Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shopping Scores

Everyone LOVES a good score, right? I mean who doesn't love to spend as little as possible and come home with some amazing clothes. Today I decided to hit up my local Marshall's and holy cow did I score. For less than $200 I came out with four pairs of pants, two purses, three shirts an a pair of sandals. You would think that for such a steal that I got a bunch of no named brands but in fact I was able to score Joe Jean Shorts for $40, Jessica Simpson Sandals for $25, two Duex Lux purses for $40 each and a pair of Levi jeans for $5!!!! Yes, you saw correctly- FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS. Total score right? After my score at Marshall's I decided to check out TjMaxx and found the cutest sign that I totally couldn't justify buying so instead I took a picture of it for you to see! I also scored two awesome cook books, one of which is a "kids food" cookbook and I thought that it would be fun for baby A to be able to pick out food that he likes (when he's much older of course) and he can help me make whatever he picks out! I strongly believe that kids should be helping out with in the kitchen, I feel that it instills good values and helps them have a bigger appreciation to the food that is being put out in front of them. Also it helps them evolve their taste buds and be more experimental with what they eat! Anyway, I love everything that I bought today and totally think that you should go check out your Marshall's and TJMaxx too and comment below on what your amazing finds were!!

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