Saturday, August 25, 2012

Olivia and Joy Handbags...My New Love!

Today I went shopping at Marshall's and was like a little kid in a candy store while in the purse department. At one point, I literally had six bags on my arm, carrying them around, debating on which one would come live with me. My heart fluttered for this Olivia and Joy bag and I knew I couldn't leave it in the store! I normally am not a fan of the color red, but for some reason I was obsessing over this bag. My intentions with this purchase was for it to be my bag for when I left the house without Baby A (wait, did I ever leave the house without Baby A?). When I got home I decided to give it a whirl as a diaper bag. I was astonished to find that it fit everything that was in my Petunia Pickle Bottom Society Satchel PLUS I had room! I couldn't believe it!! It is a bottomless pit. Last night Mr. Hunky told me that I could get the ppb Carryall that I've been lusting over for the last two months but now that I've found this Olivia and Joy bag, I've forfeited the carryall which to me is fantastic considering I just saved my family about $200! I only paid $40 for this new beauty and I am so dang excited about it I could cry!!!


  1. Beautiful bag! You would never know from looking at it and how elegant it is, that it would work so well as a diaper bag!

    1. Thank you! I was in complete shock that it held as much as it did!! If it had more pockets in the inside it would be the perfect diaper bag! But the quality of the bag is wonderful and it is a very soft leather! I highly recommend so far!

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