Sunday, August 26, 2012

Amazing People In This World

Genuine, selfless, and caring people seem to be a hard thing to come by these days. I have been blessed to surround myself with great friends- some near, some far. I've been friends with a group of women for the last eight months and we have all grown to be very close! I am very grateful for them because I know that I can speak openly with them about any sort of topics, get opinions, and advice without any sort of judgement. We share laughs, venting sessions and a shopping obsession in this mommys group and they are all such wonderful people! This post is a public thank you to one of the moms in particular. This mom knew that I was lusting and obsessing over the Petunia Pickle Bottom Berry Chiffon Cake Carryall and knew that I wasn't about to drive 7+ hours to go to the sample sale they had yesterday. So she went for me. This kind woman drove over an hour each way to snag up a bag for me! She surprised me last night by telling me that she was about to make my day better and showed me pictures of my new bag. I was (and still am) in shock that someone would actually commit such a selfish and kind act for someone in a completely different state as them. This mom not only made my day, but she made my month- even my year. She is living proof that there are kind and unselfish people on this earth! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Thank you M <3 class="separator" data-blogger-escaped-div="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">


  1. What a sweet friend! Is this the same bag that someone else commented on your blog a few days ago rubbing it in that she got one at the sale and it seemed she knew you wanted one? If so, yuck to her! Not very nice :( Kudos to this lovely woman for being such a sweet friend!


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