Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why I Choose to Babywear

From the day that I found out that I was pregnant, I knew I would be one of those moms who wore their baby. In my head, babywearing made sense and it looked like an amazing way to bond with your child. When Little Mister was born, I constantly had him snuggled up on my chest while we were at home and I craved that closeness while we were out as well.

My first carrier was one I would prefer not to talk about as I would hate to badmouth an otherwise great company, but to put it lightly, it wasn't around for very long. Not only was Little Mister uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable and my back constantly hurt while I was wearing him. During my pregnancy I had acquired a hand-me-down Ergo and quickly brushed it off. When I was pregnant, I will shamefully admit that I did not do a lot of research on my baby gear (ironic right?) and because Ergo was a brand I had never heard of before I quickly brushed it aside and didn't bat an eyelash at it. That was stupid. Thankfully I figured out just how stupid it was and ended up falling in love with it.

When I became a blogger and started working with companies on product reviews, I had my heart set on trying out a few other carriers as well. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Boba and Moby and had great experiences with both of their carriers. I found that the Boba worked best for myself and Little Mister so I passed the Moby along to a friend who was in need of a carrier. I still have an Ergo and although I do enjoy it, I always reach for my Boba first.

Regardless of the type of baby carrier that you choose for yourself and your little one, babywearing is a simple act that can change your life. Babywearing is proven to be developmentally beneficial for your child and it also helps create a better mood for them. Did you know that a baby who is worn actually cries less? It's true! Each parent will have different reasons for why they choose to wear their children but when people ask me why I babywear, my answer is always the same.

Babywearing is important to me for three sole reasons.

1. I know my little guy is as safe as can be. While I'm babywearing I never have to worry about him running off or getting hurt. He's always right there.

2. It's extra special bonding time that we may not otherwise have. When you have a toddler, having mom hold them is typically the last thing they want and they're always running away from you. When you're wearing them, it's mom and baby time (whether they like it or not!).

3. It's convenient. It really is. Especially when you're at a crowded place like a sports game, festival, farmers market, etc. It goes hand in hand with my #1 reason too.  

Most baby carriers on the market these days will hold your child up to 40ish pounds which is way past three years of age. I plan to babywear Little Mister until he meets the weight limit on our Boba which is 45 pounds.

What other benefits does babywearing have?

Babywearing has many benefits but a few include...

-Meets your infants need for physical contact
-Allows moms, dads, and caregivers to get things done while still comforting and being close to the child
-Helps infants develop emotionally
-Easy to breastfeed in public
-Reduces postpartum depression
-Allows parents to tend to other children while still knowing that the baby of the family is close and safe
-Mimics the movement and creates a sense of calmness for the infant that they had experienced while in the womb

Do you babywear? Why do you babywear? What is your favorite carrier?

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  1. I adore babywearing and am sad that my last baby is a year old because that means babywearing happens less & less as they get older and want to get down to explore, run, etc.

    I absolutely adore my Moby Wrap and have used mine through two children (and used it with my nieces as well!). I also have a mei tei that I made myself that I love but don't use as often as the Moby, and I have a ring sling.

  2. I am obbsessed with babywearing! honestly its so helpful with my children because while im chasing after my busy four year old, I have my newborn strapped to me, so I can meet both of there needs at once. I love them so much! Also babywearing I think creates a closer bond with your children. Plus I love all the carriers and wraps. thank you for the post

  3. I'm excited to start baby wearing! Who doesn't want to snuggle with their adorable little one? My SO is excited to do so as well.

  4. I wore my first baby but only occasionally. I think with a three year old, I might not have many options for maneuvering with two kids easily if I don't babywear. I always enjoy reading about people who loved it. I did love it when I did it with my first, but only did it once in awhile because she always overheated so easily! Hopefully the next one likes it a little better because he might not have much choice!

  5. I have been learning about babywearing since we are expecting our first in October. I was gifted a Moby wrap for early use and am saving for a more structured carrier. I have heard great things about Tula and Ergobaby. I think that babywearing will agree with me and my lifestyle.


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