Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Happy Place

For those of you who know me, know that I am an avid reader. I love to get lost in a book, I love the satisfication of finishing a book and to me, reading isn't just about READING. I hold the story close to me and look for the books meaning. Some books have no true meanings whilst others can teach you an extremely valueble lesson. I didn't become an avid reader until after high school. Growing up I had a friend who LOVED to read. She literally would always have a book with her and instead of watching TV or talking on the phone, she would read. I never understood why and I always took books for granted. I hated reading in high school and some how I graduated without ever really reading and assigned book. I take that back. I enjoyed Shakespeare and read two of his plays- Romeo and Juliet and A Mid Summer Nights Dream. Looking back, I wish I had read all of them. I really want to read the books like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby so i can be aware of what my son will be reading one day, if they even assign it. More importantly, I want to learn the message of those books. Obviously if they're being taught to kids then they must have some importance, right?
I just finished a book that had absolutely importance at all. With that being said, I read it in two days. I would have finished it in less but I was EXHAUSTED yesterday due to only having four hours of sleep the night prior (I took advantage of my monsoon day with two cups of coffee- big mistake, I was up until 3am). The book I read was called Bared to You and it was recommended to those who loved Fifty Shades of Grey. What I didn't know when I bought the book was that it wanted to BE Fifty Shades of Grey. Seriously, this book was such a copycat book! For those of you who have read Fifty, you'll pick up on its similiarity. Gideon Cross (note the initals) is a hot and sexy billionaire business owner who becomes infatuated with Eva (note the shortness of the time). He wants their relationship to be purely sexual but quickly falls for her. She struggles with self esteem issues and doubts his feelings and questions how a guy like him could love a girl like her (sound familar Fifty fans?). Bared to you comes equipt with a female friend of Gideon who secretly loves him (hmmm, sound familar) and a jealous ex girlfriend who wants him back (double trouble!). The main difference besides the names of the characters is the nature of the sex. No S&M in Bared to You, just a lot of intensity. Although the ridiculous similiarty to my beloved Fifty Shades, I did enjoy Bared to you and it was a quick and easy read. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you don't mind pretty much reading the same book just with different characters.
Trying to decide what to read now is sort of difficult. I'd like to reread Fifty Shades of Grey but at the same time I feel like I should read something new. I just can't make up my mind!!! I'm addicted to my kindle.

What have you read recently that you LOVED? Comment Below

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  1. Great gatSby and catcher in the rye and the crucible were my favorite high school reads. I've read each at least ten times. They ate classics that are amazing reads.

    The perks of being a wallflower is one of my all time favorites. It's a cult classic and for good reason.

    Other favorites- heaven is for real, Tuesday's with morry, the five people you meet in heaven, and obviously the twilight and Harry potter series are good reads.

    1. Ughhh I haven't read any of those!!! I need to get on it.

    2. Well of course ie read HP and HG, but the older ones I mean!

  2. I have read Romeo and Juliet along with To Kill a Mocking Bird in High school. Both are really good. As for 50 Shades....ehh. I have no idea what the big deal with those books are with people complaining about the S&M. There really wasnt ANY S&M in them just "roughness". It was an ok book (aka I ran out of stuff to read and all I was hearing about was 50 shades so decided to read it). I have heard about Bared to you and how it was similar in basically every way.

    As for what I have been reading...
    Vampire Academy Series, along with the spin off The Golden Lily Series
    Real Vampires....
    Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood but dont worry they don't follow the TV series). The last book is coming out next month which I'm sorta excited about since the last 2 books weren't as good as all of the others (13 books in all).

    Yes 3 series at is soo hard for me to wait for more books but to read only one book is hard for me. I LOVE a good series that will last me awhile. lol


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