Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby's Got Gear: Little Looker Review & Giveaway

Thank you for joining us for another day of Baby's Got Gear! We are loving the fall weather that has greeted us this week & today we have a great giveaway for some items that can help your baby greet fall with style!

Accessories are a must to any ladies outfit, young or old a great piece can make or break any outfit! I love finding just a few great items, whether it be jewelry , shoes, scarfs ; etc that won't break the bank & are versatile. Now that we have a little lady in our home, I am trying to do the same for her.

Little Looker was created by Kali Turner, a beginner sewer who wanted to do something with her hands after her first daughter was born. She began creating leather moccasins made from 100% genuine leather & they have elastic that goes through the top so they are kick proof. They come in many different styles and colors. Little Looker also makes other fab leather accessories , & you can find them all on their newly launched site

Photo courtesy of Little Looker

We were sent the adorable Ava headband in the baby/toddler size for our Sweet Pea. This headband is so stylish, the colors pop and it is so easy to put on your little one and will fit for years because of the tie cord. The headband also comes in adult size and would be perfect to accessorize your favorite fall cardi and boots!

Photo courtesy of Little Looker
  Shoes!! What is a great outfit, without some great shoes? Incomplete! So I was thrilled when Little Looker agreed to send us a pair of their Classic Moccasins. We were sent the Cork Leather pair and they are IN-CREDIBLE!! Really, these are the best baby shoes ever. I am a little shoe obsessed so Sweet Pea has about 10 pairs of shoes, and I always grab these moccasins. They go with so many of Sweet Pea's outfit and for her little feet that are just learning to walk, they give a great flex and feel that she needs.  I also love the "kick proof" feature. Baby shoes can be so hard to keep on, but not these. No matter if our little Sweet Pea is just sitting and relaxing, crawling around or trying to walk these shoes stay on amazingly well. 

We adore these items and I can't wait to purchase another pair of the moccasins, I am trying very hard to wait until Sweet Pea outgrows her first pair. I might just have to go for one of the designer pairs, I love the little extra flare they offer. 

One of you will win a $50 credit to use at Little Looker. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will remain open until Friday 9/20. Good Luck!

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*Mommys Craft Obsession did not receive compensation for the promotion of this giveaway. Review was written by Amanda at Open Hands.


  1. The Suzie moccasins are my favorite. So stinking cute!

  2. OCEAN RIDE MOCCASINS are so cute love to have them too

  3. My favorite: Susie Designer Moccasins
    Kathy Davis

  4. I like the Annabelle

    sibabe64 at ptd dot et

  5. My fave is Burnt Orange Azetch Turban

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  6. I love love love the Ocean ride set! It is sooo cute!

  7. I looooooove the classic moccasins! So many to choose from that I would love to have for my little girl. Black suede, rust suede, cork leather, and metallic silver leather are my favorites!

  8. I love the Metallic Gold Moccasins with the Ada Headband!!

  9. I just love all the moccasins for the kids! So cute!


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