Friday, November 15, 2013

The Ultimate Online Baby Shower Week 2

We're about to start the second week of the Ultimate Online Baby Shower and it's time for the Sampling to begin! Below you will find some quick tips and everything you will need to get ready for the fun that is in store November 18th-22nd!
 Alright everyone, it's time to unleash the FUN!

Please take note that next weeks sampling you will NOT be snagging items for yourself, but instead you will be grabbing them for a friend! This is why we HIGHLY recommend that you grab a buddy and send samples to each other! Then you will each walk away with a fun sample from one (or all!) of our generous #UOBS brands!

The first thing you need to do is scope out the calendar below and see what brand(s) you would like to receive samples to. Next, head on over to that brand's Facebook page and click on their "Wish For It" tab! Once you've clicked on the tab, follow the instructions to wish for the sample. This will then let you update a status on your Facebook wall to tell your friends that you want them to send you an item! If you've already teamed up with a friend, this is what they will see to let them know that you want that sample! Follow the photos below for a closer look at how everything will work!!

The Full Calendar

Quick Tip #1

Quick Tip #2

Quick Tip #3

Quick Tip #4

Here are the Links to the Brand's Facebook's so you can WISH for your products!

My True Nature
JP Lizzy
Daddy Scrubs

Need a buddy? Check out the post pinned to the top of our Facebook page and find another Mommys Craft Obsession friend to pair up with!

Let me know if you have any questions! 

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  1. I am most excited about the My True Nature gift time on Wednesday! I love their products! :)

  2. This is a great idea!! I would like to sample all of those and see which ones would be perfect for my sisters new baby!!

  3. I am loving these online baby shower things! I'm going to try and send as many samples as I can!

  4. These are some really great products! I would love to try them out sometime!

  5. These are so great I would love them for my son

  6. This has been fun the last couple weeks. wish I would've won something-but still fun!

  7. ending so soon. Loved the event. Can't wait until tomorrow for the stroller giveaway!!!!


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