Friday, December 12, 2014

Hiku Review and Giveaway!

    *Mommys Obsession received a complimentary Hiku for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Hiku remembers so you don't have to!!  It makes Shopping simple, fast, and fun so you never forget a thing!  Hiku is a great little gadget that makes grocery shopping easier by creating a digital shopping list, giving you peace of mind knowing that you get everything you need the first time!  

What an inconvenience it is when you get home from the grocery store only to find you forgot to add something to your shopping list and now have to make another trip to the store?  UGH!

I know as a busy wife/mother I do not have the time (or patience for that matter) to make multiple trips to the grocery store because I forgot one or two items, especially this time of year when we are dealing with the craziness of the holidays, and living in southern Arizona we also have the pleasure of winter visitors doubling the lines at the grocery store making it even more inconvenient and time consuming.  We have all been in that situation at one time or another and know how frustrating it can be, so when Hiku contacted me to review this sleek little device I knew it would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen and a huge time saver for me!  

Photo Credits: Hiku

Hiku generously sent me their Hiku for review!  To be honest I was a little skeptical at how this could make my list making so much easier, since I already had an app on my phone that I used for my grocery list, but I could not wait to try it out!

Inside the box are the Hiku and usb charging cable.  I have to say that when I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised at how small the Hiku is, for some reason I though it would be bigger, but the size is perfect.  The charging cable is not something you will need very often since the battery holds its charge for 2+ months with regular use.

Setting the Hiku up is very simple!  All you do is download the free Hiku mobile app from Apple's App Store on your iPhone or from Google Play on your Android phone and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the Hiku to Wi-Fi.

The Hiku has a soft silicone rubber back that can magnet to your fridge keeping it handy for list making and out of the way when not in use!  Use Hiku to add things to your shopping list by either scanning them or saying the item that is needed while holing down the silver button.  It's so easy a five year old can do it!  I love having it on the refrigerator that way if my husband realizes he needs something he can just add it to my list himself instead of him telling me and hoping I remember to add it to my list.

Press and hold the big button to scan items onto you list, Hiku will beep when it scans the barcode to let you know if it recognized the barcode, if for some reason it doesn't recognize the code press the button again and say what the item is, and it will be remembered for subsequent scans.  Once the item is added to your list you can change the quantity or aisle for the item.

You can customize the app so that you have a different list for each store you frequent which is really handy for me since I like to buy certain things at certain stores!  You can also add items to a particular aisle that way you are not backtracking in the store, and once you get an item you can cross it off the list.  Hiku was designed with the busy family in mind; so multiple people can share the same list by simply signing into the app with the same email and password!  Coming soon Hiku will find items online and let you order right from your phone!  How nice would that be?

I was a little skeptical in the beginning but the Hiku is way better than the other grocery list app I had been using! I like that when I am in the kitchen cooking or making lunch for Hubby and Little Miss and realize we are running low or out of something the Hiku is right there and I don't have to search for my phone to add it to the list or try to remember to add it later, I also love the fact that my husband can add things to the list as well and it's not some complicated ordeal he simply pushes the button and says what he needs, he loves it and it has taken the I know there was something else I needed worry out of grocery shopping for me.  

I would recommend the Hiku to anyone that does the grocery shopping or list making in your home!  This wonderful little gadget will save you a lot of time and frustration, and would make a great housewarming, Christmas, or birthday gift for that busy person in your life! 

To Purchase:  Visit Hiku to get yours for only $79.99 today!  Use Promo Code OBSESSION for 20% off your Hiku good through Dec. 19th!

To Win:  Mommys Obsessions and Hiku are giving one of our lucky readers a Hiku!  If you would like a chance to win this wonderful prize please fill out the Giveaway Tools form below!

Congrats Linda!!
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  1. I like how you can have a a different list for each store.

  2. I am always forgetting things I need at the grocery store and end up going back. This would sure solve this problem

  3. I love that you can just press the button and say what you need!!

  4. I like that the battery lasts up to 2 months


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