Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tugging on my Heartstrings

A friend of mine named Candice (also a blogger, check her out at wrote a post today about her new no cell phone rule. Her post mentioned that she has come to realize how much time she spends on her iPhone while she could be spending time with her little man. As I read her blog, I was silently agreeing and My heart was sinking as I realized, wow, I could use a no cell phone rule as well. For the last hour I have been reading where the inspiration for Candices no cell phone rule stemmed from and I have sat here choked up and broken hearted as I realized that everything this blogging momma has said has been utterly true. Please go look at the blog and take the time to read some posts. Especially if you are a mom (or a dad). As I read the things that were written I realized that I DON'T want to be a technology consumed person and it has completely broken my heart to know that I've spent the last 8 months of my sons life paying attention to my phone and my iPad when I could have been spending those extra moments paying attention to him. This is my personal vow to be "hands free" at moments when my son is not napping. With the exception of taking phone calls from my mother, my fiancé and those who I feel need to have contact with us during those times, my phone will be left in the diaper bag or somewhere in the house and the iPad will stay in the basket by the couch until my baby's bedtime. Please read the posts on, i guarentee within 10 minutes your perspective will change drastically and you will be making your own personal vow. I am signing off to go do something that I never do....cosleep, because I feel as though I need to hold my son a little bit longer and a little bit tighter tonight. I suggest you do the same...

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  1. Go us! On the road to being even better mommys!!


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