Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why yes, Mike is Magical!

Sorry that it's been such a quiet weekend! Mr. Hunky is off on the weekends so typically we spend the time we have together either by going into the big city or just relaxing at home or with friends. Baby A has been teething particularly bad this week so my brain has turned into mush. Needless to say, I needed some mommy time. What better mommy time than to go see some hotties stripping down on the big screen. Yes, I took me, myself and I to go see Magic Mike. Being a big, big fan of Channing I was really excited to see Mike was magical that's for sure! I wouldn't say that the movie itself was amazing. I felt like the story line was sort of all over the place and not very exciting but the dancing and the stripping. Oo la la. I will be purchasing this movie when it comes out!!!

Whoever decided to release Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Gray in the same year was a mothers best friend and deserves a medal. THANK YOU!


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