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She Said Yes! Top 10 Places to Register for Your Wedding

We're celebrating a special event in honor of two blogging soon to be brides, Larisha from We're Parents and Alex from Mommys Craft Obsession! Each day we will be debuting a special new giveaway or post so make sure you check back frequently! 

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We've been celebrating the engagement of two fabulous bloggers for the last few days and bringing you some amazing ideas for what to add (or gift) to your registry if you are planning your own wedding.  It was important for both Alex and I to find the perfect places for us to register at since a large number of our family members live out of town.  

But what really is the best place to register for your wedding? Target, Tiffany's, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Amazon....There's so many choices for where you can register so how do you know what is right for you? Want to know what we both agreed upon for #1?  Read on to find out!

#10- IDo Foundation partnered with! has an on-line portal which allows you to set up your registry and link many of the stores (and more) discussed in this post. Then, via the IDo Foundation, you can add a charity and any purchases made will give 3% of the purchase price to the charity you choose (over 100 options available).  All purchases must be made on-line for the donation to charity to go through. This is a great way to give back while celebrating your special day. 

#9-Williams-Sonoma! There are more than 250 stores, or you can access to their on-line site and they even offer private appointments with their associates. They accept returns for store credit that never expires and your registry is active for one year after your wedding. They keep your information indefinitely allowing you to reactivate your registry at any time in the future. You get a 10% completion discount for all gifts not purchased PLUS any other items you would like to add for six full months. 

#8- Crate & Barrel! If you are looking for a complete modern look in your home, this is the place. We love that they have Wedding Party Events where they show off the best merchandise and even have product demos so you make sure you are adding items you really want.  There's a 10% completion discount and bonus products when you register for certain things.  They have products as low as $2 so everyone's budget is happy!

#7- Pottery Barn!  While this is an eclectic type of home style for most, if the stores' items are what you are going for this is one awesome place to create your registry. Their stores feature registry workshops so you can get things available only in-stores. Their 10% completion discount is available for up to six months after your wedding date.  Also, if someone gifts you their gift cards, you can use them at Pottery barn sister stores, Williams-Sonoma and West Elm.

#6-Macy's! There are more 800 stores and you can update your registry anytime via
They have a thank-you card management system which saves you time. For two years after your wedding date your registry is active and you get 10% off remaining items for 90 days after the wedding.  Extra perks if you have a Macy's credit card which gives you 10% back in rewards dollars for everything you buy and 5% back for everything someone else buys!

#5- Kohl's!  There are over 1,000 stores and you can use too!  Store credit is offered for returns without receipts and your credit never expires. Registry is active for one full year after wedding date and you get 15% off for 90 days after event. For signing up, you will get complimentary announcement cards that give all your guests 15% off their purchase who spend $50 or more!

#4- Target! Best news is they have 1,700 stores as well as an awesome website at that allows you to update anytime. Gifts are returned for cash if you have the receipt or store credit if you don't. The registry only remains open for 90 days during which you also receive a 10% completion discount. You can add items using the Target app on your phone.

#3- is a universal registry website that allows you to add any item from any store onto one central location. You just have to add a toolbar to your internet and you can instantly add an item while you are searching any site.  If you have an iPhone or Android device you can download a scan app that allows you to scan and add items to your registry while you are out shopping, this includes local mom and pop shops or Etsy shops.

#2-! The leading on-line store in the world! Their registry offers bonus completion gifts from certain vendors, the ability to add items from any other website with the installation of google chrome, and free shipping on orders of $25 or more (restrictions apply).  They have pre- set-up guides of what top items to register are for each room in your home. They do not offer a completion discount, but you can leave your registry open indefinitely. 

#1 - Bed Bath & Beyond

We both registered at BB&B for so many reasons!
First, they have over 950 stores across the US as well as on-line registering to allow changes to be made at any time. Your registry remains open for two years after your wedding date and for 90 days after your wedding you get a 10% completion discount! They even have a perks program where you get extra incentives for registering certain items and even more if someone actually purchases it! Because they have so many fantastic items, there's something in everyone's price range. We love that they offer the convenience of on-line purchases with so many stores across the country.  It truly is the best place to register!

Do you agree?  Where did you register?

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