Monday, October 21, 2013

FitFlop Review

*I received a complimentary pair of FitFlops for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*
Photo Credits: FitFlop

FitFlops is a company that makes beautiful shoes that are ergonomically optimized and biomechanically engineered to make the wearer feel fantastic.  Their microwobbleboard technology was inspired by the equipment used by physical therapists to support rehabilitation and post-injury muscle strengthening.

I was very excited when FitFlop gave me the opportunity to review their shoes.  I love shoes!  But I also love comfort.  There is nothing worse then a ridiculously cute pair of shoes that never leave your closet because they make you miserable.  I reviewed the Due Leather Rouge.

The Due Leather Rouge is a ballet flat that feels like a sneaker.  It is made with 100% soft leather lining, and built on a super-cushioned height enhancing biomimetix midsole.  The biomimetix midsoles are biomechanically optimized to deliver pressure diffusion and unparalleled comfort.  The sizing on them does run a little big, so I would recommend going down a half size when ordering.  These shoes are very versatile and would look great dressed up in a cute skirt, or dressed down in your favorite pair of jeans. 

When I received the shoes I couldn't wait to get them on my feet, they looked and felt like they would be so comfy.  Unfortunately, when I put them on I was so bummed to find that they were to big.  Luckily my mom was visiting me when the shoes arrived, and she has a slightly bigger foot then I do and was able to fit into them.  She thought they were a very comfortable pair of shoes, and her favorite color is red, so she was ecstatic to get a new pair of comfortable shoes!  The cushion midsoles makes it feel like you are walking on a cloud, and absorb the shock from the lower legs helping to relieve joint pain.  They would be great for women who are on there feet a lot.

FitFlop has a wide range of shoe options from sandals to boots.  The price is a little steep on them, but in my opinion style and comfort is worth spending a little extra for.  I would recommend these shoes.  They are cute, comfortable, and great for just about anything.  They are not the kind of shoe that your feet are going to be miserable in after 20 minutes.  If you are someone who has a lot of joint pain they would definitely be worth giving a shot.

To Purchase:  Visit FitFlop to view their selection of shoes, and find the perfect pair for you!

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