Thursday, October 4, 2012

H&M Shopping Scores!

Mr. Hunky, Baby A, and I went and checked out a mall that we had never been to today!! I actually really liked this mall, it was huge and had a lot of really great stores like Dillards, Coach, Francescas and a few others that I really enjoyed. We didn't do a lot of shopping, mainly just to check out the area and see if this mall was closer to us than the other mall that we go to is. It was actually a little further but I'm sure I'll make the trip out there semi frequently. Mr. Hunky dipped into Foot Locker to check and see if they had a pair of New Balance shoes that he wants, so I took that opportunity to go into H&M to see what trouble I could get into. Oh. My. SALE! The sale racks were an additional 50% off!! That's my kind of shopping. I picked up three shirts and a cardigan for only $16 out the door! TOTAL SCORE!

I picked up this super cute blouse in Mint (as seen above) and in Black (not photoed) on clearance for $7 each PLUS an additional 50% off making them only $3.50 each.

I snagged this shirt (same shirt, bad lighting) on clearance for $7, additional 50% off making it only $3.50.

I also scored this super cute green cardigan for next to nothing! On Clearance for $10 plus an additional 50% off making this sweater only $5!

If I were you, I'd hit up your H&M asap!!!

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