Monday, July 14, 2014

Graham's {Aden + Anais Make Believe Inspired} Nursery

*We received product donations from Aden + Anais and The Party Orchard to help facilitate this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. No monetary compensation was received for the promotion of this post*

When it came time to think about how I wanted Little Boy's nursery to look, my brain was a scattered mess of ideas and thoughts. Little Mister never really had a nursery; when we brought him home we lived in a one bedroom townhouse, and shortly after that him and I moved in with my grandparents while daddy went off to a long job training course in another state. By the time we were reunited as a family and moved into our home in Arizona, Little Mister was nearing a year old and my thoughts of putting together a nursery were long gone. So needless to say, this time around I could not wait to start planning a nursery. 

The ideas were endless from nautical to animals, but when I really sat down and thought about what I wanted, I realized it was something clean, crisp, and fresh. 

When I started looking around for inspiration, I came across the Make Believe Set of swaddle blankets from Aden + Anais and realized it was just what I was looking for. Cute, simple, and fresh. I could play up the red that was in the swaddles, bring out the flags/bunting, and incorporate the rag dolls animals in a way that gives the nursery a cozy nursery feel. 

When I was pregnant with Little Mister I was lucky enough to have his dresser/changing table and crib given to me by my aunt and uncle, a hand me down from their daughter who was just growing out of it. I personally am a huge fan of white nursery furniture so it worked out perfectly for Little Mister, and is working out even better for Little Boy and his Make Believe Inspired Nursery!

Rather than going out and purchasing a bunch of new items for our nursery, I instead chose to incorporate what we already had around the house and you could just as easily do the same for your nursery. While the curtains and the diaper pail are new, the "valance" used with the curtains is the flag/bunting swaddle from the Make Believe collection swaddles from Aden + Anais, and the curtain tie backs are actually a flour sack towel that I cut into strips to give the curtains a more textured appearance. The basket on top of the changing table was once used to hold books in Little Misters room before we got him his own bookshelf, and is now filled with cloth wipes, our cloth wipe solution, and a few spare newborn diapers ready for Little Boy. The changing pad cover is the Funny Argyle changing pad from the Aden + Anais Make Believe Collection and for back up we are planning on reusing the extra covers we had for Little Mister!

Wanting to continue the themes from the swaddles, I knew a flag banner/bunting was something that was a must have for our nursery. The Party Orchard generously supplied us with a gorgeous bunting to match our nursery and when it arrived I was taken back with the simplistic beauty that it would offer the room. The dark gray is adorned with dark dots and the light gray is adorned with white dots, while the red is solid. It gives the room the amount of decor without overpowering the idea of simplicity and matches the theme perfectly. Each flag is handmade and can be slid along the length of the ribbon so that you may remove or add more flags if needed.

I am absolutely thrilled with how our Make Believe Inspired Nursery turned out and I can't wait to bring home our newest addition so that we can enjoy it! This posts was made possible by Aden + Anais and The Party Orchard. A big thank you to both companies for sponsoring pieces for my little guy's nursery!

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Have you ever DIY'd your own nursery based off of a theme you were inspired by? 

*We received product donations from Aden + Anais and The Party Orchard to help facilitate this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. No monetary compensation was received for the promotion of this post*


  1. I love the colors. Such a cute idea for a nursery!

  2. That turned out great! What an awesome idea to use the Aden and Anais blankets as inspiration. You're very creative

  3. I love how simple and clean that looks.

  4. I love the casual but sweet look of this nursery. It is just perfect. Great job repurposing items on hand to make and adorable space for your little bear!


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