Monday, August 12, 2013

MCO Needs YOUR help!

Hey everyone! Mommys Craft Obsession is working on an interactive blog post about YOUR kids! We need you to answer TWO questions for us! Please take a second to do so, we promise once the full blog post goes live, you'll be glad you took a second to comment!

1) What is the funniest thing you have ever heard your child (or a relatives child) say?
2) What is the most heartfelt thing you have ever heard your child (or a relatives child) say?

Please comment below!

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  1. The funniest was when my niece (about 3 at the time) was having a temper tantrum. My son (about 2) started in with her and she turned to him and said, "Not now, Alex, it's my turn, so stop it!" And he did!

    The most heartfelt is every time my daughter snuggles up to me and says, "I'm so glad you're my mom."

  2. The funniest was when my grandson (3 years old) and I was getting out of my car and a man who was smoking told him hello you sure are a cute little boy. My grandson who is a special needs child told him "smoking is bad for you, it will make you die", LOL!

    The most heartfelt thing was when my granddaughter (8 years old) and I were talking after my sister and mother passed within 30 days of each other. She looked at me and said "Maw Maw I am going to be sad when you go to heaven", I told her to never be sad because I would always be with her, in her heart and she would come meet me there one day too.

  3. 1 - Just recently, my 2 yr.old son looked at my baby bump, then pointed at his belly and said that baby sister was in there. I kneeled down to him and explained that baby sister wasn't in his belly, showed him how his belly was flat, and that she was in mommy's tummy instead, which is big and swollen. He then turns around, affirms so positively and sure of himself that "Baby sister is in daddy's tummy too. Daddy bigger tummy". LOL so there went my best way to explain to a two year old that baby wasn't growing in anyone's tummy but mommy's.

    2 - Most heartfelt was my little sister (9 y.o) crying at the airport because she was going to miss my son (her nephew). My mom told her not to be sad, next time we came to visit she would get to play again with not only one nephew but a niece also, she says " But mama, then when they go home it will be sad in double." :( Touched my heart really hard.

  4. One of the funniest things my daughter has said, my husband was being goofy and said something to her and she looked at him and said, daddy your ridiculous.

    The most heartfelt I would have to say is whenever either one of my kids comes up to me hugs me and says thanks for being the best mom ever.

  5. I thought it was funny, but my boyfriend didn't....Just the other day my 21 month old was saying goodnight to daddy. He was laying in bed already to go to sleep and the blanket was just below his chest. She pointed to his nipple and signed and said "Milk?!" Hehehe
    Most heartfelt thing, I guess would be that she says "Thank you!" whenever you give her something she asks for or wants. She doesn't say a whole lot of "real" words, so it totally makes me melt that she's so polite! :)

  6. The funniest thing was a friends child who could say the "tr" sound but loved fire trucks. We were in a store and he saw a fire truck he wanted, and started yelling about it....well....replace the "tr" sound with "f" and you can imagine what it sounded like.
    Most heartfelt thing was my niece after I moved from Maine to Florida. She was 5 and didn't understand why I would move, and she asked me why I didn't want to be near her anymore, because I was her favorite aunt.

  7. when my seven year old saw the babies ultrasound he we decided hes gonna look like daddy and he was really excited because he has never seen a baby with a beard... in more recent news Daddy caught him playing peek-a-boo with himself and when asked what he was up too he said "practicing so that I can play with my brother"

  8. One of the funniest things my kids have said came from my then-4-year-old (2nd born). She said, "Mom, I know I'm funny. It's because I have so many crazy things in my head." She said it so matter-of-factly.

    The thing that melts my heart the most is when my girls give me big 'squishy' tight hugs & when they say 'I love you, Mom."

  9. My son is so young and doesn't really talk yet. But he went through a stage where he would say "giggle, giggle, giggle" over and over. I was the best!!
    Most heartfelt thing....when he is mumbling some sometimes it sounds like "My mom" or "I want mom"

  10. my daughter is 3 years old, and im pregnant with baby number 5 (shes number 3) so shes finally understanding there is a baby in my belly, well the other day she asked "Are we gonna go to doctors?, take baby out? see it?" probably one of the cutest things ever said by her ! <3 its cliche, its simple, but the most heartfelt thing i hear is daily, and its i love you right before they fall asleep.

  11. When my 3.5 year old wants a snack, she will eventually say, "I want something big and round." Which usually means, she wants a cookie. So this time when she said that she wanted something big and round I asked, "You want to eat your butt?" She quickly said, "NO, I want something big and round without a crack.'

    When my daughter (3.5) heard that her aunt flew an airplane all by herself, she said, "I'm sooo proud of her!"

  12. The funniest thing I've heard my two year old )21 months at the time) say is the day she first met her sister, and she called her "Noise." She called her that for quite a while.

    The most heartfelt thing I've heard her say is the moment she first met her little sister and got to hold her, and she had this sweet look on her face, said, "Ohhh baby," and put her face to her sister's. Melted my heart!

  13. my sister was drinking pop and my nephew Landen said hey what you got in there she said non yo business he said oohhhh well can I have a drink of that non yo business hahaa then he took a drink and said mama that's just pop LOL it was so cute :)

    and kids even when they are ornery can say the sweetest things to u like when they come up and snuggle with you and say I love you mama you're my best friend too cute

  14. The funniest was my ex's little brother at 4 got mad at me when I was telling him to stop being mean to his mom and I told him to stop and he looked at me and said I'm the sheriff, you gotta listen to me lol.

    And the most heartfelt is when my little brother used to tell me he loved me and I was his favewit lol

  15. Funniest thing is my friends 3 year old...his brother was getting his diaper changed and and he asked his mom if it was a poop. When she said yes, he said oh that's my favorite! haha when my 8 month old said Mama when she was upset.


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