Friday, August 16, 2013

Livin The Green Life: Eco Bags Review by Open Hands

 If you are one who finds yourself "Livin' The Green Life" , you are probably very familiar with reusable grocery bags.  You can find them in most stores and on various websites. Some stores have even started giving "rewards" when you bring your own bags with you. It's so great to see so many companies striving to help keep the planet clean. 

Eco-Bags is a company that I was introduced to a few months ago when I received one of their string bags. I immediately fell in love with this item. I carried it with me to the farmers market and the size was great enough to carry most of my goodies, and so light in weight. The handles are also, just the perfect length! So I was thrilled when they agreed to send me the Market Collection

EcoBags began in 1989 with their string bag, and soon created a full line of reusable bags. People around the world are realizing that when you "throw away" a single use bag, there is no "away" and if you want to live in a clean environment you have to participate in keeping it clean.  Everyone wants to participate in "cleaning up the planet one bag at a time" and EcoBags is here to make it possible.

In the Market Collection you find great products like the string bag and a variety of produce bags. I am loving each of these bags. They have made my outings great! When I go to the grocery store or the farmer's market I typically just throw all produce loose in my cart or in my bag, because I don't want to use those little plastic bags for one pepper, etc. So I love that I can use these without any waste, and I get so many compliments on them. They really are such a great product, after my shopping is done I keep my produce in them and then just wash them with my laundry when done.

The EcoBags products are so easy to use & very cost effective, especially if you shop some where with the great incentives I mentioned above. You can purchase any of these great products directly from the EcoBags website & do your part in keeping the planet clean.

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  1. I need to get some of these awesome Green Life eco bags to take with me to put my produce in. I would not have to use those plastic bags, and these eco bags look so pretty and stylish. Glad to have found out about these!

  2. Cindy B (on gt/rc/fb) ~ I really like the look of the produce bags... I'm sometimes leery of using the boxy type reusable bags and these make it easy to see without using the plastic ones you get at the store. Thanks for the review

  3. I love those! I shop at a grocery store that doesn't bag, you bring your own, and I'm always forgetting. I need to keep a stash of these in my car for quick trips!


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