Monday, July 7, 2014

Mexican Inspired Lettuce Wraps

As many of you may have noticed from previous recipes, Mr. Hunky and I are trying our hardest to eat clean and cut out all (well, as many as possible) processed foods. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, but goodness how I crave the occasional bag of chips...especially being pregnant!

After making my Clean Eating Asian Inspired Lettuce Wraps the other night, I was thrilled with how easy and filling they were and really wanted to come up with a similar recipe to have as an alternate.
One thing I always thoroughly enjoy is Mexican food, and living in Southern Arizona you would think that we would have some awesome Mexican restaurants around here, but sadly we don't. Whenever I'm craving some Mexican I always set out to make a tasty meal myself, so I immediately realized that a Mexican lettuce wrap would be a big hit in my house. So I went to the store and gathered up some fresh ingredients to make these delicious Mexican Inspired Lettuce Wraps!

What You Need:

- Romaine Hearts
- Ground Beef or Turkey, cooked & drained of fat
- Taco Seasoning, we made our own via this recipe

- Shredded Mexican Cheese
- Avocado
- Grape Tomatos
- Shredded Mexican Cheese
- Black Olives
- JalapeƱos
- Fresh salsa

What You Need To Do:

Cook your meat over medium heat and drain of fat. Wash your romaine hearts and pat dry with a towel, place individual leaves on a plate. Chop your optional vegetables and set aside for assembly. 

Place your cooked meat over the lettuce and top with your chopped veggies! Top with cheese and any additional add ons such as salsa, sour cream, or guacamole. 

Serve with a side of refried black beans, Mexican rice, or quinoa!


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  1. These look so fresh and delicious. I love doing lettuce wraps, I have to set out tortillas for the kids though, they won't do the lettuce


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