Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Boo! We're Due With #2 {Baby Shower Gift Guide & Giveaway!}

*Mommy's Obsessions received complimentary products from each brand in exchange for our honest thoughts, opinions, and inclusion on this gift guide.*

As most of you lovely readers know, Little Boy is just a couple of weeks away from his due date! I am so excited and I cannot wait to meet my new little boy. My friend Cristen from The Naptime Reviewer is also expecting and is due just about a week after me! Wanting to share our excitement with our readers, we've decided to team up to bring readers a baby shower gift guide so spectacular, you'll want to snag all of the products for yourself and your little one!

After sharing some of our new favorite items that we would love to give or receive for a baby shower, we're going to give you the chance to win! And what better than to have the opportunity to win TWO prize packages! Since I am expecting a little boy, and Cristen is expecting a little girl, we thought it only appropriate to have a prize package for Mom + Baby Boy and Mom + Baby Girl. Enter one, enter both, keep all the prizes, or share! Regardless of what you decide to do, we can't wait to showcase these awesome items for you!

Need a boost in your breast milk supply? Milkin' Cookies is the tasty solution to boosting your milk supply while enjoying a daily treat! Packed full of wholesome ingredients, Milkin' Cookies has proven to increase the milk supply in about 98% of moms who have tried it! So grab a cookie and a glass of milk and enjoy yourself while you boost your milk production!
Personal Thoughts/Info: I'll be honest and tell you that when I first tried a Milkin' Cookies cookie, I was expecting it to be gross. How could it taste good when it was pre made and shipped to you? Oh man was I wrong! I still can't believe how delicious the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie from Milkin' Cookies is - way better than anything I've ever made at home that's for sure! I cannot personally speak as to whether or not it will in fact boost milk supply since my milk has not yet come in, but these cookies are so yummy that I will certainly be putting them to the test [daily] once my milk arrives!
Cristen's Pick: Cranberry Almond Oatmeal
Personal Thoughts/Info:  When beginning my Milkin Cookies tasting experience, I was expecting the cookies to have a funny taste or odd ingredient in them.  I was so pleased to find that these cookies are super delicious and that they didn’t contain any weird ingredients.  I fed them to my husband and daughter before I told them the name and they thought they were so good, as well.  Once I told my husband the name of the cookies, he was a little weirded out but still thought they were delicious.  Warning:  these things are super addicting.

Pretty in Polkadots is owned and operated by Korie, a Stay at Home Mom of 3, who makes every item sold by hand in her workshop (aka her kitchen table!). Pretty in Polkadots offers an array of items including Baby Age Blocks, Baby Announcement Blocks, Baby Name Blocks, and Wood Plank Photo Frames. The blocks are not only perfect for gorgeous photo props and a wonderful keepsake, but they are also fun to use as learning tools for assisting your child in learning numbers and letters!
Personal Thoughts/Info: I have to say that I am quite sad that I didn't have anything like this when my first son was born - I would have loved to have captured his monthly growth with these gorgeous blocks! I absolutely adore the bright colors of the numbers and the blocks are extremely well made. Whether you're a photographer looking for a great photo prop or a mom who wants to snag these for her own photos, I highly recommend Pretty in Polkadots!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  Where have these been my whole pregnancy?  I love that these blocks can be used for baby’s age, pregnancy and just about anything else.  They are great for photoshoots and work as adorable decor on a bookshelf in the nursery.  The blocks are very high quality and I’m loving the whitewash look that I chose.  I definitely recommend ordering the expansion block so you can create more numbers.

The My Brest Friend nursing pillow will truly become your best friend during the duration of your child's nursing. With a comfortable wrap around design, the nursing pillow secures to your body helping mom and baby maintain the ideal position while breastfeeding. The pillow features a supportive back rest along with arm/shoulder rests to eliminate any backaches, shoulder pain, or sore necks that may occur during nursing! The My Brest Friend nursing pillow is available in several fabric options including their ultra soft deluxe fabric!
Personal Thoughts/Info: I absolutely adore the My Brest Friend nursing pillow! The Deluxe fabric is extremely soft and luxurious and I just love that I can adjust the pillow to my exact comfort. I never realized what a great addition such as a backrest could be also! My Brest Friend will make breastfeeding a breeze once my little guy makes his appearance- I'll be bringing it with me to the hospital without question!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  I’ve tried other brands of nursing pillows before but they were all missing one important component, the full wrap-around feature.  The other brands were awkward to use and always seemed to slip away from my body.  Thankfully, My Brest Friend nursing pillow fully wraps around my body and stays in place.  It’s very comfortable to use and will even help my daughter when she wants to hold the new baby.  I just love the back support, too.

4. Mixie
The Mixie Bottle is a family favorite, daddy created, mom tested, and baby approved! This Formula Mixing Baby Bottle allows you to be prepped before every feeding with two convenient compartments - the airtight container for formula storage and the main part of the bottle for water. When it comes time to feed your baby, simply press the button at the bottom of the bottle and shake! Let the agitator do all of the mixing for you and your little ones bottle is ready in an instant!
Alex's Pick: 8oz Mixie Bottle
Personal Thoughts/Info: This product is absolutely genius and I honestly wish I would have known about it with my first, who was exclusively formula fed. I always hated being out and about during feedings because it was always such a production to get the formula into the bottle without it spilling all over me or the baby, and then getting it to mix perfectly while you have an unhappy infant...ha! With the Mixie, bottle feeding will be an absolute breeze and if Little Boy ends up exclusively formula fed as well, I won't have to dread feeding him while we're away from our home!
Cristen's Pick: 4oz Mixie Bottle
Personal Thoughts/Info:  With baby #1, I never had any luck with her taking a bottle and was stuck breastfeeding for 14 months straight.  Talk about hard work.  I fully intend on breastfeeding baby #2 but that all depends on my body and how well she takes to the breast.  I feel so prepared with the Mixie Bottle in case breastfeeding fails.  These bottles are so smart and I love that they come in multiple sizes.

5. Chicco
For more than 50 years, Chicco has been a leader in baby gear, bringing parents high quality car seats, strollers, play yards, and other baby essentials. Available in over 120 countries, Chicco products enhance and support raising children from newborn to preschool that undergo extensive testing prior to be available to consumers. Chicco is now a household name and is sold in hundreds of retailers across the United States
Alex's Pick: Polly High Chair in Equinox
Personal Thoughts/Info: I never realized that you could love a high chair as much as I love the Polly High Chair from Chicco! With my first son we had a "cheapy" that did the job, but now that I've had the chance to test out the Polly High Chair, I will never look back! This high chair is high quality and folds up compactly for convenient storage. I especially love that the high chair is super plush for baby's comfort, but is completely wipeable for those undeniable messes that will occur! The Polly High Chair is a must have!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  I prefer to keep things pretty simple when it comes to baby gear.  I plan to keep baby #2 next to my bed for a few weeks (or more) before I move her into her crib but I don’t plan on having a bassinet and a diaper changing table in the room.  This is why the Lullaby Baby Play Yard is an absolute must.  It comes complete with a bassinet and changing table and can be used in so many different ways.  I can also scoot it around the house so I can keep an eye on the baby as she naps.  This thing is a must for new parents!

Founded in 1991, Tiny Love is an award winning global company who has taken the baby world by storm. Focusing on baby' birth to 24 months, Tiny Love creates products that support development and offer smart solutions to parents worldwide. They create fun, developmentally stimulating products ranging from toys to essential pieces of baby gear such as rockers and baby carriers, each designed to meet the needs of both the child and the parent.
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: Prior to receiving the Gymini Developlace I was already very smitten with the Tiny Love company and all of their products that I have had the opportunity to try out. When the Gymini Developlace arrived I was immediately in awe of the fun yet developmentally stimulating playmat that my son would get to use! With 5 different "modes", the Developlace really takes your child from the days of basic tummy time, to fun stimulating play and learning! I can't wait for Little Boy to arrive and be old enough to use this for tummy time!
Cristen's Personal Thoughts/Info:  Like Alex, I just love the Tiny Love company.  I’ve used many of their amazing products and honestly have not had one complaint about anything.  The Gymini Developlace is such a great tummy time mat that doesn’t overstimulate the child.  It’s large enough that the siblings or parents can lay down and play with the baby.  It’s also easy to fold up and store in a closet or under a bed.

Ready to get a little greener with your periods? Pink Lemonade Shop creates high quality, cloth (reusable) menstrual pads that are perfect for every day use, all the way up to postpartum protection! Whether you need a little extra back up day to day, during pregnancy, during postpartum, or if you are ready to fully covert to a greener and more comfortable period, Pink Lemonade Shop offers a variety of size ranges and fabric styles to help you make it happen! In addition to the gorgeous, handmade pads that Pink Lemonade Shop creates, they also offer other cloth must haves such as wet bags, detergent, and even a selection of postpartum products for mom!
Personal Thoughts/Info: Honestly, I have been a fan of Pink Lemonade Shop pads for over a year now - I made the switch and created a full "stash" of cloth pads and have never looked back. When it came time to prepping for baby, I spoke with Sue, Pink Lemonade Shop's wonderful owner, and together we custom made a postpartum stash that I knew would fit my needs. My postpartum stash is complete with 13" Postpartum pads, 12" Ultimate Overnight pads, and even some of her 11" Overnight pads. The absorbency, quality, and design doesn't get any better than with Pink Lemonade Shop! I absolutely adore them and have made it my mission to convert as many friends and family members as possible over to cloth menstrual pads! More Information...
Cristen's Personal Thoughts/Info:  Having never used reusable pads before, I’m anxious to see how these work as a postpartum pad.  I love the idea of being able to wash and reuse pads since disposables can get so expensive.  My only concern is using them out in public.  Perhaps I will just stick to using them at home until I get used to the ‘reusable pad’ thing.

After moving from Australia to the United States, Aden + Anais owner Raegen wanted to encourage moms use to swaddle their babies, so she took inspiration from one of her favorite Australian baby must haves, muslin wraps, and created her company that is now globally known and loved. Today Aden + Anais can be found in thousands of stores across 63 countries, worldwide. From muslin swaddle blankets and innovative "burpy bibs", to Daydream blankets for mom and even luxury bath products, Aden + Anais continues to be adored by millions and has become a household name for many moms.
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: Aden + Anais is a brand that I have known and loved for a while now, but I had never had the opportunity to try out any of their bath/skincare products! Let me just say, now that I have, I'm hooked. They have a very mild yet lovely scent, leave your skin (and hair!) feeling soft and luxurious, and really put the hydration back into your skin. I began getting stretch marks on my stomach with a handful of weeks ago and while they obviously haven't disappeared, with the help of the Stretch Mark Reducing Cream they have not seemed to progressed and are not getting any deeper or darker! The Musy Mate Lovey is absolutely adorable and I cannot wait for Little Boy to arrive so that I can let him snuggle it. My first son gravitated toward a blanket as his "lovey" but I'm really hoping that my second son will fall in love with his Musy Mate Lovey as much as I have!  
Cristen's Personal Thoughts/Info:  This is a brand that my entire family has loved since daughter #1 was born in 2011.  The Mum+Bub collection of skincare products for mom and baby are the best smelling products on the market (in my family’s opinion) and they don’t irritate our skin.  I’m currently loving the Stretch Mark Reducing Cream to help prevent stretch marks as this belly grows.  It’s not too thick, smells amazing and keeps my skin moisturized for hours.  Aden+Anais is known for their Muslin receiving blankets, crib sheets and burp cloths (which are all fabulous) but after getting a Musy Mate Lovey, I think I found my new favorite baby product from A+A.
Being a huge fan of handbags, new mom Meggan was excited to start her hunt for the perfect diaper bag, but the excitement quickly faded to frustration as she was surrounded by a sea of quilted fabrics, noisy velcro, and horribly organized bags. She wanted a bag that would grow with her and her daughter during their new journey together and with her husband by her side she created a high quality, fashionable diaper bag line that held an innovative addition to each design!
Alex's Pick: Large Khaki Baby Bag
Personal Thoughts/Info: Being a self proclaimed diaper bag addict, I love to switch bags and sometimes even coordinate with my outfit! What I don't like is having to move each and everything from bag to bag - it's frustrating and sometimes items can be left behind in the previous bag, putting me in a bind when I really need them. What I love about Lily Jade Diaper Bags is not only are their bags stylish, but they each induce their innovative Baby Bag that can be not only be transferred from Lily Jade bag to Lily Jade bag, but to any diaper bag. Even better - the Baby Bag can be used on its own as an organizer in your baby's room, the car, or anywhere else you may find it helpful! There are TONS of pockets in the Baby Bag and it is any organizers dream. I have been using mine for a couple weeks now and it has completely transformed how I pack my bag and I LOVE that I can now use my favorite purse as a diaper bag!
Cristen's Pick: Medium Khaki Baby Bag
Personal Thoughts/Info:  These things are great.  I love that I can simply fill the baby bag with my “junk” and move it from diaper bag to diaper bag or even into the stroller undercarriage.  With baby #1 I stuck to one diaper bag and it was completely disorganized.  I’m planning to be so much more organized with baby #2 and this baby bag will help so much.

10. Cuski
Created to provide parents with a stylish, natural, and compact alternative to bulky blankets, their blankets are made from the softest natural cotton available and are designed to be your babys best friend. The "Cuski Concept" is for mom and/or dad to snuggle with their child's Cuski product prior to introducing it to them, so that mom and/or dad's natural scent absorbs into the natural fibers of the item. Once introduced to their product (be it a blanket, lovie, etc), your child will feel reassured, secure, and loved with the comfort of Cuski! Although mostly available overseas, Cuski is becoming more readily available thanks to Calisson Inc.
Alex's Pick: Cuski Lovie
Personal Thoughts/Info: I was super excited for the opportunity to try the Cuski Lovie and when it arrived, I immediately fell in love with the "little guy". The Cuski Lovie has a very soft texture and is easy for little hands to grasp and hold onto. It is made from an ultra soft terry material so if/when baby drools on it and/or sticks it in their mouth, it will not ruin the fabric in which the Cuski Lovie is made from, and it is completely machine washable! I love the idea of sleeping next to the Cuski Lovie just before Little Boy arrives so that it will absorb my scent and make him feel more secure at times where I may not be right next to him (i.e.: if he is in the car seat or rocker)!

11. The Dairy Fairy
Whether you’re pumping or nursing, The Dairy Fairy has a bra that will put a smile on your face and make your journey with breast milk a little simpler. Created and designed by the Dairy Fairy mom herself, Emily sought out to bring other moms a bra that would be comfortable, efficient, supportive, and beautiful. Whether you are in need of a pump exclusive bra or bra/tank top, a comfortable yet supportive nighttime nursing bra, or a nursing/pumping bra that will adjust to you throughout the day, The Dairy Fairy is here to help!
Our Pick: The Arden Bra
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: With my first son, I had difficulty finding a nursing bra that liked and ended up settling for a bra that wasn't even intending for nursing in! It was a nightmare. This time around I knew I needed to find a bra that would be comfortable and effective in my journey with nursing, and The Arden Bra is exactly what I was looking for. What I adore about the Arden Bra is that it has several size adjustment options so if you have just nursed or pumped and your breasts have "deflated", or if you are desperately in need of relief from engorgement, you can adjust your bras size for added comfort and relief. The Arden Bra is so comfortable that I have even started wearing it during my pregnancy! This bra is also amazing for pumping moms, it will help your breastpump stay in place yet keep you covered if you are pumping while at work or in a not-so-secluded place like your living room. I can't say enough good things about The Arden Bra and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself!
Cristen's Personal Thoughts/Info: I’ve actually been a fan of The Arden Bra since the Ultimate Online Baby Shower event we did a few months ago.  While the bra doesn’t offer much in the way of nipple protection, it’s super comfortable to sleep in and provides easy access for nursing.  I never leave the house without nursing pads in my bra so I don’t really see a need for extra padding in this bra.  Not only is this bra great for nursing, it’s also helpful for pumping.  It’s super easy to adjust throughout the day and is not bulky like other nursing bras I’ve tried.

The product has been around for 15 years and is used predominantly by Dermatologists and Nurses for treatment of skin irritations.  Recently, mothers have been finding that this ointment works well for diaper rash.  It works by blocking moisture from reaching the problem spots but also allows for proper oxygen flow for healing.
Our Picks: Diaper Rash Cream
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: Diaper Rashes are one of the most heartbreaking parts of being a parent, there is nothing worse then opening up your little ones diaper to change it and seeing a bright red, irritated booty. The Norske Skin Therapy Diaper Rash Cream creates a barrier that is said to be 20% better than competing creams, and is packed full of vitamins to assist in healing your little ones rash! I can't wait to try it out on Little Boy when he arrives!
Cristen's Personal Thoughts/Info:  Blocking moisture from getting to your baby’s skin is essential for preventing diaper rash.  Most of the “creamy” diaper rash creams out there only work to heal existing diaper rash but none of them actually help prevent it.  The only other product that worked for baby #1 for preventing diaper rash was from one of the more popular brands out there and smelled like fish.  The Norske Skin Therapy ointment comes in tiny tubes that are easy to toss in the diaper bag and are pretty much one-time use tubes.

Nursing in public can be tricky at times.  These nursing shirts work with your existing bra to make nursing in public easy-peasy.  These mom-invented, mom-approved nursing undergarments come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your entire wardrobe.
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: I absolutely LOVE the nursing tank from Undercover Mama, not only does the Slimming Style help suck in the excess baby weight, but the tank tops couldn't be easier for using during nursing. They are strapless but have two attachments to adapt to any style of nursing bra and unhook from the bra for easy nursing. I adore this for the simple fact that when you nurse your baby in public, your shirt does not need to be lifted to expose your belly! The Top Cover is also wonderful in adding an extra layer to your outfit and to give you even more coverage while nursing, if that is something you want! I have several Undercover Mama tanks in my nursing wardrobe and can't wait to wear them!
Cristen's Personal Thoughts/Info: This is definitely a unique nursing tank that I admittedly wasn’t too sure about at first.  After trying it on and getting to know more about how it works and what it’s for, I’m loving it.  It easily adapts to any nursing bra and I just love that it hides my belly when nursing.  The belly is always an area that I like to keep undercover so thank you Undercover Mama.

Credible Cravings was created with one intention: to provide optimal nutrition during the time when it matter most-before, during and after pregnancy.  A mother’s nutritional status during this period has a significant impact on her health and leaves lifelong footprints on the health of her child.  They offer organic, whole food ingredients in small bars that come in three different flavors.
Personal Thoughts/Info: During pregnancy, eating healthy and making sure to snack on healthy foods frequently is important - especially if your pregnancy is like mine where you are so sick in the first trimester you lose weight! Credible Cravings bars are perfect snack size but pack a big punch of nutrients and vitamins essential to your health and your growing child's health! Being that they are so healthy, it does take a bit to get use to the flavor they bring (especially if you’re use to the overly processed ones at the grocery store!) but you soon develop a taste for them! The Cranberry Oatmeal are by far my favorite and I liked them from the get-go, but after giving myself some time to adjust to Chocolate, it really makes for a yummy snack as well!
Cristen's Pick:  Oatmeal Cranberry
Personal Thoughts/Info:  To be completely honest, the flavor of these bars takes a while to get used to.  I’m used to over processed, sugary bars that really aren’t good for me at all so switching to Credible Cravings has been an adjustment process.  My husband, on the other hand, can’t get enough of these.  He keeps stealing my bars for cycling and just loves the flavor.  While the price of these bars are a bit on the expensive side, I fully understand that organic, wholesome ingredients cost more and, frankly, you get what you pay for.

Launched in 2013, Plum of London's first Collection has been made using what is arguably the world's finest yarn, Royal alpaca, all of which has been ethically sourced and made solely in Britain. There's an almost infinite list of benefits and qualities that Royal alpaca possesses over all its rivals including the eco-friendly factor.  No other yarn, whether natural or synthetic, is better suited to a baby’s skin. The fact that each of their pure alpaca pieces is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and lacks the ‘prickle factor’ as associated with other yarns certainly helps, as does the fact it is odor, stain and wrinkle resistant. This all results in a beautifully soft and durable piece of clothing that doesn’t require much washing, but when it does, is machine washable!
Personal Thoughts/Info: Made from pure alpaca, the Plum of London hand knitted baby bonnet and cardigan are extremely soft and cozy, perfect for your little one during the winter! When I first opened the package from Plum of London I wasn't sure what to expect but I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous handmade beanie that was in front of me. I cannot wait for Little Boy to arrive and wear this adorable outfit, I know it'll keep him warm and cozy during the winter and he is going to look so adorable!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  Growing up in the California central valley, I’m very familiar with how great Alpaca yard is.  I’ve seen so many great products made from Alpaca yard but have never seen such chic baby products until I received my baby cardigan and beanie from Plum of London.  Their products are true heirloom pieces and are so well made.  I’m very happy to hear that they are machine washable, too.  We all know that babies can be messy and it’s just not practical to own clothing that can’t be washed at home.  Tip:  These products make great baby shower gifts.

16. Majamas
Majamas offers everything from mastectomy wear to nursing and maternity wear.  With comfort being their ultimate concern, you can be sure you're getting the best when you order from Majamas.  Their products offer support without restricting blood flow and are affordably priced.
Personal Thoughts/Info: I'll admit at first I was skeptical with this nursing bra, but after the first time I put it on I was hooked. The material is soft and luxurious, the print is fun and care free, and the ease of adjustment for nursing is spot on. I have worn this bra several times in my pregnancy because it is so comfortable and the only reason why I've stopped wearing it is because I packed it in my hospital bag!! Love it.
Cristen's Pick: The Padded Sporty Bra
Personal Thoughts/Info:  I love the material of this bra.  I feels a little like a swimsuit which means it's soft, non-irritating and seamless.  The light padding is perfect for extra nipple coverage, too.  This bra is offered in so many chic prints and colors.  I may just have to snag a few more to add to my collection.

Baby mocs are the latest fashion trend and that’s all thanks to Freshly Picked.  This “as seen on Shark Tank” brand offers chic baby moccasins that not only look great but are fully functional.  Freshly Picked moccasins feature a unique design with elastic at the opening. Their shoes are easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot. Their soft-soled shoes are made with durable leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike (sizes 1 to 10).
Personal Thoughts/Info:  The image says it all.  These baby moccasins are so adorable that I am hesitant to even put them on my baby.  I’m in love with the gold dot pattern and just want to prop them up as decoration in my house.  I was surprised to find that these moccasins are fully functional and that they come in toddler sizes, too.  I just may have to order my three-year old a pair to match her baby sissy.

Founded in 2000, Petunia Pickle Bottom has become known to the world as the creator of the original, collectible, fashionable diaper bag. For more than a decade, PPB has been answering the call for stylish, quality products for modern moms on the go.
Alex's Pick: Shopper Tote
Personal Thoughts/Info: Whether you're running out for groceries or just need a bag for extras, the Petunia Pickle Bottom Shopper Tote is amazing! I just adore that it folds up small and stays closed with an elastic band that closes around a metal button. I use my shopper totes for everything and keep one in my diaper bag just in case! I absolutely love them!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  The hobo style diaper bag is new to Petunia Pickle Bottom and they've completely mastered the trend.  Diaper bags are going in more of a stylish direction and have been for a few years now.  Moms are wanting more of a purse-style diaper bag that's not overly bulky but is still able to hold all of the necessities.  Petunia includes their signature baby wipes case and changing pad with this bag and even has plenty of pocket space to store them.  I'm loving all of the details on the Hideaway Hobo and I'm especially loving the new Beautiful Barcelona print.  Petunia added their iconic stitched patch to the front of the bag, a huge front zippered pocket for keys and smaller objects and a magnetic clasp closure to keep your belongings in your bag.  The swanky silver chain and leather straps, the flat bucket-style bottom and the neutral (and washable) interior color make this bag a winner.

19. Merdy
Merdy offers unique baby blankets and security blankets with a special built-in sound button.  Their blankets come with music, voice and other sound effects to help ease your little one to sleep.
Personal Thoughts/Info: This blanket was love at first sight. Oh, my, soft! Talk about luxurious and so cozy for baby to cuddle with! The elephant and bunny are just to cute sitting together blowing bubbles and although I was at first taken off guard with it, I really like that it plays a cute little song! So fun for baby. My only question for Merdy is when are they coming out with adult sizes?!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  Merdy’s concept is definitely unique which is why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of their products.  I was a little surprised to find that the sound level could not be adjusted but I love that the blanket is completely washable.  The silky sides and super soft middle of the baby blanket are so addicitingly cozy and the security blanket is equally as soft.

Masala Baby is a modern affordable luxury kids lifestyle brand defined by its global Indian aesthetic.  Masala Baby is a socially conscious company that works with committed workshops in India to produce quality designs using hand crafted techniques like block printing, hand screen printing and embroideries. The fabrics used are all natural and of the highest quality, keeping in mind baby's gentle skin.  From infants and baby apparel to kids fashion, they have expanded their line to include resort, activewear, accessories and kids furnishings creating a cohesive brand statement across product categories. Their furnishings now include their signature Swaddle Wraps-3pk set, Bib+Burp sets, Reversible Quilts- great for tummy time, Diaper Clutch+Changing Pad set, & Quilted Tote Bags.
Personal Thoughts/Info: I'm a sucker for a baby in plaid, and the Masala Tabla Tunic is just way to cute for words. I love that it is lightweight yet it is still long sleeved, it'll be perfect for the fall and early weeks of winter, especially while baby is in his car seat! The Tabla Tunic is perfect for your little man to wear as a holiday outfit or just for out and about!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  All of Masala Baby’s outfits and products are so chic and trendy.  I just love the bold, vibrant colors of this 2-piece outfit.  Each piece can be worn together or separately to expand the wardrobe and they are both super soft.

21. Pearhead Belly Stickers
The Pearhead Baby Milestone Belly Stickers are a fun, unique way to capture and share your baby's first year with friends and family. Track from one month up to one year with these 12 easy to peel stickers. Just place a sticker on your baby's little belly each month and snap a photo! Then, share with friends and family at home or upload to the web. The cute designs and colorful patterns will have you smiling all year round; a great keepsake and adorable gift for any expectant parent. Their perfect for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
Alex's Pick: Boy Belly Stickers
Personal Thoughts/Info: I wish I had these when Little Mister was a baby, they are just adorable! Taking frequent photos of your little one is something that I feel is so important, that first year flies by and it is so nice to be able to look back and see the changes your baby made every month - plus having something to help remind you of what month they were in is always fantastic! The Pearhead Belly Stickers are great quality, vibrant, and so cute for photos!
Cristen’s Pick: Girl Belly Stickers
Personal Thoughts/Info: Baby belly stickers are the latest trend on social media right now and I’m loving them.  It’s going to be so much fun to take a picture each month to share with my friends and family.  I love that these stickers are reusable and thick so they can withstand a little wiggling from the baby.  The colors are bold and the numbers stand out so all you’ll need to focus on is your bundle of joy in the pictures.

22. Munchables Teething Jewelry
Teething jewelry has become so popular over the last few years.  Designed to be worn by the caregiver, this line offers practical, convenient jewelry pieces that ensure teething relief is always close at hand.
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: When Little Mister was a baby, one thing I wish that I had known about was teething jewelry! Like all babies, Little Mister went through one heck of a "pull on mommy's jewelry and hair" phase and it would have been so nice to have had gorgeous teething jewelry for him to play with rather than having to take a hiatus from wearing my "normal" jewelry. The Munchables Love Bug necklace is vibrant and so baby friendly! Mom will love wearing them and baby will love playing with them!
Cristen’s Personal Thoughts/Info: Not only is this necklace a fashion statement, it’s also great for teething.  The soft silicone beads will provide great relief for a teething little one and also something to play with.  Munchables offers tons of different pieces but this Aqua Love Bug Necklace is by far one of my favorites. Tip: never put the jewelry directly on the baby.

23. Wristy Buddy
Wristy Buddy is designed for babies who haven't developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. Babies that can't grasp toys can manipulate Wristy Buddy. It is made of absorbent and non-toxic materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Its various textures and colors engage and stimulate. it is easily accessible to your teething baby and is more sanitary than traditional teething objects.   They are BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free and Non-Toxic certified by a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approved laboratory.  Wristy Buddy is suitable for babies 3+ months and it’s comlpetely machine washable.
Alex's Pick: Moose Wristy Buddy
Personal Thoughts/Info: When I first heard about the Wristy Buddy I was a little skeptical, the idea of something around my baby's wrist just didn't sit right, but when I saw the Wristy Buddy in person my mind immediately changed. Not only is it completely safe and baby friendly, but what baby wouldn't love having something so close to them to gnaw on and play with! It's the perfect "friend" for on the go, and not to mention but the moose is just absolutely adorable for your little guy or gal!
Cristen’s Pick: Crab Wristy Buddy
Personal Thoughts/Info: What a great idea!  Like, Alex, I was a little skeptical at first.  I’m always afraid of a joking hazard or other potential hazards but the Wristy Buddy seems completely safe.  It’s a great product to use for car rides and shopping trips to keep little ones occupied.  My challenges are going to be keeping the dog away from it and keeping it sanitary.  I’m so happy to read that Wristy Buddy is machine washable, though.

24. Knocked Up Nails
Every mom wants to feel beautiful during her pregnancy but we sometimes battle the fact that lots of beauty products contain harmful ingredients.  Knocked Up Nails’ 5-free pregnancy-safe nail polish formula does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate or camphor so you can get your mani/pedi on without feeling the guilt.  They show a little extra lovin’ to the preggos, but Knocked Up Nails is also safe for allergy sufferers, cancer patients and children.  Their hip, modern hues are long-lasting and chip resistant; and all of their polishes are cruelty free, vegan and made in the USA.
Our Pick: Nail Polish
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: I'm a sucker for all things girly and one thing that I have been finding myself not indulging on as much this pregnancy is painting my nails. Mostly because it's a challenge to reach my feet, but also because I'm not a fan of breathing in the harsh chemicals when growing a tiny human! I love that with Knocked Up Nails, the formula is free of the 5 harshest ingredients found in nail polishes yet the colors are still vibrant and beautiful! It's perfect to give mom a little pick me up while she is hormonal and tired!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  These nail polishes smell, look and feel just like every other high quality brand of nail polish but they’re made without the “junk.”  It baffles me that other companies insist on including the harmful chemicals in their products even though brands like Knocked Up Nails have proven that they aren’t necessary.  I’m loving my fun colors from Knocked Up Nails and can’t believe the price per bottle is just $10.

25. Babee Talk
Does it seem impossible to find baby bedding and toys that are safe, healthy, eco-friendly and stylish?  If you’re hunting for baby bedding that has it all, Babee Talk is your brand. Designed by a mom and created with love for chic, safety-conscious parents, BabeeTalk crib bedding, rail covers and plush toys combine the softest materials and rigorous safety checks with strikingly beautiful design.
Personal Thoughts/Info: This bedding is AWESOME! I absolutely love the softness of the organic fabric, the vibrant colors, and the obvious quality that you receive with the Babee Talk. The crib railing cover is perfect for when your little one starts teething and decides that their crib is the perfect thing to gnaw on, the bed skirt adds the perfect amount of modern flare to the crib, and the toys are so much fun to add onto the rails for your little one to bat at! I would love for Babee Talk to make the crib sheet in adult bedding too - it is so soft that when I put it on the crib mattress I was tempted to get in and take a snooze myself!
Cristen’s Pick: Pink Complete Bedding Set
Personal Thoughts/Info:  Before working with Babee Talk I actually had a completely different baby bedding set on my daughter’s crib.  I’m designing a boho-chic nursery for little girl #2 and I thought I had found “the bedding set” until I found Babee Talk.  The crib skirt, sheet and teething rail cover are made of such durable, thick material that is safer for my baby and I couldn’t be happier.  The colors are super bold and vibrant and they coordinate perfectly with my nursery theme.  Since receiving my pink bedding set I’ve actually taken the other bedding set back to the retailer and completely designed the room around the Babee Talk bedding set.  A little bonus is that the crib sheet is made with extra fabric to allow for some shrinkage in the washing/drying process.

26. My True Nature
Designed with the goal of getting kids to laugh in the bath, My True Nature offers kids a fun way to get clean in the tub.  Their bath and body products are made with plant-based ingredients that come from organic farms in California.  Their bottles are 100% FDA-Approved Recycled PET plastic.  Their pumps, caps and bottles are all BPA free and manufactured in the USA.
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: I am a huge fan of My True Nature products and absolutely love that they are full of plant based, organic ingredients rather than a bunch of things that are questionable for baby's health. My True Nature products are wonderful for children with eczema and have been wonderful for my oldest's sensitive skin. When it comes to My True Nature products, I am a huge fan and don't even consider other hygiene brands for my little guys!
Cristen’s Personal Thoughts/Info: This Sugar and Spice gift set is so cute and truly does make the perfect gift set for baby showers and birthdays.  My family has been using My True Nature products for months and we’re hooked.  All of the scents are super fun and mild and the products seem to last quite a while.  One of my favorite products is the Dewey’s Natural Baby Bubble Bath which comes in this gift set.  I even use it for my own baths (when I actually get a bath to myself).

27. Anna Naturals
At Anna Naturals they have developed organic and all natural products to indulge, not offend, your senses.  From nursing products to herbal teas, soaps and lotions, you’ll find tons of products that would make the perfect gift for any mom-to-be.  
Our Pick: Boobies Basket
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: The Boobies Basket from Anna's Naturals is so cute, and so wonderful for new nursing momma's! It comes with a Nursing Mama Tea to help boost milk supply (which I cannot WAIT to try!), nipple cream, and a mood uplifting spray which I think is so great for a mid day "pick me up" if you need one! Not only is it a great gift for yourself, but it would make such a wonderful gift for your best friend, sister, cousin, co-worker, or anyone else you want to treat!
Cristen’s Personal Thoughts/Info: Funny name.  Great products.  My favorite product in this gift set is the All Smiles therapeutic uplifting spray.  I remember having a little bit of the baby blues when my first daughter was born; most likely from the hormones.  I would have loved to have an uplifting spray to change my mood.  I also can’t wait to try the Nursing Mama Tea and nursing mama nipple cream. I actually plan to start using the nipple cream before the baby arrives to prepare my nipples for those first few weeks of nursing which can sometimes be the most painful.

28. Sara Haley
Prenatal fitness guru and new mom, Sara Haley, designed Expecting More™ to help fit and healthy moms-to-be stay motivated, inspired and fit throughout their pregnancy. Based on her own experience with pregnancy, as well as training other pre and post-natal women, Sara saw the need for a comprehensive prenatal DVD training program. Expecting More™ provides six different workouts to give women a variety of cardio, strength and dynamic flexibility exercises. “Every day is different and every pregnancy is different, so I wanted to give women the options to implement what they need when they need to,” said creator Sara Haley. “I am so proud of this program and I hope these workouts will help change the way prenatal fitness is viewed.”
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: As much as I love that I am growing a tiny human and will soon have my baby in my arms, I really am not a huge fan of pregnancy. Some women adore it, look gorgeous throughout, and are absolute naturals at being pregnant, but I am not one of them. I'm sicker than a dog throughout at least half of my pregnancy, I look and feel huge, and that "pregnancy glow" is actually just sweat. As soon as my little guy is done "cooking" and I've been cleared at my postpartum appointment, I cannot wait to get my body back to where it was and I am even more excited about my fitness routine now that I have Sarah Haley's Expecting More DVD.
Cristen’s Personal Thoughts/Info: The Expecting More DVD eliminates my excuses to sit on my booty during pregnancy.  I don’t know whether to thank Sarah Haley or get upset about that.  One thing I learned during pregnancy is that a great workout can be very beneficial in more ways than one.  Pregnancy can leave you feeling tired and exhausted all day but if you throw in a good workout, you might actually notice you end up having more energy throughout the day and may even sleep better at night.  Plus, maintaining your workout schedule during pregnancy is said to help your body bounce back quicker and it’s just plain good for you.  Sarah Makes it easy and I highly recommend this DVD.

29. Indestructibles Baby Books
It's the little series that could: Indestructibles are innovative books built for the way babies read. Printed on a unique, nontoxic, paperlike material that holds up to anything babies throw at them, Indestructibles are rip proof, chew proof, drool proof and gum proof. They’re 100% baby safe—and they’re washable. When a book gets dirty, just throw it in the dishwasher or washing machine, and voilĂ , the book is back and ready for more.
Personal Thoughts/Info: I LOVE these books! Not only are the stories super cute, but I love that they cannot be torn in half and door doesn't phase them! There's nothing more disappointing then having a page out of your favorite children's story rip or having the cover mangled with bite marks from your teething infant, but with the Indestructible Baby Books you don't have to worry about them getting "hurt" and you can look forward to passing them down to future babies as well! I love that my oldest is enjoying them now while we patiently await the arrival of his brother, but when his brother is old enough to listen to stories, he will get to enjoy them as well!
Cristen’s Personal Thoughts/Info: I’ve never seen anything like these books before.  When I first received mine I was shocked to find that they could be tossed in the washing machine or dishwasher.  That, to me, just sounds crazy.  But it’s true.  After a little testing, Indestructibles Books have held up.  This is a huge step forward in the children’s book industry.  I was also impressed to learn that these books are only $5.95 each.  That’s super cheap!

30. Baby Elephant Ears
Unparalleled in style and function, Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort - offered in diverse prints and organics, ethically manufactured and made with sustainable materials.  Chiropractor-inspired and mom-designed, Baby Elephant Ears can go wherever baby goes - stroller, swing, carseat, changing table, wherever and whenever support is needed. Baby Elephant Ears is fully washable and requires no attachments, straps or special skills - just simple, loving use.  Their design and durability is superior to other headrests available to today's discerning parents. Whether you are buying for your own little pride & joy or giving as a gift, Baby Elephant Ears stands alone as a stylish and affordable essential that parents can be proud to give or receive.
Alex's Pick: Blue Elephant Ear
Personal Thoughts/Info: The Baby Elephant Ear is SO adorable and perfect for baby when they're taking a ride in their stroller! I love that the back is not padded but the sides are, it's great for when baby turns their head to cuddle and I really like that it's just an extra bit of comfort to help them sleep while you're out and about. All of the prints of the Baby Elephant Ears are so adorable but I have a soft spot for elephants and the Blue Elephant Ear was perfect! I can't wait for Little Boy to use it while we're out and about!
Cristen’s Pick: Pink Elephant Ear
Personal Thoughts/Info:  This product is so much better than what I used with my first baby.  It actually is made to provide support instead of being made to just look cute.  I love that it is chiropractic-inspired and it makes me feel better about using it with baby girl #2.  The pink elephant print is adorable and it seems easy to clean.

31. Sleeping Baby
Zipadee-Zip, the magical solution to transition baby from swaddle, is inspiring sounder sleep in infants and toddlers because it provides an enclosed, cozy, womb-like environment - similar to a swaddle. However, unlike the swaddle, it is less restrictive, allowing baby to move around freely. Babies can safely roll, stand, and crawl while wearing the Zipadee-Zip.
Alex's Pick: Zipadee-Zip for Boys
Personal Thoughts/Info: One thing I have learned from already having a child is that baby's (and kids) are crazy sleepers. Not so much during the first couple of months, but once they learn to roll it seems to be game on. This time around I told myself that I would be investing in lots of sleep sacks, not only to keep baby safer while he sleeps, but to keep him warm. When I was introduced to the Zipadee Zip I was immediately intrigued - I love that their little arms are secured inside of the sleeper so that they can't scratch themselves in the night! I can't wait for baby to be here and be old enough (around 4 months as recommended by the company) to fit into his small Zipadee Zip!
Cristen’s Pick:  Green Owl Zipadee-Zip
Personal Thoughts/Info: I wish I had the Zipadee-Zip with my first baby.  She hated to be tightly swaddled and always needed her arms to be free.  The Zipadee-Zip is such a great idea and the products are so well made.  The zipper is hidden by a little piece of fabric so the baby won’t scratch herself on it and the fabric isn’t too thick which will help prevent the baby from getting hot and sweaty.  The product does look a little like a flying squirrel suit and you can’t help but chuckle when you see it.

32. Sun Angels
Your sweet baby will be comfy and cute in the Zoo Time arm sleeves. Whether heading out on an adventure in the stroller, enjoying a day at the park, or simply melting everyone’s hearts at a backyard summer barbeque, his/her little arms will be protected from the sun. Their Zoo Time arm sleeves are certified UPF 50+ and made from a 60% polyester/35% cotton jersey/5% spandex (latex-free) fabric blend, which makes them lightweight and breathable. The top of each sleeve is constructed with a thin, non-restrictive elastic band to keep it from slipping.  
Personal Thoughts/Info: Living in Arizona where the sun always seems to be shining, having protection on your little ones skin is extremely important! I love that the Sun Angels Sun Protector Sleeves will protect my little guys arms from the sun if we're out at the park watching big brother play, or strolling around the neighborhood as mommy tries to get back in shape! They are cute, practical, and lightweight!
Personal Thoughts/Info:  What a cute idea.  Being a family that loves to travel to sunny vacation destinations, we’re always looking for ways to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  Since it is recommended that you don’t use sunscreens on babies under six months of age, the Zoo Time Sunny Sleeves will be a huge help for that first half year.

33. Nizo Wear
All Nizo Wear nursing bras feature a unique patented pocket in the pull down flap that can hold a warm or cool pack. The pocket acts as a thin barrier between wearer’s skin and the warm and cool pack, which increases wearer’s comfort and safety.  This innovative design is offered in amazingly soft fabrics that boast flirty designs.
Alex's Pick: Solace Nursing Bra
Personal Thoughts/Info: I have been blessed to have the opportunity to recently test out several nursing bras and I am pleased to announce that the Solace Nursing Bra is one of my favorites! I love that it is made form a soft material and has great support to give your breasts comfort yet keep them from looking like you're wearing a bra that your grandma would wear! I love that there is an extra pocket in the bra to hold your breast pads and that it has an optional molded breast pad if you are use to wearing padded bras. I highly recommend checking out the Solace Nursing Bra! You won't be disappointed!
Cristen’s Pick: Serenity Nursing Bra
Personal Thoughts/Info: For daytime use, I prefer a bra that has a little bit of padding.  The removable molded padding in this Serenity Nursing bra hide the fact that I have a nursing pad in my bra.  The fabric is super soft and this bra is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

34. PunkinWrap
The PunkinWrap is meticulously designed with you and your Punkin in mind. Every seam is reinforced to ensure nothing comes unraveled. Strategically placed buttonholes allow for easy attachment to strollers, carriers, carseats, and more.  How do you attach it? Their (included) PunkinLinks allow you to easily clip the wrap to many different baby products. The PunkinLinks are manufactured in the U.S.A., free of BPA, PVC, PET and Phthalates making them the safest choice for your baby.
Personal Thoughts/Info: I love a good nautical print, so when I saw the Punkin Wrap in Newport it was instant love! I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with the Punkin Wrap but I have quickly grown attached to it as it holds so many different purposes! From a car seat cover to a nursing wrap, the Punkin Wrap can transition with you as you go through your day and be whatever you need it to be! The possibilities for it are endless and I can say with confidence that once baby #2 arrives, the Punkin Wrap will be one of the most reached for items in my diaper bag or car.
Cristen’s Pick: Palm Beach Punkin Wrap
Personal Thoughts/Info:  I’m completely obsessed with the chic damask print of this Palm Beach punkin wrap. The colors and design is so trendy and the nursing cover is very well made.  I’ve struggled in the past with finding a nursing cover that is too sheer or too small.  The PunkinWrap is a great size and the fabric is nice and thick to hide the goodies.  I’m loving that there are multiple uses for the PunkinWrap, too.

35. Sweaty Bands
From running marathons to running errands, Sweaty Bands performance headbands are the perfect accessory to effortlessly keep you looking and feeling great while staying active. Each headband’s velvet backing comfortably grips hair, while the back elastic portion stretches to create a secure, flyaway free hold. All products are made in America and ship out of their Cincinnati, Ohio headquarters.  Created by adventurous women for adventurous women, Sweaty Bands are the perfect accessory to keep you composed, stylish, and comfortable day in and day out.
Alex's Pick: Viva Diva in Black
Personal Thoughts/Info: I have a confession. I'm not a headband person. They always give me a headache or are slipping off, so I threw in the towel with headbands years and years ago...but then I found Sweaty Bands, and my thoughts on headbands suddenly shifted. I didn't think I would like it when it arrived so it took me a couple days to put it on to see and when I did...you guys...just get one. Whether you're doing your hair and looking to accessorize, about to hit the gym and need a little extra reinforcement in your hair, or if you're getting ready to go through something crazy intense like LABOR, you will be glad you have a Sweaty Band! They don't slip, they don't hurt my head, and they're ridiculously cute. I already have plans on wearing mine while I give birth and it's packed in my hospital bag so I won't forget it!
Cristen’s Pick: I Spy in Green
Personal Thoughts/Info:  Can I just say, OMG?  Finally someone came out with a headband that doesn’t give me a headache, that actually stays on my head without slipping backwards and that super cute.  My go-to hairstyle is the messy bun.  Hey, I’m a busy mom.  I always try to incorporate cute hair accessories to make that messy bun look more like it was an “on purpose” hairdo.  My new Sweaty Band is my new favorite hair accessory.  I plan on purchasing many more for my every day hairdos and for working out after the baby is born.

36. Bamboobies
Bamboobies is an iconic name in the breastfeeding world.  Better known for their reusable nursing pads, they’ve inherited quite the favorable reputation and have become a pretty well-known brand.  What began as a solution to a personal nursing problem quickly blossomed into a full blown business and mother’s are ecstatic.
Alex's Pick: Bamboobies Brahhh
Personal Thoughts/Info: I love Bamboobies and have been lucky enough to try some of their products, so I was extremely excited for the opportunity to try out their Nursing and Sleeping Brahhh. The Brahhh is not only extremely comfortable, but it is flattering as well! I have been wearing mine pretty much daily since I received it and it's honestly my favorite bra right now, especially as my body grows and changes yet again in these last few weeks of pregnancy. Even my husband was impressed with how great the Brahhh looks on! Best part is, it is so comfortable!
Cristen’s Pick:  Bamboobies Brahhh and Nursing Pads
Personal Thoughts/Info:  This bra is super flattering and oh-so-soft thanks to the organic cotton.  While it doesn’t include removable padding, once paired with the Bamboobies nursing pads you’ll have all the padding you need.  The cups are easy to pull aside for nursing and the adjustable tapered straps are made to change with your body.

37. Latch Pal
LatchPal is a nursing clip that secures a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding. Like you, the creator found it inconvenient and annoying to continually re-position her shirt. LatchPal not only eliminates this issue by preventing your shirt from slipping, but also frees your hands so you can hold your child more securely. It can also be used while pumping and to eliminate that embarrassing fumbling, when nursing in public!
Alex's Pick: Grey Velvet
Personal Thoughts/Info: I really love the concept of the Latch Pal - there's nothing more irritating than trying to nurse your little one and having your shirt constantly falling down onto their face. Latch Pal is super cute and easy to use and would make a fantastic gift for a new mom! My only fear is that it may be easily forgotten come time to nurse your little one, so I would be sure to attach it to your nursing cover or keep it discretely attached to your clothing in some way because when you remember to use it, it will really be an asset to your nursing experience!
Cristen’s Pick: Chevron Silver/White
Personal Thoughts/Info: Like Alex, I really love the concept of Latch Pal.  It's the little things that end up making a big difference in your breastfeeding experience.  Lots of moms give up because breastfeeding is just "too difficult."  When I first began nursing my first daughter, the lactation nurse taught me that breastfeeding is a three-handed job.  The Latch Pal would've been a huge help during this time and I'm so excited to have it for baby girl #2.

38. Swanling
Swanling Innovations is committed to producing modern, safe and innovative products of only the highest quality that meet the expectations of discerning parents. It is their goal to provide safe sleep solutions that help address the many concerns surrounding safe sleeping environments for babies and toddlers today. As parents the creators know how confusing and frustrating it can be to navigate the various stages of sleep training and sleep development in our children. At Swanling Innovations, they pride themselves on doing their homework and educating themselves so they can provide useful and easy to understand information to help you make choices about your child’s sleep needs so you can feel confident that your child is safe, secure and sleeping like a baby. They believe that their Slumber Sleeper™ solutions will be a dream come true for parents and their children. Safe sleep is Simple™ with Swanling.
Alex's Pick: Swanling Silkie and Swan Toy
Personal Thoughts/Info: The Swanling Silkie and Swan Toy make an awesome addition to their Slumber Sleeper, and are even wonderful for on their own! The swan is large enough for your little one to comfortably cuddle and it even has a cute rattle within it to give your child the soothing sound of a rattle. The Silkie snaps conveniently into the swan to convert this combo into a cozy lovie for your little one to bring the comfort of home with them everywhere! I love how incredibly soft the pair is between the luxurious silk and the coziness of the minky. I can't wait for baby boy to snuggle this set!
Cristen’s Pick: Slumber Sleeper, Silkie and Swan
Personal Thoughts/Info:  The Slumber Sleeper is a 3-in-1 safe sleep solution. It is a mattress protector, fitted sheet and sleep sack all in one. It is designed to help keep your baby safe, warm and centered. Although the sheet allows older children to move freely and change sleep positions, the Slumber Sleeper’s unique design helps facilitate back sleeping and helps keep baby centered while in the crib, two important components of safe sleep for babies, and you get the added benefit of easily keeping an eye on them without adjusting your baby monitor frequently.  It’s super soft and comfortable and I can’t wait to use it with my new little girl.  The Silkie and Swan make the perfect baby shower gifts and coordinate nicely with the Slumber Sleeper thanks to the convenient snap-in-place system.

Preggo Leggings began with you in mind. Wanting to give moms a fashion staple that they could use comfortably throughout pregnancy, You! Lingerie owner branched out and designed a pair of leggings that are equal parts cute and comfortable. Available in a huge arrangement of colors, Preggo Leggings can be worn on your laziest of days or while you're headed out for a night on the town before baby arrives! 
Alex's Pick: Moms Night Out
Personal Thoughts/Info: When I first came across Preggo Leggings on Instagram, it was instant love. I was closely following the ABC Kids expo from the comfort of my couch at 34 weeks pregnant, and was instantly excited when they started chatting back! I am a huge fan of leggings and they are a total wardrobe staple for me, so when I saw that these were maternity leggings, I flipped! Rather than a "normal" waistline, Preggo Leggings completely covers your baby bump and is made from an ultra stretchy and comfortable material. Whether you're getting dressed up or just lounging around the house, Preggo Leggings are a fantastic combination of stylish and comfortable. I can see myself wearing these long after my baby bump is gone. I love that they come in a variety of fun colors and although I took the "safe" route this time and went with black, I already have a list of other colors that I want and have hinted to my husband that I "need". In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, Preggo Leggings have become my BFF. I highly recommend you check them out for yourself!
Cristen’s Pick: Kiss Me Hello
Personal Thoughts/Info: Leggings are a girl's best friend. They go with virtually any outfit and work for just about any occasion. Until this point, I had never tried on a comfortable pair of leggings that worked during pregnancy. I immediately tried my Preggo Leggings on as soon as they arrived and was absolutely amazed at how comfortable they were. I chose a red pair of Preggo Leggings to force myself to come up with fun outfits in the last month of pregnancy. Not only are these leggings great for lounging around the house, they're great for going out on date nights, girls' nights or shopping trips. They look great with a tunic and booties, flip flops or flats.

40. NUK
NUK products help nurture baby’s development at every stage - from infant to toddler.  From bottles to pacifiers to baby food prep and beyond, you’re sure to find a product you love.  Chances are you already have a product made by NUK.  The NUK family of brands design and develop superior products that enhance your child’s overall development. By combining years of expertise and trust, they are committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler.
Alex's Personal Thoughts/Info: My first son took to a bottle within the first three months, we had a heck of a time with breastfeeding and switched to formula after 2 1/2 months. With this little guy, I plan to breast feed but I will also be pumping so that daddy can have that bonding experience of feeding our newest little guy as well. I really love that the NUK Orthodontic Bottle has a natural shaped nipple to reduce nipple confusion and that they have an air system to help prevent colic! And they have the cutest design!!! In my opinion, pacifiers are one of those things that the baby will decide on if they like them (we went through several brands with our first son, including NUK before he finally took to one), but I really love the design of the NUK Ortho Pacifier and hope that this little guy will too!
Cristen’s Personal Thoughts/Info:  Bottles and Pacifiers sure have some a long way, haven’t they?  Bottle: NUK has created more of a natural shaped nipple to reduce nipple confusion between breast and bottle.  They’ve also incorporated a one-piece anti-colic Air System to help prevent colic, spit-up and gas.  I like that this bottle comes in two different sizes and that the bottles are BPA free.
Pacifier: One of my main concerns about using a pacifier is the possibility of messing up my child’s teeth.  I used a pacifier when I was a baby and my teeth were definitely affected by it.  While there is no guarantee that these ortho pacifiers won’t affect a child’s teeth, NUK has worked very hard to design an orthodontic nipple that promotes healthy oral development.  This fact alone makes me feel better about using one with my baby.

One winner will receive:

(1) 2 week supply of Milkin' Cookies, (1) 8oz Mixie Bottle, (1) My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow,  (1) Pretty in Polkadots Word Block, Number Block, and Expansion Block, (1) Chicco Lullaby Baby Play Yard in Equinox, (1) Tiny Love Gymini Developlace, (1) Pink Lemonade Shop 12" Ultimate Overnight Pad and 13" Postpartum Pad, (1) Aden + Anais Musy Mate Lovie and variety of Mum + Bub Products, (1) Lily Jade Baby Bag, (1) Cuski Lovie, (1) Dairy Fairy Arden Bra, (1) Norske Skin Therapy 12 Pack Diaper Rash Cream, (1) Undercover Mama Nursing Tank, (1) Majama Daily Bra, (1) Box of Credible Cravings, (1) Plum of London Blush Colored Baby Booties, (1) Petunia Pickle Bottom Shopper Tote in Venturing in Vienna, (1) Merdy Baby Blanket in Bubbles Blowing, (1) Masala Baby Ikat Diaper Clutch and Pad in Navy, (1) Pearhead Belly Stickers, (1) Munchable Teething Jewelry Aqua Bubble Necklace, (1) Moose Wristy Buddy, (1) Knocked Up Nails Nail Polish, (2) Indestructible Baby Books, (1) Punkin Wrap in Newport (1) Babee Talk Crib Sheet, (1) My True Nature Travel Gift Set, (1) Anna's Naturals Motherhood Welcoming Kit, (1) Sara Haley Expecting More DVD, (1) Baby Elephant Ears, (1) Nizo Wear Nursing Scarf, (1) Sweaty Bands Headband in Viva Diva White, (1) Zipadee Zip, (1) $25 Bamboobies Gift Certificate, (1) Sun Angels Zoo Time Baby Boy Sun Protector Sleeves, (1) Latch Pal, (1) Swanling Medium Silkie, (1) NUK Design Shield Ortho Pacifier 0-6 months, (1) Pair of Preggo Leggings.
ARV $1200+

The Giveaway will close late on the evening of October 8th. The winner will be chosen at random through  Giveaway Tools. The winner will be announced both on Giveaway Tools form as well as notified by email and announced on Mommy’s Obsessions Facebook. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to said email before they forfeit their prize and a new winner is chosen. Majority of prizes will be shipped via each individual company however Mommy's Obsession does have a handful of prizes in hand and will ship them in one package directly to the winner. Mommy's Obsessions is not responsible for all prize shipments. Other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize shipments. Some prizes may require winner to choose color/print/fabric/sizes. Must be 18 years and older. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and other forms of social media are in no way affiliated with this giveaway. No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited by law. One entry per household.  U.S. Residents Only. 


Congratulations to Tracy Gordon!

This gift guide is 100% original and in my own words. We have teamed up with The Naptime Reviewer to share our personal opinions on each company/product. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions and I have not been influenced by any outside sources. What works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been used with permission by each company for promotional purposes. I have been provided with product for inclusion by each company mentioned above, however I have not been compensated monetarily for this gift guide. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  1. Link for the second giveaway doesn't work :(

    1. http://www.thenaptimereviewer.com/2014/10/boo.html didn't work for me but found it...

    2. I said I had entered before I noticed that the link wouldn't work and didn't see it listed under the giveaways.

    3. Hi Ladies, sorry I'm not sure why that second link may not have been working - hope it is now!

  2. The nursing bras would be a great help with our new baby on the way.

  3. I am excited for all the prizes really! Especially love the Babee bedding though! :)

  4. I'm most excited for the Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

  5. So many AMAZING prices! Hard to choose just one favorite! But I'd have to go with the freshly picked mocs or the petunia pickle bottom bag!!!

  6. I can't decide what is better! All the items are so amazing and right up any mothers alley! But I do love the PPB and LilyJade bags...

  7. The baby elephant ears looks awesome!

  8. I'm most excited about the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag and the Freshly Picked moccasins.

  9. I'm most excited to win the Lily Jade and PPB bags!

  10. I am excited about the Chicco Lullaby Baby Play Yard in Equinox

  11. I would be most excited about the Chicco Lullaby Baby Play Yard in Equinox, we need one for our first due in a couple weeks. :)

  12. I'm very excited about the Pearhead Belly Stickers. My sister is due soon and I want to get her some of those!

  13. I'd love to win the Undercover Mama stuff :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I would be very grateful and excited to win! It would be amazing to own all of these products and put them to good use for our first baby! I really love the idea of the lactation cookies and the nursing tank looks so convenient! Thank you for putting this giveaway together and for the chance to win!

  16. I like the Chicco and Babee Talk prizes the most.

  17. I'm excited to try the Milkin Cookies. I had a tough time with #1 keeping my milk supply up so I'd love to try and see if this works for me

  18. The Lily Jade bag or the Freshly Picked moccasins would both be great, but the whole package is amazing!

  19. Milkin' Cookies! Yum! Who wouldn;t want to boost supply by eating *cookies*, cmon!?

  20. So glad to have some reviews on awesome companies!

  21. My gosh- I would love the nursing bra and tank but am also excited about the play yard, PPB tote, um and everything!!

  22. I'd like to try those preggo leggings.

  23. What a great package. This would be wonderful.

  24. Wow so laura awesomw things here!! Things here chair and teething necklace would be great

  25. The teether jewelry and knocked up nails (just to name a few!)!! :)

  26. I can't believe this giveaway!!! it's so amazing!!! I really want the Lily Jade baby bag to keep things organized!! and also the Undercover Mama Nursing Tank and Majama Daily Bra; I'm getting ready for baby girl in January and I'm planning on breastfeeding exclusively!! I'm so excited!!!

  27. Would love the lily jade bag!

  28. Great prizes! Love the bags!

  29. There's so many nice things, it's hard to choose just one! I guess my favorites would have to be the Lily Jade Baby Bag, the Undercover Mama nursing shirt, and the Bamboobies Brahhh!

  30. I love the Babee Talk pink bedding, the Petunia Pickle Bottom and the Cuski the best out of all. OH and the Freshly Picked Moccasins, can't forget that! I love it all.

  31. The whole shebammy looks incredible! But I've had my eye on a Lily Jade bag. My girl and I need some organization as we are out and about exploring the world together!

  32. Aden & Anais, preggo leggings, the Tiny Love playplace.

  33. The lily jade bag and the freshly picked moccs!

  34. those leggings look SUPER comfortable.

  35. I would love to win number 5 and I also like number 6 and 18!!

  36. I would be most excited to win the Yellow Complete Bedding Set.

  37. Love everything, but would really love to win from Lily Jade and Freshly Picked! Thanks to all of these awesome shops!

  38. The lily jade bag and plum of london.

  39. I like the Swanling Silkie and Swan Toy.

  40. I don't see my comment! Love everything but I've been trying to win from Lily Jade and Freshly Picked! Thanks to all of these awesome shops!

  41. This is such an awesome giveaway! It's so hard to pick just one item cause I think everything is great but I would love to win the Chicco Lullaby Baby Play Yard.

  42. Love that nursing bras. It will be very helpful for new moms!


  43. I commented yesterday but I don't see it yet! I love ever thin but I've been trying forever to win from Freshly Picked and Lily Jade! Thanks to all of these shops!

    1. Susan your comments are there, they need to be approved before they will show up on the blog and I typically am not available on the weekends :) Don't worry, I see them!

    2. I do see my comments now! Thank you so much! Hope that you have a lovely day!

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. I would love so many of these but I have had my eye on latchpal for a while!

  46. Amazing products! I really want a Lily Jade Bag!

  47. I would love to win everything! It's all awesome! I've been wanting something from Lily Jade and Freshly picked forever!
    Thank you to all of the Sponsors and the shops!m

  48. What an awesome giveaway! !! I love to win for our newborn baby boy arriving Dec 26 ^_^

  49. i love the #9 Large Khaki Baby Bag it is so neat!!

  50. There is so much to be excited for! I am really excited for the Lily Jade baby bag! The breast friend pillow is great too! Thank you!

  51. My fav is the Petunia Picklebottom bag. Thank you so much!

  52. All of the would be put to good use, but the top choices are for sure the Pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins, the Babee Talk Crib Sheet and the Petunia Pickle Bottom Shopper Tote !!

  53. I love the chicco high chair and play yard

  54. Everything is amazingly! I am particularly excited for petunia picklebottom, freshly picked, and chicco. I am due with my little guy on December 27th!

  55. I'd love to have the mixie bottle or freshly picked moccs!

  56. Such a lovely gifts. I have a month ago from Ginger Kids during the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Check it out!


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