Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paying It Forward and Why You Should Do It

When I first heard the term "Pay It Forward", I immediately fell in love with it. By nature, I am a pretty giving person - I truly feel joy at giving people gifts, being generous, and passing along things that I may not want or need anymore, to someone who can use it more. Although I have never been that person who has paid for the person behind me's Starbucks, I do always try to think of ways that I can give back or brighten someones day.

Paying It Forward is essential to the worlds well being. And I say that wholeheartedly. There's a lot of danger in the world these days and the media thrives on that.
I can't tell you the last time I logged onto my Facebook and saw a happy article that a news story put out. While scrolling through my newsfeed I am plagued with one of two things; pointless "quizzes" (which I'm not denying that I do...) and stories about death. Police brutality, police being murdered, children being killed, abused, or neglected, people being raped, fatal car accidents, acts of terrorism...seriously, I could go on. When does it stop?

Speaking from experience, I'm speculating that majority of Americans wake up in the morning and check Facebook. They're then immediately smacked in the face with these sad stories, and it really puts a damper on your already unhappy mood of being woken up far earlier than you would like to be. So how do you pick it back up? How do you snap out of the funk that you're put in whether you recognize it or not? Some may look at the face of their spouse and share a good morning kiss, while others may enjoy the sloppy spit ridden kisses of their children. Seeing the good through the bad and recognizing that the happiness will over shine the dark is one of the most important things about living in todays world. Living in the moment, living for your family, living for your happiness- those are all ways to push the bad from your focus and to assist you in living a fulfilling life; but I also believe that to truly live a fulfilling life you need to pay it forward and give some part of your life, even if it's just a small part, to giving back.

There are countless ways that you can give back whether it be to pay it forward to someone you know, a stranger, or to an organization. The intent of paying it forward is for the person that you paid it forward to, to then go out and do another act of kindness to someone else, and so on and so forth, so that eventually the kindness comes back to you. By paying it forward and encouraging a "chain" as such, you are helping to spread the happiness into the world. Whether it be paying for a strangers coffee, offering up an item of your own to someone who may need it more than you, or to donating your time or money to an organization who may need assistance in some way, you can pay it forward. It doesn't need to be some huge gesture, just a simple one will do and could very well make someones day. Do you have any idea how fantastic it feels to make someone's day? I do. It's a great feeling.

So pay it forward! Give back. Make it count. Spread Happiness!

. . .

What are some ways that you have paid it forward recently? Go ahead, do a little shameless bragging! Paying it forward is a beautiful thing!

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  1. I've been getting a lot better about this the past year. I donated my hair to Children With Hair Loss over the summer, helped out with a couple of friend's and family's Go Fund Me campaigns for various reasons, and volunteered for a few hours at a local cat rescue shelter around Christmas. I would love to help out more at the shelter, but the smell was too much for lungs (I used to have asthma and certain things still bother them sometimes) and it was getting very hard for me to breath. Maybe I'll invest in some kind of fancy mask in the future. :) Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. I love the idea of Pay It Forward so much. I don't like to toot my own horn and plus I feel like the acts of kindness are even more special if I don't talk about them & just let it be something that not only makes me happy, but is also a part of my identity, who I am - so engrained in my system that I don't even think twice about doing those sorts of things.

    I hope that you and all of your readers not only Pay It Forward, but receive many acts of kindness as well. We are the good & kindness we wish to be & receive in this world. :)


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