Saturday, May 9, 2015

Every Day Mom

In lue of Mother's Day this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the things that make me an every day mom. I'm not a Pinterest perfect mom who does every single fun craft with my little ones, who keeps my house looking like a five star resort, or who makes Food Network worthy meals every night. Let me clarify as well, I have no problem with those moms that I referred to as "Pinterest Perfect", in fact, I am insanely jealous of them. I wish I could make an amazing meal and keep my house perfectly spotless, but the honest truth is that I can't. I could, but then I would probably never sleep or shower or spend quality time with my husband.

I'm talking about the moms, like me, who are lucky to have brushed their teeth that day, find it an accomplishment to have gotten their kids up, dressed, and fed for the day, and who's version of cleaning the is taking the toilet brush and giving the toilet a quick scrub as the water is mid flush.

Okay, yes, I do clean my toilet a little bit better than that, but you get the picture.

Mom's come in many different forms. Working moms, stay at home moms, work at home moms, moms who work graveyard shifts, moms who work out, moms who don't, moms who have help from family or have a nanny, moms that don't. There are moms who cloth diaper, moms who bed share, moms who formula feed. Regardless of the type of mom you relate to, you are an every day mom. In my book, an every day mom is a mom who loves and cares for her kids every day. Pretty sure that's you, right?

There are days that seem like they're never going to end. Prior to having children I took for granted the things that I never thought would be 'taken away' from me. For example, using the restroom by myself. Remembering to brush my teeth. Going to the grocery store alone. Would I go back and time just so I can do these things by myself again? Heck no! I love having my little sidekicks, but it's hilarious (at least to me) to step back and think "man, if only I enjoyed pooping by myself when I was 18".

These days, my heart and home are filled with taking care of my little people. I stay home with my boys, but I work from home when they are asleep or having quiet time. There are days that feel like they're never going to end, and there are days that fly by. I'd like to show a glimpse into my life, because I feel like on Mother's Day weekend it's important that regardless of what you do for a living, how you diaper or feed your kids, and everything in between, that we are all still on the same team. We are moms. Every day moms.

A typical day in my house is as follows, by approximation:

4:00/4:30am - Feed the baby, which usually consists of me grabbing the baby, getting back in bed, whipping a boob out, and sticking it in his mouth, all while dozing in and out of consciousness.

4:45am- Zombie walk out of my bedroom while putting the baby back into his crib, then proceed to zombie walk back to my bed

6:30am- Be abruptly woken up by the sound of "Mooooooommmmmmm, I want a snackkkkkk" or my ever favorite "Mom wipe my butt I pooped". Sometimes I don't even get such a glorious wake up, sometimes it's just the sound of an epic temper tantrum by a grumpy preschooler who's mad that he's awake. Well thanks son, now I'm mad I'm awake too.

7:00am - Finally crawl out of bed after my attempts of falling back asleep have miserably failed. I then zombie walk to the bathroom to do my morning business, then zombie walk into the baby's room to change his diaper.

7:15am - Set baby on the floor with some toys and promptly go turn on the Keurig. Because, priorities. I then proceed to whipping up a delectable breakfast for my preschooler. Cereal with or without milk depending on his mood. Peanut butter jelly toast. Sometimes a granola bar. You know, the healthy stuff.

7:20am - Nana FaceTime's, we talk with her for a few minutes.

7:30am - Sit down on the couch with my coffee. Mmmmm, coffee.

7:35am - Be pestered until I get back up and make chocolate milk, all while hearing whining about him wanting a show.

7:40am - Sit back down to have some coffee. Baby starts crying.

7:45am - Sit back down on the couch and whip out a boob, all while trying to find a show for the preschooler to watch. Mickey's not on yet and it's as though the world is ending.

7:55am - Switch boobs.

8:10am - Put the baby back down, this time in his exercaucer. Get the bigger kid another snack.

8:15am - Sit back down to try and have some coffee, but the baby spit up and needs to be cleaned up.

8:20am - Dogs need to be let out, oh yeah, and I need to feed them.

8:30am - Bring out the box of hot wheels for my big guy.

8:35am - Realize I have to use the restroom again.

8:40am - Finally sit back down on the couch, grab my coffee, and take a big gulp. It's cold. To the microwave I go!

9:00am - Baby wants to go back to sleep, take him to his crib and tuck him in.

Fast forward to the early afternoon.

12:00pm - The lunchtime battle begins. Do you want nuggets? No. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich? No. Mac and Cheese? No. Turkey sandwich? No. (At this point I'm running out of ideas, at which he pops in "How about cookies", uh how about not). We finally settle on cheesy chips. Which, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what it sounds like. Chips with cheese. Yep. Winning!

12:10pm - "Mom I'm done", Dude you at ONE chip. ONE.

12:15pm - I give up, "Fine, get down and go wash your hands"

12:17pm - Stick a boob in the little ones mouth.

12:35pm - Outside time! Fills up water table.

12:45pm - Meltdown occurs because he got wet from said water table.

12:50pm - "Mom I'm hungry" *Insert angry sigh from frustrated mom*

Fast forward to early evening.

4:30pm - Starts making dinner. "What are you doing Mama". "Making dinner babe" "I don't like dinner".

4:45pm - "Sweetie move your stool, it's in the way" "But I helpin you mom!" "Well help me from the living room!!!"

4:50pm - Baby starts screaming.

5:00pm - "C'mon, go wash your hands it's time to eat" "I don't like dinner!" "Okay well good thing I only made a snack!"

5:05pm - Preschooler climbs into his chair and promptly starts crying because he doesn't like what I've made (go figure).

5:35pm - Precisely 1.5 bites of dinner has been eaten.

5:40pm - Bathtime! The only time of day that is usually not an argument.

6:00pm - Massive fit because the towel won't stay around him as I quickly put a diaper on the baby.

6:05pm - The lotion battle.

6:07pm - The pull up's battle.

6:10pm - The pajama battle.

6:12pm - Turn's on Mickey Mouse.

6:13pm - Sticks a boob in the baby's mouth.

6:30pm - Baby goes to sleep

6:45pm - Argues with preschooler about brushing his teeth.

6:50pm - Brushes his teeth

6:55pm - Reads a short book (if we're lucky) and says goodnight to preschooler, shuts door, walks approximately 3 steps before "MOOOOOOOMMMMMM"

7:00pm - 7:15pm - Walks back to preschoolers room approximately 13 times before he finally stops yelling for me.

Then it's time to clean the kitchen, pick up the remaining mess in the living room, prepare my husbands lunch for the next day, oh shoot, forgot to feed the dogs! Feed the dogs, give the main area (kitchen and living room) another glance over, then head to the bedroom to take a shower, only to find more evidence of the day taking care of two little boys.

Batman is doing the splits on my bed, hot wheels litter the floor along with gold fish crumbs and an empty bag. The bed is unmade and my decorative pillows on the floor. Hairballs from my postpartum hair loss look like land minds across the room, and that's when I remembered I was suppose to vacuum that day. I fill the evening with little things that need to be finished up like an hour or two of work, cleaning the bathrooms, folding my laundry, stuffing diapers, etc. Then before I crawl into bed I go check on my babies, give them a kiss while they sleep peacefully, and count my blessings.

I'm an every day mom, sometimes my meals suck, my 3 year olds meals consisted of snacking all day, the dogs were fed a few hours later than normal, and my teeth didn't get brushed until 3pm. But that's okay, because my heart is full and I know at the end of the day that I'm a good mom, even if I look like a scatterbrained mess from the outside.

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  1. Sounds awfully familiar! Happy mother's day to you too! We're doing it, getting there, etc wherever you wanna call it. Not every day it's the best day, but the good days usual out number the no-so-good ones. High five on continuing to mom! Carry on, carry on! (And cheers, it's late and my glass is full)


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