Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby's Got Gear: Cooshee Hybak Review & Giveaway by Open Hands

It's day 2 of "Baby's Got Gear" and I am so excited to bring you an item that we just love!!

Every parent knows that it is such an exciting time when the little one's are old enough to start eating on their own. The fun ends really quickly though, when those sweet little one's start getting too restless to stay in their seats at the table. We noticed this problem a lot sooner with baby #2 than we did with #1. I think our Lil Stinker so badly wants to be like his big brother, once he notices Buddy doing something he wants to follow suit.  Since Buddy is three years older than Lil Stinker, he obviously doesn't need a booster seat, but not only is Lil Stinker younger, he is so much shorter! He desperately needs a booster at the dinner table , but he just isn't having it!

We have tried several different styles of booster for Lil Stinker, he has never been happy in any & honestly I have always been happy to pack them up. With your typical booster seat there are a ridiculous amount of straps to keep the seat to the chair & your child to the seat. Don't even get me started on just how dirty they get!! Food easily falls between the cracks and gets under the seat and onto the chair...and of course on those straps. The booster seat really just becomes a nuisance.

Over the past 6 months or so Lil Stinker has been sitting in a big boy chair on his knees...not really my ideal dinner arrangement, but it keeps him happy & its less of a mess to clean up. Recently I was introduced to a new product that I hoped would solve this dilemma. Baby Smart USA makes a toddler - to - big kid booster seat called Cooshee! 

The Cooshee seat offers a number of smart technology features. 

1. Original Hybak Design:The Cooshee offers a 8.25'' high Coshee hybak which props your little one forward for more focus & concentration, yet it provides comfy support when your little one wants to lean back.

2. Kid Friendly Supportive Sides: The seat also offers 3'' high armrests on each side to help your little one feel safe in their seat. 

3. Tip Resistant Technology: A KidSmart Feature, an exclusive tip resist flared base that will not tip in any direction with the weight of the child. 

4. Dot Pod Quilting: A trademarked fun & functional dot pod pattern provides a quilted seat that's inviting and skid resistant to prevent sliding out. Each pod is made with a molded and beveled edge to make clean up easy and bottoms comfy! 

5. Leg Positioner: Exclusive to Cooshee, the contoured leg positioners provide proper posture by keeping legs a fist width apart, the dimension recommended by pediatricians.

I will admit, I was excited filled with skepticism while we waited for our Cooshee to arrive. I mean, we'd tried so many boosters, three to be exact and our big guy didn't want to stay in any of them! What would make this one different? It was worth a try though & if by chance he loved it, I was excited to have a seat that would be easy to lift up and clean off, without the fuss. 

 I chose the Cooshee in onyx, while I love all of the fun colors they have to offer, there is part of me that just wants my home to look a little more clean and sleek ;-) The seat arrived really quickly and I couldn't wait to try it out with our Lil Stinker. First, I love the little carry bag that this seat comes in. The Cooshee itself is a great size and would be easy to take on the go, and the bag with handle makes it even easier. 

The first test for our Cooshee came at breakfast time, I had set the seat up the night before by easily just sitting it on top of the dining room chair that Lil Stinker typically sits at. When he came out for breakfast the next morning he eagerly climbed up into his new seat. He ate his meal very happily in this seat and when he was done he was able to climb down easily without the seat flipping up behind him. A happy little one at meal time, followed by an easy dismount & exceptionally fast clean up is a fabulous thing! The Cooshee , truly is like no other booster seat & it is a fabulous product! In fact it is so great, that Buddy, who is 5 wants one of his own..I actually thought he would be way too tall for it, but he fits! I am excited to have this product in our home for years to come, because of Cooshee's five year warranty I am guaranteed to have this great product for at least that long. 

You can purchase a Cooshee for your home for just 49.95. The booster is recommended for children ages 2.5 and up, I would say this is just about right, Lil Stinker is 2.5 exactly, and it's perfect for him. I do think it could be used from possibly 18 months and up depending on the child.  I have actually let Sweet Pea use this a few times, instead of unfolding her highchair and it works great for her too!! She just turned 1, while this is not the recommended age for Cooshee, it worked great! I was sure to stay right with her, & wouldn't walk away like I would with one of my older children...but this seat is truly fabulous!

You can purchase your own Cooshee Hybak in 5 great colors for just $49.95 and one of you will win one of your own, in your choice of color. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, this giveaway will end on Tuesday Sept 17th. Good Luck!

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  1. Cooshie will soon be launching the SMART Cooshie and also other products from the SMART line. You can sign up on their website to be notified!

  2. Cooshie will be launching the SMART Cooshie and also other products from the SMART line. You can sign up on their site to be notified!


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