Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello Weekend

Today started off rocky. Baby a woke up at 4am screaming. And then again at 6. For some parents this may be a regular endeavor but for us it's quite unusual. Baby A is a fabulous sleeper. He went back down around 6:15 and slept until 9. Thank goodness. After that I dealt with some very unneeded drama in the Facebooking world so that put a damper on my morning. Checking myself back into reality and the things that are really important I began my day with Mr. Hunky and Baby A.

Mr. Hunky and I always try to go out at least once during the weekend. It gets us both out doing something fun and helps keep our sanity! This weekend we bickered a bit over what to do and where to go and finally we decided to take a trip up north (about 45 min away) to Sportsmans Warehouse. Now if you are female and don't know what Sportsmans Warehouse is, don't bother googling, you probably won't be interested. It's basically a giant store full of hunting, camping and sporting goods. Like Cabelas (again, don't bother googling, you won't be interested). So as much fun as that was (not), I endured it to get out of the house. Sure enough, Mr. Hunky grabbed everything he needed and we headed out the door- only to find that it was monsooning. Again. Have you ever tired to get a baby in the car and put away a stroller while it was pouring ass rain? Not fun. Needless to say I was soaking wet by the time we were on the road. Thankfully Mr. Hunky did the nice man thing and went to get the car. Still didn't change the fact that we got soaked. I love when it monsoons...when I'm nice and warm inside my house!!

Tonight should be interesting, Mr. Hunky has a couple of co-workers coming over for dinner. Pizza night. Thank goodness I don't have to cook!!! I have been going through my old Food Network Magazines though and I've found a ton of yummy recipes that I intend on making and sharing! I can't wait. Please remember that if you have a family recipe that you think should be featured I would love to try it out and share! Contact me through the MCO Facebook page (link is on the header bar- if that's what it's called) and you can message me your recipe. I haven't been super creative lately but I'm going to start experimenting next week!!!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I'm sure I'll have something to share with all of you :)

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