Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catch Up With MCO

Hey Everybody! I apologize that the blog post have been sparce lately! I've been super busy around the house, with my boutique, and just with life in general! Lets play a little catch up, shall we?

First off, I apologize for not having a product review and giveaway this week. I had a product "no show" so unfortunately I have nothing to present for you this week! I would have moved up next weeks, but the wonderful shop that we will be checking out next week is on vacation! So this week is a break week! Please keep in mind that in a few short weeks we will transition from weekly giveaways into biweekly giveaways. It is a decision that I thought long and hard about but I have decided that it is what is best for my family and I. I do hope you understand.

This Love is Ours Boutique now has new inventory. I have introduced limited edition earrings and bobby pin hair flowers into the shop! The earrings I am testing the waters with, I am not sure that I will be keeping them around as a permanent piece of inventory however the bobby pin hair flowers are here to stay! I was sitting in my craft room on Sunday brainstorming what I could do with the gorgeous gerbera daisies that I had when it hit me! These flowers don't need to be put on a headband or even an earwarmer, they're gorgeous enough to be worn by themselves! In the past when I've purchased flowers for my hair, it would always drive me completely nuts to have an uncomfortable barette or clip rubbing against the side of my head, so I knew from experience that I wouldn't sell hair flowers like that. The flower is big enough and takes up enough space on your head- why add discomfort to it! Bobby pins have always been my go to hair accessory when it came to holding hair in place, so why not throw a cute flower on it! Well, thats exactly what I did!! These new hair flowers retail between $3.80-$4.20 plus shipping!


Click HERE to check out the hair accessories at This Love is Ours Boutique

The tables have turned over here at MCO, rather than hosting a giveaway this week, I am trying to win one! The giveaway is for a new Fresh Squeezed Station made by Infantino which is basically a baby food puree and packing system that they are giving to some mom testers to check out and review for them! I desperately want this for Baby A. Since our big move a few months ago, I have been slacking in the homemade baby food department because lets face it, Plum Organic Baby Food Pouches are SO much easier to buy and give to Baby A to feed himself. Well, I'm ready to break that habit. It's past time for me to be consistantly making his purees and I need to stop making excuses. My biggest excuse is that I can't take the puree with me when we are out and about! That seriously is our biggest challenge and the reason why we love Plum so much. Well, with the Fresh Squeeze station, all that can change. The squeeze station allows you to package your puree's into a pouch that is exactly like Plum Organics. When I heard about this from Little Brim Baby's review, I about pee'd myself in excitement. The winners are chosen on the 30th and I would absolutely love if you went over and voted for me! Click HERE to go to Infantino's Facebook page, go over to their fan comments, scroll all the way down until you find the post by Alex Harrison that starts off with "Ohhhh Toooottttttlllleeesss" and LIKE it! Thats it! Then your vote counts and if I'm the winner I get to test out this product and write a review on it for you to see if you'd be interested in it too! It's that simple.

The Grandparents are coming! The Grandparents are coming! I am so estatic that in just two and a half short weeks I will get to see my parents and Mr. Hunky's parents! I am so excited for visitors I can hardly stand it!! I have so much in store for them, they won't know what hit 'em! We get to celebrate Baby A's birthday, hang out, explore the city and have lots and lots of fun!

Well for now thats all that I can think of! I'm off to go make a banner for our Mickey Mouse Club House party! Pics to come later!!

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