Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Kid Friendly Activities for Summer 2013

Finding activities to keep your kids busy during the summer can be a task that will leave you pulling out your hair. As a parent, some days you just feel like staying in your comfortable clothes at home and other days you feel like getting out of the house and having a fun day out on the town! Below are 10 activities that will keep you and your kiddo(s) busy throughout the summertime!

1. Hit The Zoo

There's no better way to educate on animals and their sounds than by visiting the zoo! Whether you're just wanting to walk around for some fun and fresh air, or whether you're going there to brush up on your animal sounds, you and your child will have a fun day checking out the gorgeous animals and the scenery! 

2. Visit a Children's Museum

Children's museums are not only fun, but educational, and air conditioned as well! Give your little one the chance to run around and learn hands on at the same time. Spend the day by taking your time through the various exhibits, having a nice lunch at the museums restaurant (if they have one), and teaching your child as much as possible while you're there!

3. Have an Outside Paint Fight
Photo Credits: Get Your Mess On

Use this recipe to make homemade paints, put down a sheet in your back yard, and let the paint fly! Everyone will have tons of fun, get messy, and then be able to hose down when the fun is over! You're child(ren) will love the spontaneity and the mess, and you'll love that it's outside!

4. Sidewalk Chalk Photo Opps
Photo Credits: CarrieAnneMiranda

Pull your car(s) out onto the street and whip out the sidewalk chalk, it's time to draw a fantastic scene on the driveway, have your kids lay in the scene, and take some pictures! You're little ones will love drawing their pictures and then make their drawings come to life! Not to mention that the photos make great keepsakes or possible holiday cards! 

5. Treat Your Child to Mommy and Me Swimming

Swimming seems to be a regular occurrence for most families in the summer, but it's often filled with family and friends, which is fantastic, but can get to the point where it seems a little....familiar. Make it special for your child and take them to the pool, just you and them, and spend some special time swimming together. If you have multiple kids, hire a babysitter or have your spouse stay with them and take one at a time to the pool and spend a special 30 minutes with each of them! 

6. Have a Picnic in the Park

Eating lunch at home or in restaurants can get old fast so why not make things exciting by throwing lunch in a basket and heading to the park? Pick a shady tree, lay out an oversized blanket, kick off your shoes, and enjoy your lunch in the fresh air. 

7. Go to a Matinee Movie

Sometimes there's nothing better on a hot day than to escape to somewhere dark and cool, and what better place to escape to than a movie theater! Treat yourself and your little one(s) to a matinee and some popcorn! 

8. Camp in the Backyard

Summer nights are amazing and so relaxing. I have memories of camping in the front yard with my parents when I was little and it's a tradition that I would love to pass down to Baby A when he's older. Your son or daughter will love helping you pitch the tent, laying out the sleeping bags, and playing with the flash lights when it's dark! 

9. Turn Your Living Room into a Fort

Grab all those blankets, sheets, and towels and create a giant fort in your living room! The couch, entertainment center, ottoman, bookshelf, and whatever else you have in your living room will make it easy for you to literally turn the entire room into one big flowy fort. Crawl in and out, throw all of the pillows inside, and read books! Bring in a snack and tell a silly story, or even pull out the portable DVD player and snuggle up with your little one!

10. Have a Pajama Day

On the days that you just don't feel like getting dressed...don't! Have a pajama day, snuggle up in bed, watch a few dozen movies, eat junk food, and just relax! It's hot outside so treat yourself to a lazy day with your little one! 

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  1. Love the sidewalk chalk photo! Cute idea

  2. I love the idea to have a paint fight! My kids would have so much fun with that!

  3. Thank you for so much information. We love doing sidewalk chalk and paint..great idea.

  4. Love this post! The ideas are simple, inexpensive and lots of fun :) Love the idea of a paint fight and chalk art.

  5. Great ideas! Paint fight sounds fun and we always do chalk art and have a blast! :)

  6. We camp in the backyard all the time! My kids absolutely LOVE it!

  7. I love the idea of the outside paint fight!! Pinning it :-)


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