Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homemade Yogurt Disks

Every time I go into the baby section of stores nowadays, I see "Yogurt Drops" in various brands for your little one. Growing up I had hamsters and their favorite treats were always the strawberry yogurt drops I would buy them. So to see yogurt drops for sale in the baby section always makes me chuckle a bit as I stand there looking at them. I still am having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that these yogurt drops are in fact for little ones so I've been avoiding buying them for Baby A.

Tuesday, I decided I was going to make my own yogurt drops and call them yogurt disks instead because then it wasn't so hamster-ish. These are RIDICULOUSLY easy to make! I had plain vanilla yogurt so I decided to make them a little more fun and add a little color to them. Baby A ended up but liking them because they were to cold (he HATES overly cold things, he would never take those frozen teethers...), but his best friend Baby C loved them, so we gave them to him!

I am apologizing in advance for these photos, they were taken at night and the lighting is not the best!

What You Need:

Yogurt (you may use plain or flavored, regular or greek)
Food Coloring (Optional)

What You Need To Do:

Scoop some yogurt into separate bowls and add one drop of food coloring to each bowl in different colors. Stir the food coloring into the yogurt until the color is evenly distributed. 

I chose yellow, green, and blue!

Spoon the yogurt into individual plastic bags, seal them, and cut the corner. Pipe small dollops of yogurt onto a foil covered plate. You will probably need more than one plate!

 Once you have used up all of the yogurt, stick the plates in the freezer overnight! In the morning, combine all of the drops into a tupperware bowl and store in the freezer when they're not being eaten!

Such an easy and fun snack for babies and little ones! Enjoy!


  1. This is brilliant! I just made these for my little one year old and it literally took just a few minutes. Also, instead of flavored yogurt and food coloring-I just used plain greek and then flavored/colored it with pureed plums. Thanks so much!

    1. What a great idea Lacey! Such a fun, healthy, and high protein snack for little ones! I wish Baby A would eat them! He loves yogurt, but won't touch these because they're to cold. Go figure! Feel free to post a picture of your little one enjoying them on our Facebook!

  2. My son LOVES the gerber ones that are fruit flavored but they are $$$. Now those are not cold but melt away...do these start melting right away (aka make a big mess if not eaten fast enough) and do you think you would be able to incorporate fruits and veggies??

  3. Both of my boys (11 months and 3 yrs) love the freeze dried yogurt. I love this idea but I'm not too thrilled about the food dyes which have been proven to be very unhealthy. This would be a great alternative to store bought shelf stable versions with just yogurt and no added food dye.

  4. I can't believe how simple these are. I always wondered how much actual yogurt was actually in the pre-made ones. These ones let me control the ingredients!

  5. Ive just made these! Going to try them with my hamster! The yogurt drops are really expensive in shoos

  6. So we can eat these immediately after they come out of the freezer?
    And is Food Colouring safe for Hamsters?

    1. Hi Lindsey,

      I honestly have no idea if food coloring is safe for Hamsters, I make these for my son :) Sorry!


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