Friday, October 11, 2013

Disney On Ice Rockin' Ever After Performance Review

*I received complimentary tickets to Disney On Ice for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions on the show*

One fact that you may not know about me is that I am a complete Disney fanatic. I LOVE Disney anything and fee like a little kid all over again when I see..well, anything Disney! 

When I was a little girl my mom took me to see Disney On Ice a few times and although I can't remember my experience, from pictures and from what my mom tells me, I absolutely adored it. The lights, the songs, the ice skating..whats not to love? When I had the opportunity to go to a Disney On Ice performance here in my city and then write a review on it I was ecstatic. I was literally jumping up and down at the opportunity and I couldn't wait to take Little Mister to see it! 

Daedra, Little Miss, Baby C, Little Mister and I all went for the opening show and were completely thrilled to be there. It was all of our first times at our convention center and we were so impressed with how big it was and we were excited and bursting with anticipation for the show to start. We worked our way through the sea of people to find our seats in section 203, row E. 

When we found our seats I was breath taken by the view and I was so appreciative that US Family Blogger and Disney On Ice had provided us with such fantastic seats. We were far enough in the rows where we had the perfect view of the entire arena. 

The shows hosts were none other than Mickey and Minnie who also brought out Goofy and Donald Duck to help them! The opening act was a fun dance number by several talented ice skaters, then Pinocchio came out to give us all a good laugh before the princesses made their debut. 

The first princess performance was The Little Mermaid and Little Mister was instantly in a trance. We had just watched The Little Mermaid a few days prior to the show so the songs and characters were fresh in his mind.

The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite performances of the night and I loved that Disney On Ice really made a point of getting the whole story within each performance. The skater who was Ariel was extremely talented and even hung upside down from a rope! I was in awe of the whole performance and even recorded a few clips so that I could watch it over again!

The second feature of the night was based off of the movie Tangled which I had not personally seen so this performance didn't hold my interest as much as the others did but it was still great. They had a part where a group was letting lanterns go for the lost princess and I was thrilled that I got a clear photo of it, I thought it was a stunning sight!

At intermission we couldn't resist grabbing some popcorn, cotton candy, and a princess crown for Little Miss. The prices were a little outrageous but that is to be expected at performances like these and honestly, how often do you get to go to Disney On Ice? The kids happiness was well worth the cost.

The most anticipated performance of the night was based off of the movie Brave. The skater who they had portraying Merida was fantastic and really got into character. I felt like I was actually watching the movie and the whole cast did a great job. The scenery on this particular performance was beautiful as well!

My other favorite performance of the night was the Beauty and the Beast portion. Ever since I can remember my favorite princess was Belle so I hooted and hollered like a little kid when this performance came on. I loved the songs, the costumes, and the props that they used to make the story come to life, my only disappointment is that they didn't portray the ballroom scene where Belle is wearing her beautiful gold ball gown and Tale As Old As Time is being sung. Aside from that, the Beauty and the Beast performance was perfect!

The finale of the show was amazing and I loved that they brought all of the characters out so that you could see them one last time and the kids could wave goodbye. All of the princesses were in their finale outfits which I thought was fitting and the remaining cast came out to sing a goodbye song with fun giant glow sticks.

The show ended with a small firework type show and completely left you with a smile on your face, wishing that the show wasn't over!

We all loved everything about Disney On Ice Rockin' Ever After and I wish I could go every day that it is in town! The kids had so much fun and even our little boys were fully entertained and left smiling. Little Mister loved it so much he would even set down his snack to start clapping when each performance ended! 

The Disney On Ice Rockin' Ever After show is 2 hours from start to finish so if you are going to be visiting it with little ones I highly suggest that you bring snacks, sippys, and a blanket or cuddle animal of their choice because toward the end they may get sleepy!

If you'd like a sneak peek of what you can expect from Disney On Ice, check out my YouTube videos below! 

To Purchase Tickets: Check out Disney On Ice's website to learn more about the show and to see when a show is coming near you, then visit Ticketmaster to grab tickets for yourself and your family!

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions, what works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by US Family Bloggers/Disney On Ice however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the pictures! Looks like a blast. I'll definitely have to look into the local show tickets.


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