Thursday, June 7, 2012

Floral & Tanks

There is nothing more satisfying than going into a store and scoring a TON of deals! Today I went into Ross with the intention of finding a purse that I had seen at a different Ross and regretted not getting (as luck would have it, no purse was found). Instead, I scored majorly on some clothes. I got a plain white layering tank, a yellow striped razorback tank, a multi colored striped lace razorback tank, a neon pink bandeu top, a flowey white short, a floral pencil skirt and a pair of Levi shorts and I only spent $49 (that was after tax, $44 before tax). Big time score! I am SO excited to have found that pencil skirt. I'm obsessed with floral, the more "old lady" looking the better. When I went into the fitting room I literally had about five different floral items (from tanks to skirts) in my basket and although I loved a couple of the tanks I forfeited them for other items. But the pencil skirt I was so stoked about there was no way I was letting it go. And get this- it was only $5.99. AH-MAZE-ING! Besides my jean score at Target, I'm going to chalk this up as one of my most successful shopping trips! Head on over to your Ross and see what you can find!!


  1. Replies
    1. $5.99 girl, go get yourself one! It's a very comfortable/light weight material too so it's great for the summer time and I LOVE that it's not super short!


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