Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby's Got Gear: Kidsme Review & Giveaway

About the company: Kidsme has grown since 1989, but their mission has always stayed the same. Using their children to inspire and motivate them, they create innovative, fun, easy-to-use products.  Their products encourage special moments between parents and children to Discover, learn, and play together. The founder of Kidsme needed a solution to allowing his child to proactively self-feed with worrying about choking. He created the Kidsme Food Feeder from that experience!

No matter how you feed your child, you have probably started out worrying that they are going to choke. For us, especially doing baby-led weaning, I was completely trusting in her ability to self-feed, but some things were just harder for her to grasp in the beginning.  I wish I knew then about the Kidsme self feeder.  It's absolutely wonderful.  Now that baby Skibbles is 9 months, I was a bit concerned about how I was going to review this because we haven't used a feeder like this in a few months.  Luckily, one night, she was super fussy and both Andrew and I knew it was her teeth.  He saw the food feeder laying on the counter and suggested that we put some ice inside to help with teething.  So we did.  And the next hour was amazing.  She literally sat on the floor or crawled around with it in her mouth for the next hour!  I was literally shocked.  She would even get mad if I grabbed it to put more ice inside! Not only that, but we put some frozen fruit inside and she ate that right up too!  It's been awesome for teething more than any other teether we have.

I love that there is a cap on this feeder.  Not only does it make sure the cap and what's inside stay lean during travel, but the cap can actually double as a small cup.  Perfect for her little hands.

 There's also a secure snap lock that is extremely easy for me to use, but stays locked every time she has tried to open it.  I'm really impressed with the sac being removable as well. It's made cleaning a breeze!

Skibbles has really enjoyed her Kidsme Food Feeder!

The picture below explains a few more of the awesome features and why it's just an amazing food feeder (better than the ones you have probably seen on the market)!  We loves ours and hope you do too!

BUY IT: The Kidsme Food Feeder comes in two sizes small and large and is available on Amazon by clicking on the picture below! They even have replacement sacs if needed!

WIN IT: One lucky reader is going to win their own! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will end on 9/22/13 at 1:00am EST. Open to US residents only.

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  1. This is so cool! My kids have outgrown the need for this but when they were littler we had the mesh kind and they were so annoying to clean, and super messy with no cap! This is just great.

  2. RECIPE: COOL AS A CUCUMBER MELON MEDLEY sounds so good and healthy

  3. I love this product! We have a couple but always want more!

  4. My LO love having her Popsicle, which is just homemade baby food put in a kidsme and frozed. LOVE it for teething.


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