Monday, November 3, 2014

I Love Thanksgiving! DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Candle Holders

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It's time for another Mommy's Obsession's resurfacing post! I know, I know, I apologize for the lack of new content but as you probably know Little Boy has arrived and to be honest, right now my time is devoted to snuggling a newborn rather than writing, so I hope you will continue to be patient with me!

I love love love Thanksgiving so it's only fitting that I bring back my DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Candle Holder post for you! This super fun, super simple project will give you and the kids something to do while you're stuck in the house on a rainy November weekend!

---Original Post---
November is the month where the turkey decor is popular and the traditional fall colors fill your home with their familiar feel of family. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving so when November hits, I'm excited to decorate and prep my house for the delicious feast that is to come later in the month. This year I thought I would try my hand at creating turkey tea light candle holders since my DIY Mini Mummy Candle Holders were such a hit for both last years and this years Halloween! I set out the the store to grab everything I'd need to get started on this festive project!

What You Need:

3 (or More) Empty, Clean, & Dry Baby Food Jars (take the label off)
Brown Ribbon
Tacky Glue (or another strong glue)
Red Felt
Yellow Felt
Orange Felt
6 (or more) Small Googley Eyes

What You Need To Do: 

Step 1: Put a dob of glue at the bottom (on the back) of your baby food jar. Slowly wrap the ribbon around the baby food jar until you reach the top. Add glue to the end of the ribbon once you have finished wrapping. Make sure you choose a glue that dries clear so that if you get any glue elsewhere, you won't notice!

Step 2: Cut your felt into small feathered shape pieces, then glue them onto the back of the baby food jar. If it doesn't look beautiful at the back it's not a big deal since you won't see it anyway! I recommend making 5 feathers.

Step 3: Using your yellow felt, cut three small triangles and glue one upside down, onto the front of each baby food jar.

Step 4: Glue two googley eyes onto the front of the baby food jar, above the triangle!

Step 5: Let the glue dry as per the instructions on the glue bottle.

Step 6: Place a small tea light candle in each one and enjoy! 

This is a fun and easy project to do with your little ones over the weekend! They will love creating their own turkey and watching it proudly as you display it on your mantle!

*Please be very careful when using candles around felt. Although I have had no problems using tea light candles in these candle holders burn them at your own risk. Do not attempt to burn any candle larger than a tea light! It is recommended that you use an LED tea light!*

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  1. I am actually very glad you've 'recycled' this post! I was just thinking the other day that I needed to go through Pinterest & find this post again so my kids & I can do the craft (I bought the stuff for it last year intending to do it and then we ran out of time!). So thank you! I love this craft and I think it's cute & fun & hopefully will be really easy for me to do with my pre-schooler and my toddler! :)

    1. You guys will have a blast!! I'm glad it posted in time for you not to have to search through Pinterest, I don't know about you but I have a million boards and looking for something specific usually leads to me saying "forget it" about the project or recipe! lol!

  2. This is a great simple craft. I might just use it at the library for my Storytime kids. Congratulation on the arrival of your newborn! Snuggles outweight the writing anytime!

    1. Thank you! This would be a super fun project for Storytime!


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