Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh Hey October! DIY Mini Mummy Candle Holders

It's time to resurface another fun post just in time for Halloween! Over a year ago I created and debuted the easiest and cutest little candle holders that will add some fun to your mantel (or anywhere else!) and get you into the Halloween Spirit!

Learn how to make our DIY Mummy Candle Holders today!

---Original Posting---
Not to long ago I logged onto Facebook and came across a picture of someones DIY creation. They took what looked like mason jars, wrapped them with gauze, and gave them googly eyes. What an awesome idea right? Unfortunately I don't have a lot of spaces in my house that A) has enough room for a couple of mason jars and B) that Baby A couldn't get a hold of so I wrote the project off as being cool, but not something I would do. The image of the mummy jars stuck in my head over the next few days so I brainstormed how I could make them with what I had available to me. It occurred to me that I had a small stash of empty glass baby food jars and I knew that Mr. Hunky had some adhesive surgical tape laying around somewhere. I gathered the supplies that I had on hand and went at it. Before I knew it, I had three ridiculously adorable mini mummy candle holders!

What You Will Need:

-3 Empty & Clean Baby Food Jars (take the label off)
-Adhesive Surgical Tape OR Gauze (Cut into strips) and Mod Podge
-6 Small Googly Eyes
-Glue (Tacky Glue, Elmers Glue, Etc)
-3 Tea light Candles

To Make The Mini Mummy Candle Holders:

First, make sure that your baby food jars are clean and that the label is completely off. If there is any part of the label still on the jar you will be able to see it when the candles are burning. Take your adhesive surgical tape starting at the back of your jar (or where you can still see a bit of the adhesive from the label) and wrap your adhesive surgical tape around the jar as many times as needed to cover from top to bottom. Make sure your "start line" and "finish line" are at the same place when finished. Next, use your fingers to smooth out any small bubbles that may have appeared during the wrapping process. Once that is complete, place a small dab of glue on each googly eye and place where you want your mummy's eyes to go. Once the glue on the eyes is dry, light your tea light candle and place in the jar!

Get the kids involved or make them on your own; either way the outcome is a super simple yet super cute way to decorate for Halloween! 

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  1. These are so cute and easy for kids to help with! I love it!

  2. They look easy enough for even me to make..Thank you for the idea


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