOUS event! "SHE SAID YES- A Virtual Bridal Shower" will begin in September. We are working to team up with some incredible sponsors to bring you the best reviews & giveaways for products that you NEED to make sure is on your own registry or that you should be getting for your favorite friends or family for their bridal shower or wedding.

DIY Forth of July Wreath

Hello Everybody (it's Rebecca)!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer heat. It went from the 60's to 90's in the matter of a week where I live. Its been HOT! But, I have a great easy craft for you all today. I was able to take advantage of the warmer weather and do most of this project outside. I enjoyed being out and the paint also dried a lot quicker. Win-win! This is the awesome wreath that we will be making.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baked Shells Recipe

I absolutely love going to nice restaurants, particularly Italian restaurants. Order a nice glass of wine, eat some delicious pasta, go home one happy lady. The problem with going out to nice restaurants is that typically the portions are small and the prices are high. One of my favorite meals to eat at a nice Italian restaurant are Stuffed Shells. Not only are they amazingly tasty, but they're pretty filling as well! Fed up with the high restaurant prices I decided to go on a search for a recipe that I would love, and voila! I found it. 

What I loved about the original recipe is that not only was it easy, but it gave me the recipe to make my own sauce for it as well. Of course I had to change a couple things to make what I had in the pantry work with the recipe, but I was ecstatic to have found such a gem. I knew i had to share it with my lovely readers. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Simple Steps to Organize an Average Sized Closet

*You are about to read a sponsored post written by Mommys Craft Obsession. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

A dream of mine is to one day own a home that has a gorgeous walk in closet. A fantasize about a closet like the one in Clueless or in The Devil Wears Prada but unless we hit the lottery that dream will most likely never become a reality. I'm not trying to be a "Debby Downer", I'm just being realistic! Those closets are the size of houses! Majority of us own homes that have "average sized" closets, which means that we need to do our best to organize according to our space. Whether you take matters into your own hands and just "wing it", or are considering custom closet design, there are simple ways that you can improve your closet space and keep it organized. 

Below is a photo of both sides of my closet, just yesterday! A total mess, clothes shoved everywhere, no organization to speak of. I couldn't wait to get started on my journey with organizing and to utilize the five simple steps that I am about to share with you today. 

Gymboree Review & Giveaway

As a parent, there are three things that you look for in your child's clothing; stylish, affordable, and quality. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find all three wrapped up into one little outfit but thankfully Gymboree offers all three qualities in their clothing!

Photo Credits: Gymboree

*I received a complimentary gift card to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Gymboree has been dressing children stylishly since since 1986 in high quality, unique clothing and accessories. Available in sizes newborn to 12 years old, Gymboree is designed with bright colorful, quality fabrics, with detailed touches throughout. Gymboree currently operates in over 630 stores in the US and Canada, and of course through their website. 

Gymboree generously offered me a $75 gift certificate to go shopping with in one of their Gymboree retail stores! I was so excited for the opportunity that I went shopping as soon as I could once the gift card arrived. I live approximately 45 minutes away from our nearest shopping mall, so I planned my day accordingly and hit the road on my journey to Gymboree. When I arrived at our mall I noticed that our Gymboree had gotten a remodel since I had last visited the mall, and it looked wonderful! The store was crisp and very inviting!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Kid Friendly Activities for Summer 2013

Finding activities to keep your kids busy during the summer can be a task that will leave you pulling out your hair. As a parent, some days you just feel like staying in your comfortable clothes at home and other days you feel like getting out of the house and having a fun day out on the town! Below are 10 activities that will keep you and your kiddo(s) busy throughout the summertime!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Blanket Music Review & Giveaway

There is nothing more soothing for your little one than a beautiful lullaby, but lets face it, those lullaby's can get a bit repetitive. Baby Blanket Music features YOUR favorite artists/bands in a lullaby! Now you can hum along to songs that you love while you're rocking your precious little one to sleep.

Photo Credits: Baby Blanket Music 

*I received two complimentary CD's for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Baby Blanket Music takes your favorite songs from your favorite artists and arranges them into soothing lullabies that can be your baby's favorites too. Whether you're singing along to the music softly while in the car or at home, Baby Blanket Music features familiar baby sounds such as vibraphones, music boxes, classical instruments such as strings, woodwinds, pianos, harps, and soft percussion. Together it makes for gentle textures and are calming and enjoyable. Baby Blanket Music features artists including The Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, John Mayer, and Simon and Garfunkel. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

California Delicious Gift Baskets Review & Giveaway

What type of gift do you get for the person who has everything? Sometimes you think you're purchasing the perfect gift and then the recipients face says it all. A swing and a miss. Instead of spending money on gifts that your recipient doesn't love, spend money on a gift that keeps on giving! A Gift Basket from California Delicious! 

*I received a complimentary gift basket in exchange for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

California Delicious is a California based company that believes that life is an occasion worth celebrating. From birthdays to thank you's, and everything in between, California Delicious takes pride in offering high quality gift baskets for every occasion. The gift baskets are made in California and are ready to ship to every state. Filled with unique foods, wines, ciders, spa products, coffees, teas, baby products, and much more. California Delicious literally has something that everyone will love!

California Delicious generously let me choose what I was interested in review and I had the hardest time deciding what to review! In the end I decided that I deserved a spa gift basket, something that I could enjoy after Baby A was already in bed! There were many choices of spa gift baskets but I decided on the Vanilla Orchid Spa Spritzer. I was in awe when the basket arrived at how beautifully it was presented and how it is literally ready to be handed as a gift upon arrival! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Swim, Sun, & Fun Giveaway Event

A Ladybug on the Go

Hosted by

Summer is one of those exciting times of year no matter where you live or how old you are!  This giveaway  is about celebrating the season in every way.  Prizes include outdoor games, pool/beach gear, vacation essentials, outdoor sporting goods and more.......

Mommys Craft Obsession is so excited to bring you this giveaway! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper Giveaway!

Welcome to the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper Giveaway!

Affordable Must-Have Sports Clothing

*You are about to read a guest post by Tesco, Mommys Craft Obsession has been compensated for the placement and promotion of this guest post*

Photo Credits: Tesco

If you are up into sports, one thing that you should invest on is sports clothing. Lately, I just started to learn swimming so I enrolled myself in a swimming school nearby. I have been on the look out of some stores with great offers for sports attires but they all come in high prices.

Good thing, checking online for some sport stuffs and I found some cool offers online. I googled for some sites offering swimming apparels and the result brought me to Tesco Direct. It has lots of choices to choose from. All sports wears are made available on this site so it is just easy to pick. Just search for the particular sports item and presto it will give you various selections. I found on google similar to the one I own and found it is much cheaper. Imagine how I much I regret of not knowing this site earlier.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swim, Sun, & Fun Event Sign Ups (For Bloggers)

A Ladybug on the Go

Summer is one of those exciting times of year no matter where you live or how old you are!  This giveaway  will be about celebrating the season in every way.  Prizes may include outdoor games, pool or beach gear, vacation essentials, swimwear, outdoor sporting goods and More.......
Hosted by:

Liberate Jewelry Review & Giveaway

Every woman deserves to look beautiful, so why not look beautiful while you're also contributing to an amazing cause!

*I received a complimentary necklace for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Liberate Apparel was created by two women who decided that they wanted to do more for the families in the Dominican Republic and Haiti than just feed their families, they wanted to help them rise out of the poverty that they were living in. Jackie King and Melanie Hunley combined their expertise in business, their love for fashion, and their heart for the people in the Dominican Republic and Haiti to start a company that would liberate women and give them the opportunity to rise above poverty. Together they designed a handcrafted jewelry collection with the quality intended to bring out women's beauty. Liberate Jewelry is 100% handmade in Haiti, giving job opportunity and wages to parents and a portion of everything sold is given back. Along with their main mission of bringing jobs and wages to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Liberate Apparel also created Project Liberate to provide the necessary resources and training to assist in the development of micro-businesses and empower women through new job skills, education, and opportunities. Project Liberate is currently working in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, partnering with women who are designing and manufacturing various supplies.  

Liberate Apparel generously sent me their Signature Necklace to review and when it arrived I was stunned at it's beauty. The necklace is made of colorful recycled paper beads from the tent cities of Haiti  along with antiqued ceramic beats. The necklace alternates various sizes and shapes of beads and features a beautiful arrangement of colors throughout each bead. I received a blueish multicolor necklace which matches with just about anything I wear it with! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dermagist Eye Precision System Review & Giveaway!

*Below is a review and giveaway written and hosted by Fun with Four. Mommys Craft Obsession has not been compensated in anyway for the blog hosting and promotion of this giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are original from Fun with Four*

Dermagist Review 2

Having four kids can really take its toll on a person, especially when one out of the two parents has a job that requires long hours. Both my husband and I have realized we aren't getting any younger and it especially starts to show in our eye area. The Dermagist Eye Precision System is helping us fight wrinkles and look refreshed!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bear & The Bug Vinyl Growth Chart Review & Giveaway

When you're pregnant, everyone is always telling you "don't blink, they'll be in high school before you know it". Until your child starts to grow, you have absolutely no idea how accurate that statement is. Thankfully us mommies are able to track our child's growth with an adorable custom growth chart from The Bear & the Bug!

*I received a complimentary growth chart for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

My sweet baby boy will be two in just four short months. TWO! How on earth did this happen to me? Just the thought brings tears to my eyes, yet I am excited at the same time. Shortly after Baby A turns two we will be making a large transition from his crib, to his big boy bed, and with this big change comes a change in his bedroom decor as well. Baby A loves Mickey Mouse more than he loves anything else (except maybe mommy!) so I've decide we're going to do a Mickey Mouse theme in his big boy bedroom. I can picture how I want it to look like - plain blue bedding, Mickey Mouse throw blanket, pillow, lamp, wall decor. I also really wanted a growth chart, so when The Bear & The Bug contacted me, I was ecstatic. 

The Bear & The Bug graciously offered for me to send them an idea of what I would like for my growth chart and of course I immediately asked for a Mickey Mouse design. Due to copyrights, they were unable to do an actual Mickey Mouse (with the face and what not) but were willing to create something that embodied the Mickey Mouse Club House theme and that we would love. When they had created the growth chart, they sent it to me for "approval" and I was blown away by it! I was expecting it to look good and have some sort of Mickey Mouse essence, but I had absolutely no idea how fantastic it would turn out. The growth chart was bright, vibrant, well designed, and modern, yet still embodied the Mickey Mouse theme that I was hoping for. They even customized it with Baby A's name!  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Video Chat, Text, AND Send Photos with OkHello!

Are you an iPhone user? Love video chatting with your friends and family, sending texts, and sending photos? Me too. My family and I always Facetiming but the problem with Facetiming is that you have to be within your wireless network to do so! What if my wireless goes out?! Thankfully I was just introduced to an amazing new app, OkHello, and I'm about to introduce you to it now! Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Photo Credits: OkHello

*I have been monetarily compensated for the review and promotion of this application. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

OkHello is a new app for iPhones that makes group video chat fun, fast, and spontaneous. Why waste time trying to schedule FaceTime chats or Skype calls when you can turn a simple chat message into a video chat? 

OkHello is a completely free app allows you to start "rooms" with multiple family members or friends to easily create a shared space for you to share photos, videos, text chats, and then easily turn your conversations into video chats! You can even video chat with more than one person at a time! OkHello is secure and safe for families and creates a more comfortable environment than social media websites. It's also much easier to use than FaceTime, Skype, and other various social media networks!

Photo Credits: OkHello

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lets Get Clean Dishes with Cascade #MyPlatinum! #Sponsored

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

I know that most of us don't really love doing chores, but I hate them. One chore that I seem to do on a daily basis is unload the dishwasher. I'm not joking, we literally run our dish washer every day or if I'm lucky, every other day. I honestly have no idea how a family of two adults and one toddler can go through so many dishes in a day, and I hand wash a lot too! Right now we are renters and the appliances in the house we are renting have been here probably since the house was built, however many years ago. The dishwasher still works and has a lot of life left in it, but it really isn't the best dishwasher that I have ever encountered. One issue I have is that I have to make sure that I pre-rinse my dishes, actually scratch that, I practically have to wash my dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher in order to ensure that my dishes are sparkling when I take them out. For as long as I can remember, we've always used Cascade, whether it be liquid or powder soap, the Cascade brand has always done well for us. For about two months Mr. Hunky and I actually decided to stop using store bought dishwasher detergent and start making our own, but we quickly changed our minds again and decided to go back to store bought, and started purchasing Cascade again. Growing accustomed to my ritual of emptying the dishwasher only to put dishes back in that didn't get fully cleaned, I jumped on the opportunity to apply for a Cascade Campaign through Mom Central Consulting and I was ecstatic when I was accepted as a blogger. I was promptly sent a sample of the Cascade Platinum  dishwasher detergent and couldn't wait to try it out. 

Cascade Platinum achieves a clean so powerful it helps keep the dishwasher sparkling while delivering a variety of dish care benefits. 

Doc McStuffins Giveaway!

*This is a giveaway brought to you by the members of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network. No monetary compensation was provided.*

Lets face it, if you're little one is a fan of Disney Junior, even if they don't regularly watch Doc McStuffins, you've probably caught yourself singing or humming the theme song once or twice. Doc McStuffins is an adorable kids show that teaches your little one about caring, sharing, nurturing, and much more. I'm very excited to bring you guys this amazing giveaway today! - Alex

Doc McStuffins: The Doc Is In CD is coming to a store near you on Tuesday! The soundtrack is currently available for pre-order at 

Doc McStuffins: The Doctor Is In soundtrack track listing:

1.    “Doc McStuffins Theme Song”
2.    “Time for Your Check Up”
3.    “Everyone Gets Hurt Sometimes”
4.    “I Feel Better”
5.    “A Lambie Like You”
6.    “Nobody Wants a Broken Toy”
7.    “Wash Your Hands”
8.    “Do What the Doctor Says”
9.    “When You Need a Friend”
10.  “Made in the Shade”
11.  “Water Water”
12.  “Eat Good Food”
13.  “Take Care”
14.  “You’re Gonna Grow”
15.  “Because You’re You”
16.  “Loud Loud Louie”
17.  “Bop, Bop, Bop”
18.  “Look Great in Glasses”
19.  “Be Good to Your Tummy”
20.  “Let’s Play Outside”
21.  “Brush Your Teeth”
22.  “Get Your Sleep On”
23.  “Dinosaur Stomp”
24.  “Stars Stars”
25.  “Everybody in the Pool”
26.  “Close Your Eyes”

DIY Party Balloon Wreath

As you know I love me some wreaths! I saw this one at Michael's recently and they wanted $90.00 for a 12 inch wreath! FORGET THAT! I made this one for about $25.00 and it is 16 inches and just wonderful for my sons upcoming birthday party! I did peak at the one at Michael's to see how they did it and I changed mine a bit to make it super easy!

What you need:
12-16 inch Styrofoam wreath
Roll of birthday streamer
250 stick pints
250 balloons in the colors of your choice
Ribbon to hang wreath
Multi-color pipe cleaners

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Your Little One

Traveling with little ones can be an extremely stressful situation. I hate flying but flying tends to be the quickest way to get from point A to point B when you're traveling long distances. I moved from my childhood home in Northern California to Southern Arizona last summer so going to home see my family these days always includes a plane ride. I've flown home twice since our move, once when Baby A was 15 months old and again just a couple of weeks ago (Baby A is now 20 months). My first time traveling with Baby A was a disaster. Okay maybe not a disaster but it certainly wasn't the most fun I've had in a span of 5 hours. Thankfully I learned from my mistakes and the second time flying with my little man was a lot easier. Below are some tips and tricks that I've learned from traveling with my toddler.

Do's & Don'ts
DO travel on an aircraft with open seating. This will make your life a lot easier if the flight isn't full, you'll be able to utilize that open seat next to you for your little one's car seat, when you're searching your diaper bag for something, or even to put your toddler in after take off!
DON'T 'go in' expecting that the plane will not be full. If you're bringing your child's car seat always bring a gate check bag just in case!

DO pack the essentials for your flight with baby. Snacks, toys, books, movies, etc. Anything to keep them distracted and having fun!
DON'T overpack! Bring one bag, your diaper bag. Consolidate your belongings and make sure to only pack the essentials!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ellison's Organics Review & Giveaway

Photo Credits: Ellison's Organics

Hosted by More Than Mommy& Co-Hosted by Mommy’s Craft Obsession

Review by More Than Mommy. *Mommys Craft Obsession received no compensation for hosting this giveaway*

After a long hard day of being ‘Mommy’ to three little ones, sometimes I just need to relax and remember that I am MORE than ‘Mommy.’ For me, grabbing a book and reading in the tub is the perfect way to unwind, although it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I would like.

When I am able to get away and relax, I like to do all that I can to make it really count. Recently, I found a great shop on Etsy called Ellison’s Organics. They specialize in organic beauty products, including an Organic Rose Petal Milk Bath that I was sent to try out. They also have specialty soaps for kids, salves, lip balms, bath salts, and lots more.  It’s all natural and organic!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Erase Your Worries With A Worry Box by Janyse Jaud

*This is a guest post written by Janyse Jaud. Mommys Craft Obsession has received compensation for the promotion of this guest post*

Where does worrying come from? Why do children worry? 
According to Dr. Graham C. L. Davey, “What children worry about will vary depending on their cognitive development, their emotional development, and how they are required to interact with their world (e.g. the demands of school life).”

 So as a parent, how can you help your child erase a worry? One of the activities we do in The Magic of Think® program, involves learning how to create a “Worry Box.” This is such a fun activity to do with your child that you may want to make a Worry Box for yourself too!

 First, find a cardboard box. Create a design on the box by coloring it, decorating it with stickers, glitter, and jewels, or pasting photos onto it. Use your imagination and show your individuality. Now take a piece of paper and have your child write down one worry. This is a great time to have a discussion about worries. Now place the worry in the box. You can have as many worries as you want in the “Worry Box” but try completing the activity within 15 minutes.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Beautiful Skye Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

Cloth diaper momma's rejoice! I'm about to introduce you to a fabulous cloth diaper that you will want to stock up on! A Beautiful Skye, also known as ABS Diapers! 

Photo Credits: A Beautiful Skye

*I received a complimentary cloth diaper for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

A Beautiful Skye is a Hyena Cart based shop that creates gorgeous, quality cloth diapers for little bums everywhere! The shops name and concept was inspired by the owners daughter, Skye, and it quickly developed into a cloth diaper shop favored by many! One unique feature that A Beautiful Skye offers is what they call "ABS Bucks" which is a credit system that you receive for each purchase! When your diaper is shipped to you it will include one ABS Buck that is worth $1. There is no expiration date on the ABS Bucks so you can accumulate them for as long as you want and redeem them when you are ready. ABS Bucks are not redeemable for cash nor are they valid on shipping charges, however you can save up and get yourself a *FREE* diaper with your ABS Bucks!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Flat Iron Experts Curling Wand Review

When I became a mom I quickly learned that my needs would always be second fiddle. To my dismay, this also included my beauty regimen. So what I'm basically saying is if you were to run into me at the store on any given day, my hair would not be looking it's best. Typically I'd be okay with that but lately I've been feeling like I need a makeover. Thanks to Flat Iron Experts, you can give yourself a whole transformation simply by acquiring a new hair styling tool! 
*I received a complimentary curling wand for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions* 

Flat Iron Experts is an online beauty shop with warehouses in the United States and Canada. They specialize in professional reviews, recommendations, and the education of today's most popular flat iron brands. Flat Iron Experts takes pride in their customer service and strives to answer all of your questions and to assist you in making an educated decision in your purchase. 

Flat Iron Experts generously sent me the Cortex Professional Ceramic Digital Curling Iron as well as their Thermal Shine Spray and Macadamia Natural Oil Spray! Needless to say I was looking forward to my mini mom makeover. I love curling my hair but it just takes so long to do! I have naturally poofy, wavyish hair so unless I put it up, curl it, or straighten it, my hair is typically a mess. I have tried traditional curling irons and they always scare me, I fear that my hair will get stuck or I'll forget to release my hair from the curling iron in time! Silly fear, I know. When Flat Iron Experts said that they would be sending a curling iron that was actually a curling wand I was super excited, finally I could curl my hair without fear of the curling iron. The Cortex Curling Wand arrived bubble wrapped in a box that fit the wand perfectly. I decided to hang onto the box for organized storage when the curling wand isn't in use!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Paparazzi Jewelry Review & Giveaway

Every woman wants to feel glamorous whether you're 6 or 60, the desire to look beautiful is just embedded within us. Knowing that not all women can afford a life of luxury, Paparazzi created a jewelry line that is not only adorable, it's affordable too. 
Photo Credits: Paparazzi

*I received complimentary jewelry for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Paparazzi Jewelry's mission is to change the way people look, how they feel, how they live, and their futures! Through their fashion forward accessories, Paparazzi truly believes that trendy jewelry can not only be available but affordable to women everywhere. Their passion is to inspire dreams, empower talents, and reach goals by sharing their products and the excitement. Paparazzi also brings women everywhere the opportunity to change their lives by changing their careers and encourages them to join the Paparazzi team! By far the best aspect of the Paparazzi Jewelry line is that everything, and I mean everything is just $5! Yep, that's right, $5!

I had the opportunity to work with Paparazzi Independent Consultant Donna Arthur and to learn more about the accessories that Paparazzi offers! Donna generously gave me the opportunity to chose some accessories that thought would fit my personal style. Paparazzi offers everything from necklaces to hair accessories so to say I had a tough time choosing what I wanted to check out is an understatement! In the long run I ended up going with three hair accessories, one necklace, two bracelets, a pair of earrings, and a ring. I couldn't wait to see them in person! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 Review & Giveaway

The gift of education is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give a child. Whether it's the simplicity of a book, or a more extravagant gift of an education website subscription, bettering a child's education is [in my opinion] something that you should always think about. With not only can you better a little ones education, but they will have tons of fun while they're learning!

Photo Credits:

*I received a complimentary year subscription in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions on the website* is a full learning curriculum for preschoolers (as young as 2 years old) all the way to kindergarteners. The website provides fun and interactive learning games featuring reading, math, science, art, colors, music, and more. really allows for the child to get the full experience by creating their own avatar, choosing a fun pet, and having their own "dashboard" that allows them to choose what they want to do whether it be a game or an interactive storybook. is recommended for children ages 2-6, preschool - kindergarten. The levels of the website are as follows:

Monday, June 3, 2013

MCO's Birthday Bash: NextStepBabyMonitor's NextStepIP Pro Giveaway

We've reached the final day of MCO's Birthday Bash and we are so glad that you could join us for this celebration! If you've missed the giveaways up until now, be sure to click on the photo below to enter to win some amazing prizes from Strollers to Cookware!

Click on the image below to be redirected to a list of open giveaways.

MCO's Birthday Bash is finishing up their celebration with an amazing giveaway for NextStepBabyMonitors

Sunday, June 2, 2013

MCO's Birthday Bash: Review & Giveaway

We're celebrating MCO's first blog-birthday with MCO's Birthday Bash are so glad that you could join us for this event! If you've missed the giveaways up until now, be sure to click on the photo below to enter to win some amazing prizes from Strollers to Cookware!

Click on the image below to be redirected to a list of open giveaways.

MCO's Birthday Bash is continuing our celebration with an amazing giveaway for a $50 Gift Certificate to! 

*I received a gift certificate in for the review of MamaBargains in exchange of my honest thoughts and opinions*

Photo Credits: MamaBargains began in early 2008 after the idea was tossed around for quite some time. After being frustrated with websites that weren't streamlined enough, knowing that everyone loves a good bargain, and having two young children, MamaBargains was created. They are the original, one deal at a time website for anyone looking to purchase quality baby, child, and parent items at a bargain price. If there is a bargain to be found at a brand name, baby, child, or parent item, MamaBargains will find it and bring it to their customers. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

MCO's Birthday Bash: 2 Red Hens Rooster Diaper Bag Review & Giveaway

We're celebrating MCO's first blog-birthday with MCO's Birthday Bash are so glad that you could join us for this event! If you've missed the giveaways up until now, be sure to click on the photo below to enter to win some amazing prizes from Strollers to Cookware!

Click on the image below to be redirected to a list of open giveaways.

MCO's Birthday Bash is continuing their celebration with an amazing giveaway for a Rooster Diaper Bag by 2 Red Hens Studio!