Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby's Got Gear: LinaJake Diaper Bags Review & Giveaway

Thanks so much for joining us for another fabulous day of Baby's Got Gear!! Being a mommy isn't always "Fab" , I mean face it we've all had days where we leave the house with snot or spit-up on our shirt. Or, we forget to brush the kids hair, or our own for that matter.....and many of us have even wondered out of our homes with one brown shoe on while the other is black....oh, the horrors that an overtired momma faces. In spite of all of these travesties there is one way to be sure, that you make everyone think that your a mom who has it ALL together!!

LinaJake is a high-end diaper bag that is functional & fashionable for trendy mom's everywhere!! The LinaJake bag is so stylish with its snakeskin print, that is available in 3 hot colors!! You can choose from green, orange or purple. Not only is the Lina bag, an amazing looking bag, it is incredibly useful. The roomy interior offers plenty of room for everything that mommy & baby will need for a day out on the town....are you a momma of more than one? No problem, the Lina bag is big enough for your needs without being bulky. The protective coating also makes it waterproof so it is easy to clean.

I was sent the green Lina bag & I couldn't wait to try it out!! I really consider myself a girlie girl, but I do not LOVE pink or purple, like I LOVE the color green!! It is my absolute favorite color , so I was super excited to have a beautiful, stylish green bag to carry with me. When my bag arrived I immediately began inspecting it. "Get out!" were my exact words when I saw how many pockets this baby has!! Just look at this interior. 

This bag , really offers it all! There are several elastic pouches which make it easy for me to keep things organized. Instead of throwing pacis, snacks & my lipgloss all in one pocket, I can keep them separate; which saves me so much time when I am in need of one of those items quickly. The Lina bag also, offers so much space! I am no longer cramming things for all 3 kids and myself into one bag, or giving up and carrying two different bags for all of the items we need.

Another great thing about the Lina bag, is the fact that I can actually carry a sippy cup for all 3 kids & a bottle of water for myself without just throwing one loose into a bag, risking leaky water everywhere! The two exterior pockets are a great size for two drinks and the elastic bands in the interior work great for the others. If there was one thing I would change about the Lina bag it would be how dark of a green it is. I was anticipating it to be a lighter green than it actually is, but over the couple of weeks I have had the bag it's grown on me & I do think it will be great for the upcoming fall & winter months. 

The LinaJake also offers you the opportunity to carry it by it's two beautiful leather handles, or use the detachable strap that comes along with it. I find different ways of carrying a bag, are easier/more appropriate for certain occasions. Ex. going shopping with my kids I love the long detachable handle so I can carry a little one, and easily carry the bag over my shoulder or on the stroller ; but if we are just going out to eat , church or a family gathering I prefer the leather handles.

The Lina bag sells for $89.99 and one of you will win one in the color of your choosing! For your chance to win, please fill out the entry form below. This giveaway will remain open until Wed. 9/25, Good Luck

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  1. All the different compartments! I hate throwing all my stuff and my two kids stuff in the same compartment and having to dig through it all to find it!

  2. I love the pockets for a sippy cup or water bottle is perfect for me!

  3. The fact that there are two different ways to carry - the long strap or the short ones - is really cool. Plus it's so roomy inside, perfect for carting along everything!

  4. The elastic band to hold sippie cups (or bottles) sounds like the more genius thing ever!!

  5. I love all the organization pockets and pouches. So awesome!

    Maggie True Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  6. The elastic bands to hold assorted bottles and sippys!

  7. I love the elastic pockets and the extra spaces for drinks. It seems like this bag would be easier to organize for multiple kids.

  8. I like all the pockets for easy organization

  9. The amount of Pockets on it will be a huge help in keeping everything in order and seperated.

  10. Many compartments to separate things and room for it all. That is very hard to find...

  11. I like that it's spacious without just being one big giant bag. The compartments are great for organizing items.


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