Sunday, September 16, 2012

Holiday Decor Scores

Last night I was texting my friend Jen and she was telling me all about her scores at the Dollar Store that day! The Dollar Store is not somewhere I typically go, although I love a good shopping score, I never really find anything of good quality there! Because of that, it does tend to be someplace that I typically avoid by default. After seeing all of the goodies she got though, I was anxious to go check it out. After Baby A finished his breakfast this morning, we headed to the Dollar Store to see what we could find! In my opinion, I scored! I've been really wanting to get some sort of Thanksgiving decor, although my house is already decorated with my new "Welcome Fall" sign and an assortment of pumpkins, I wanted to have something that really signified Thanksgiving.

I scored this ridiculously adorable turkey door hanger and I can't wait to put him up! I also snagged a cupcake kit in Thanksgiving colors! My plan for Thanksgiving this year is to make either Pumpkin Cupcakes or Mini Pumpkin Pies (in these cupcake holders!) I was so excited!

My favorite holiday is Halloween, so it only felt right that I continued building up my Halloween decor stash! I scored this super cute Beware sign, a pack of Mini Lights in purple that I plan on hanging in our front window and a cute bowl to put candy in!

I've also been driving myself crazy lately, checking Walmart every single time I went in there for Red Balloons for Baby A's party and for our upcoming Infantino Squeeze Party, and every time I go in. THEY'RE SOLD OUT! It's so annoying. I got lucky today though, the Dollar Store had red balloons! yay!!!

So my shopping scores for the day concluded with a package of red balloons, two holiday signs, a cupcake kit, mini lights for my window and a bowl to hand out candy in and the best part is that I only spent $6.55. Yep, that's right! For less than $7 I scored a great stash!!! Go check out your Dollar Store to see what you may find!

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