Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mother's Therapy Organics Review & Giveaway!

 *I received complimentary lotions for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*                                     

Mother's Therapy Organics is a woman-owned company that strives to provide parents with healthy options for our children.  They pledge to use safe, natural, and organic ingredients in all of their children's cleansing products; their dedication to the health and well-being of children is paramount.                                                                                            

Photo Credits: Mothers Therapy Organics

We go through so much hand sanitizer in our house, I literally keep a bottle just about everywhere from the car, my purse, diaper bag, changing table, Little Miss' backpack, and so on.  Although hand sanitizer is great for getting rid of nasty germs and what not, it does come with some draw backs, it can leave your hands very dry, some leave you with a nasty sticky feeling that makes your hands feel grosser then they were before you used it YUCK!, and almost all of them leave behind a strong alcohol smell that is anything but pleasant.  I am constantly trying new types hoping to find one thats a little easier on the hands, so I was more than happy to try out Mother's Therapy Organics in hopes of finding a good sanitizer.

Mother's Therapy Organics was nice enough to send us some of their products to try!  They sent me a bottle of Baby Lotion, Germ-fight'n Hand Lotion, and Hand Sanitizer for review.  

Pretty much every parent I know uses hand sanitizer because let's face it, kids want to touch everything and we want to protect them from all those nasty things they are touching.  I have to say this hand sanitizer is great!  It doesn't leave your hands sticky, it leaves my hands softer then they were before I used it, and it drys way faster than any other sanitizer I have tried, which is especially great for my kids who are to impatient to sit and wait for hand sanitizer to dry before touching something else.  Mother's Therapy Organic Hand Sanitizer is formulated using pure organic and natural ingredients and has a clean cucumber scent.

Baby C has very sensitive skin, I have tried a few lotions on him that have caused him to break out with a rash, so I am always very cautious about what I put on him.  I started out with just a little bit on one of his arms for a few days once I felt confident he wasn't going to have a reaction to it I started using it all over his body and we haven't had a problem.  It has been keeping his skin very soft and smooth!  It has been specially formulated for young tender skin using the purest organic and natural ingredients such as organic aloe vera, chamomile and shea butter.

I love the Germ-fight'n Hand Lotion!  I keep this by my kitchen sink because I wash my hands a million times a day and they get so dry, now I just add a dab of this after washing them and it has kept my hands feeling great.  It doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy like a lot of other lotions do which I like, and it smells good to!

Mother's Therapy Organics also offers Hand Sanitizer Dispensers for schools, shopping centers, workplaces, and they donate to non-profit organizations.

I would highly recommend Mother's Therapy Organics, I love that their products are all natural and organic.  Their products leave your hands feeling and smelling great!

To Purchase:  Visit Mother's Therapy Organics to purchase some for yourself!

To Win:  Mommys Craft Obsession and Mother's Therapy Organics are giving one lucky winner a family pack of hand sanitizers!  Fill out the Giveaway Tools Form below for you chance to win!

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  1. I am so excited about all the natural ingredients in these products!!! I am actually ordering some next week!!!

  2. I would keep it in my purse or in my diaper bag.

  3. jodi frasier/lasherDecember 15, 2013 at 7:12 PM

    I would keep the hand sanitizer in my bathroom. Seems to be the best place to use it i think lol..Thanks

  4. in the diaper bag or near the kitchen sink!

  5. I would replace my non-organic sanitizer in my purse.

  6. I would replace my non-organic sanitizer in my purse.

  7. I`d keep it in my purse

  8. I would keep it in the kitchen. We walk through it on the way in and out. I'd see it there and remember to use some. Especially after shopping.

  9. Sounds interesting, I wonder if you can get this at some store or it is more of an online startup?

  10. I would keep it in the kitchen.

  11. I would keep it in the kitchen.

  12. I would keep it in the bathroom.

  13. I would keep it in the bathroom and when we go out I'd keep it in my diaper bag.

  14. looks pretty neat, I would keep one in my diaper bag :)

  15. I would take it to work with me!


  16. Ashley Chassereau ParksDecember 22, 2013 at 7:27 PM

    I would keep the hand sanitizer in my diaper bag!! :)

  17. I would keep it in my purse.


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