Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Closet Organizing and Couponing

The last couple of days has been a complete whirlwind!!! Baby A and I have gotten a lot done- he has successfully cut a tooth and is so close to crawling! I have organized my closet (thank god) and have had a successful grocery run! I'll start with the closet organizing. I thought it was going to be a stressful, long process but in fact it took only about 15 minutes! I was so excited! Follow these three (forth is optional) steps and your closet will be organized in no time!!

Step 1: Take everything out of your closet and lay it on your bed (of the ground if that's easier and the ground is clean!)

Step 2: Make sure everything is on their own individual hangers, this will make it easier for you in the morning!!! I use to hang all of my tanks on one hanger, two jeans to a hanger- DON'T DO THAT! It makes for a big mess and ends up wasting more time in the morning trying to get to what you want. Once everything is on individual hangers proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Hang your clothes back up by by style! I started with Jeans, Tanks, Shirts, Dresses, Sweaters/Coats. Do it in whatever order works best for you and will make you most efficient in the morning.
Step 4 (Optional): Color code by style. I find it easier to grab what I'm looking for if the colors are grouped together!!!

Clearly, those are just steps to the clothes that hang. I like to use Rubbermaid drawers for my panties, my shirts to sleep in and my pants to sleep in. It makes it easier to organize everything and it fits nicely in the closet. I would use a dresser but Mr. Hunky isn't a fan of hanging his daily clothes (only his nicer occasion outfits) so he stakes his claim with the dresser.

Once I was finished with the closet and Baby A woke up from his nap we went to the grocery store. I love to save money, so I take the time to coupon! I'm not like those crazy obsessed women that you see on TLC. I'm not a food hoarder and I don't have a stockpile in my office but I do appreciate saving money and I do so whenever possible. So before I hit up my local Safeway I ALWAYS go onto their website and save coupons and "personalized deals" to my club card. If you shop at Safeway and have no idea what I'm talking about I suggest that you listen because you will love me afterward. If you have a Safeway club card, you go to their website, create a log on and then you have the option of adding coupons to your club card! No clipping or tree wasting necessary!! They also offer "personalized deals" depending on which items you tend to shop for the most! Today I went and I got 4 dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, celery, two lb bag of baby carrots, green onions, three cans of soup, a six back of Mikes Hard Lemonade, wheat bagels, cashews, three things of strawberrys, two lbs of grapes AND a Starbucks frapp and only spent $41. Yep, that's right, all of that for $41. If you're logging on to before you hit the store, get on it!!


  1. That's pretty much exactly how I organize my closet. Like, I'm OCD. Everything is catorgorized by pants, shirts, dresses.. Then it goes jeans or colored jeans.. Summer or winter dresses.. Long sleeve short sleeve or tank. Then by color. And brand. I'm weird. My husbands side is just a hot mess. I've tried so many times to "organize" it but I gave up long ago :)

    1. Lol I don't even mess wi Mr. Hunkys side, there's no point because no matter how many times I fold his clothes I never "fold them right". My side however, pristine!


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