Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday Night at My House

Last night was a little unusual for a Friday night in my house. Mr. Hunky went out and bought a new blender, "The Ninja", since ours was quickly dying on us!

While he was out getting his blender, I rearranged the living room! I hate how our house is set up. The front room- where your living room should be set up- has no cable jack! So we couldn't put our living room in there like we wanted. Instead, our living room ended up being where the play room should have been (off of the kitchen). Now, I know what you're thinking, I have it set up correctly, right? That the living room should be off of the kitchen and the front room should be arranged with some nice couches or something. Well, when we moved we donated most of our furniture and decided to start fresh. Because of that we did have a budget. And there was no way we were going to buy two couches!! Instead we bought a couch for the living room and an oversized chair and ottoman for the front room, which is a reading room/catch all room! It doesn't look the best but for now it works.

Baby A went to sleep at 6:15 pm last night. It was refreshing- until he woke up at 7am. He was so tired last night! That's what no nap will get you, Baby A!

Mr. Hunky and I sat down to relax together for the first time in weeks. Ae started to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix....I'm not sure that I'm into it, but Mr. Hunky is, so I'll keep watching!

I'm am so so so so so excited because today we pick up our bountiful basket! I can't wait to tell you guys all about it!

That's all for now! Time to watch Breaking Bad with Mr. Hunky!!


  1. I wasn't into breaking bad the first few episodes & now I'm obsessed!! It may take a minute to get into but once you start liking it you're hooked! Don't give up yet! Lol

    1. We're now watching season 2 episode 1! I'm into it!! I started watching Gossip Girl today too and I'm addicted to that already! Ahhh I'm such a TV junkie!

    2. I love gossip girrrrrl!!! I got into it after it aired on tv and now I'm waiting so impatiently for the 5th season I think it is to come out either on demand or netflix! The one that just aired on tv. I'm dying!! I'm so hooked. Have you watched weeds?


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