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L'il Critters Children's Vitamins! #HealthyFusions #Sponsored #MC

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L’il Critters. I received product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.*
When it comes to Little Misters health, I strive to make sure he has the right amount of nutrients going into his body by feeding him healthy, balanced meals. Like I said, I strive. He on the other hand, has a different idea of how things should be done and picks and choose what to eat, if anything, off of the plate that I put in front of him. He is an extremely picky eater and some days I am ready to pull my hair out trying to figure out what to feed him that has nutritional value. It's a battle that we deal with every day.

When Little Mister turned two and I took him into the doctor for his well baby check up, I inquired about when I could start giving him vitamins to help supplement what he wasn't getting from the foods I was offering him, and I was thrilled when she told me that I could start giving him vitamins as of that day. Perfect! 

Well once again, Little Mister had alternate thoughts about taking vitamins. 

Over the last year I can honestly say that we haven't even made it through a whole bottle of children's vitamins. Per doctor recommendation I went with a brand that I had also taken as a child, and thought for sure Little Mister would love them. Oh how I was wrong. I'm not sure if it's the flavors, or the texture of those vitamins, but when I give them to him he will only eat it about 30% of the time. Thankfully in the last year Little Misters eating habits have done a 360 and although he's still not a fantastic eater, he does get a lot more nutrients in him then he use to - but I still wasn't satisfied. I needed to get him on a vitamin that he would enjoy and that I would feel great about, and that's why when Mom Central and L'il Critters asked me to take part in their #HealthyFusions campaign, I couldn't say "yes" fast enough. 

Photo Credits: L'il Critters

L'il Critters was generous enough to send us two bottles of vitamins to review and I couldn't wait to have Little Mister try them out. We received Calcium + Vitamin D3 Bone Support vitamins as well as the Gummy Bites Complete and I was ecstatic to receive both! Little Mister is not a huge fan of milk (cow or Almond), and unless it's mixed with chocolate or strawberry powder, or in a bowl of cereal, he won't drink it, so I was thrilled to read that two of the Calcium + Vitamin D3 gummy bears contain as much calcium as a 5oz glass of milk! The Gummy Bites Complete include an abundance of essential vitamins and nutrients packed into a handful of delicious flavors, and they're shaped as a fun little gummy bear making it fun for kids to eat and enjoy!

When it came time to have Little Mister try out the L'il Critters vitamins, I will admit that I was nervous and praying that he wouldn't reject them as he had other vitamins in the past. I made his lunch, put one of each vitamin on his plate, and held my breath as I served him. 

After spending a few seconds evaluating his plate, he finally reached for a vitamin, the red one from the Gummy Bites Complete, and licked it. After realizing that it wasn't a piece of broccoli in the shape and color of a gummy bear, he plopped it into his mouth and gobbled it up. When I could see that the vitamin was devoured, I asked if he liked it and he said "Yeah! Yummy". 

*Big sigh of relief from mom* 

He quickly consumed the Calcium bear and then started on his bagel and cream cheese! I was a very happy mama- finally a vitamin that he will eat and enjoy!

We are only on day 3 of taking the L'il Critters vitamins but so far Little Mister has asked me for his "bear candy" every day and has enjoyed them without complaint! I am beyond thrilled to have found a vitamin that he will eat. I love that L'il Critters are packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients, made here in the U.S.A., contain natural flavors, and are made in adorable shapes to keep my little guy happy! Little Mister seems to love that they are bite size and that they are a gummy rather than a hard chewable!

To Purchase: L'il Critters are available at drugstores and grocery stores nationwide including Target, Walmart, Costco, CVS, and more! Use this link to visit their retailer locater to find out where your closest L'il Critters retailer is!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L’il Critters. I received product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating. This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions and I have not been influenced by any outside sources. What works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Mom Central/L'il Critters however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  1. I find the gummy vitamins so much easier to take than the regular ones.

  2. I will have to try these for my son, he doesn't always eat the best.

  3. My kids love these gummy vitamins! I also give my little one Probiotics to help with digestion.

  4. I was a big Flintstone Kids fan as a childI'll have to give the gummies a try.

  5. I think my son would like these!

    -Hannah Avery

  6. These look like dangerous. My son thinks any type of Medicine or vitamin that looks like candy is in fact just that. But it's good to know they're a great alternative for the picky eater. I have one on the way and who knows what she'll be like. Thx for the review

  7. We have tried these before in our house and they are delicious! My 3 year old loves them...however...I'm still searching for something for my picky 5 year old...he refuses to eat anything that tastes like candy...he only eats chocolate. :-\

  8. I will have to try these for my daughter when she becomes old enough to have them. She is becoming a pick eater and these will come in handy.

  9. Gabrielle DennisonAugust 20, 2014 at 1:26 PM

    I'll have to try these when my son gets old enough. Currently he's a bit of a picky eater.

  10. My son LOVES to take his vitamins, I think it makes him feel like one of the adults lol. But yet when he's sick its a no-go on the actual medicine.

  11. These look great! I should try them for my kids!


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