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She Said Yes! Keurig Review & Giveaway

We're celebrating a special event in honor of two blogging soon to be brides, Alex from Mommys Craft Obsession and I are engaged! Each day we will be debuting a special new giveaway or post so make sure you check back frequently! 

About the Company: Keurig is brewing excellence, one cup at a time.  Started in 1998 they strive for excellence and you will see it in all their work.  Their patented single cup brewing technology and gourmet brands of beverages all show their promise to excellence. Keurig is the leading single cup brewing system in North America and they believe coffee should always be served fresh just as if you were in a gourmet coffee house no matter where you are. In less than one minute, with their innovative brewing system, you can have the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. No grinding, no measuring, no filters--it's as simple as it gets. 

Coffee Machines are a go to items on many people's registry, however, for us we wanted something more than just a simple coffee maker.  We actually aren't coffee drinkers ourselves, but both of our families are and we knew we would be inviting people over.  With the Keurig Vue500, we have the option to make tea and hot chocolate for ourselves, that we do enjoy, but also make a wide range of individual coffee selections for our guests without having to worry about throwing away a whole pot of coffee if only one cup gets drank.

I was beyond excited when our Keurig Vue500 came in the mail. It really is the best coffee maker I've seen because it's so much more than just a coffee maker! This has be on my list for a long time and I was hoping to be gifted one for our housewarming or bridal shower.  The Vue500 is one of Keurig's newest systems that allows you to "Brew stronger, bigger, and hotter." Set up was extremely easy from taking it out of the packaging to getting it ready to go took less than 10 minutes.  Everything is clearly outlined and detailed in the three included manuals.  The entire time I have used the machine, I haven't had a question that I couldn't answer by looking in one of the manuals. 

The water reservoir on the left hand side of the Vue500 machine holds 60 ounces of water and is completely removable.  The max fill line lets you knows exactly how much water you can put in so there is no guessing and no overfilling.  I loved being able to remove it rather than having to find anything container and bringing it over. 

We got our brand new Vue cups at our local Target store.  They were clearly labeled different from the K-cup packages that you are used to seeing so there is no confusion in which ones you should be picking up. There is a distinct difference between these and the K-cups.  It was incredible easy to figure out how to insert the Vue cup into the machine and then lower the lever to get ready for our delicious beverage. 

As you can see below, once you lower the lid, the Vue500 machine makes two holes into the Vue Cup for it to begin working it's magic. 

The power button and BREW buttons are easy to touch, with no sticking issues.  The BREW button lights up when it's ready to be used.  The fully programmable black and white touchscreen is absolutely amazing.  I've only used an older model Keurig once in Andrew's office and it was nothing like the awesomeness that that Keurig Vue500 touchscreen provides. 

With the Vue500 touchscreen you have so many amazing options. You can brew hot or over ice including coffee, tea, hot cocoa, ice beverages, speciality beverages, and cafe beverages to truly makes Keurig's best cup yours. You have the option to brew different sizes, different beverages, different strengths, and different temperatures. 

Once we figured out the options that we wanted for the perfect cup, it was time to put the machine to the test! It was amazing! 

We have done both regular coffee and iced coffee and both were ready in under a minute.  The first time we tried it, it stopped and Andrew and I were both like no way it was done that fast, but sure enough after reading our manual again, it really was!  How's that for fast service! 

Even clean up is a complete breeze.  The drip cup is completely removable in three separate parts and was extremely easy to put back together as well.  

We are absolutely in love with our Keurig Vue500.  We love having the option to brew what we love, but still have the options to have what our family loves when they are over.  This should definitely be on your Top 5 wish list for your wedding registry! We can't wait to try out more varieties. Even the baby wanted some (not yet, little mama!). 

Features Recap (Courtesy of Keurig): 
  • Fully programmable black and white Touchscreen
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Strength & Temperature control
  • Seven brew sizes – from 4oz. up to a full size 16oz. travel mug
  • Energy Savings Mode – Auto On/Off
  • Enjoy beverages hot or over ice
  • Brews frothy café beverages
  • Removable 60oz. water reservoir with easy fill
  • Removable drip tray with adjustable plate

BUY IT:  To see where Keurig Vue, K-cup, or Rivo Systems are sold near you, visit the Keurig website HERE. The Vue500 retails for $169.99 includes free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.  You can also purchase via Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Want to win your own? Enter to win a Keurig mini in your choice of color below! Keurig is a must have on the for the wedding registry!

The Giveaway will close late on the evening of October 12th. The winner will be chosen at random through Giveaway Tools. The winner will be announced both on Giveaway Tools form as well as notified by email and announced on We're Parents!?’s Facebook. The winner will have their prize sent to them by Keurig. We're Parents!? is not responsible for prize shipment. Must be 18 years and older. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google are in no way affiliated with this giveaway. No Purchase Necessary. US Only.

*Mommys Craft Obsession was not compensated for the promotion of this review and giveaway. This review was written by Larisha of We're Parents.

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  1. Café Escapes®
    Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa would be my beverage of choice

  2. First, I love your blog and the many amazing giveaways you put out! Thanks!!! Second, I had to leave a comment about Keurig because it is the best thing ever! It is the best coffee from home by far, and at first I was skeptical about the Keurig, thinking it was over priced (I purchased mine when they originally came out).... but it is so worth every dime! Another great giveaway!

  3. My favorite is the Sumatra Reserve Extra Bold Coffee. It puts hair on your chest! (That's ok though, I get it waxed) : )

  4. Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll Flavored Coffee K-Cups :)

  5. Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll Flavored Coffee K-Cups

  6. Green Mountain Nantucket Blend is my choice. dwelchert at yahoo dot com

  7. My favorite would be Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee. I drink iced coffee year round

  8. Cafe escapes Cafe Vanilla YUMMM

  9. Breakfast in Bed coffee sounds great!

  10. I definitely have to go with the hot chocolate.

  11. Mine would be the Strawberry Pomegranate since I dont drink coffee but my husbands would be any of the coffees.

  12. I love the Sumatra Reserve Extra Bold Coffee

  13. I love iced coffees so I would pick the French Vanilla Iced Coffee.

  14. The Timothy's German Chocolate Cake Coffee sounds so good.

  15. I would love the Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend, but I would love to try the snapple iced beverages, too!

  16. More than The Best Coffee Maker Review, Keurig is one of the manufacturers that produce single-cup coffee makers--a ideal choice for those who stay individually. They are also commonly known for their unit's quick-brew functions.


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