Wednesday, March 25, 2015

5 Things That Baby #2 Loves

Mommy's Obsessions did not receive compensation from any of the mentioned brands, we are simply sharing what Baby #2 enjoys the most thus far!

When I found out that I was pregnant with baby #2 my immediate thought was "I wonder how close to Little Mister [in terms of demeanor, features, etc] he/she will be". I had saved majority of my baby items from Little Mister but I knew that I wanted to get a few new things for Little Boy as well. It's funny, being a parent you are so sure that you will know what your next child will love, almost as though you have some sort of psychic ability. But then they're here, and they're growing, and they're proving you wrong.

At just 5 months old, Little Boy already has such a big personality and it is clear to me some of his likes and dislikes already. I find it fascinating the things that make him happy and that make him mad, some are so similar to his brothers but other are so incredibly different. I know some people who are pregnant with subsequent babies and who are wondering what they will need to get for this next one, so I thought I would share what Little Boy loves thus far in his 5 month life!

Little Boy loves his Zippy, it keeps him warm and cozy and gives him the feeling of being swaddled, without me actually having to attempt to swaddle him (since he just kicks out of it anyway!). We received the Zipadee-Zip during our Boo We're Due event last October and have been in love with it from day one! A must have for babies who like to be swaddled but are to big for an actual swaddle! I also love that it keeps their hands enclosed, no mittens required!

*Photo used from the Zipadee-Zip website for viewing purposes only

Don't let the silly name detour you from checking this toy out. We got it when Little Mister was a baby but he really showed no interest, so I saved it for Little Boy and he just LOVES it. The tubing is soft and sleek, and the square in the middle gives off a quiet rattle sound. Little Boy can easily pull it to his mouth and loves to shake it around!

*Photo used from the Manhattan Toys website for viewing purposes only

I can't even begin to tell you how much Little Boy loves this thing. He gets so excited when he sees it and as soon as it's in his grasp, it goes in his mouth. He has so much fun shaking it around and teething on it. I love that it's small and can fit in the diaper bag so we can take it wherever we go!

*Photo used from the Haba USA website for viewing purposes only

I didn't anticipate Little Boy to fall in love with the bamboo swaddles that we had, but he did. He loves to snuggle with their softness and has to have one near him when he falls asleep. Little Mister is a big fan of blankets so I had a hunch that Little Boy would be too and I just can't help but adore his gentleness when he grabs his swaddle. Love love love.

*Photo used from the Aden and Anais website for viewing purposes only

CloudB Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine

This little cutie is a must have for going night night. Little Boy loves the white noise sound, and when he was a newborn I would play the heartbeat sound for him on nights that he didn't need me to rock him to sleep. I love that it can be secured around a crib post and the volume be adjusted accordingly. Plus, he's cute and cuddly. What's not to love!

*Photo used from the CloudB website for viewing purposes only

Mommy's Obsessions did not receive compensation from any of the mentioned brands, we are simply sharing what Baby #2 enjoys the most thus far!

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