Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crafter's Crate Review and Giveaway

*I received a complimentary crate for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions* 

Photo Credit: Crafters Crate

Crafter's Crate is a company that puts amazing little crafts in one box for girls ages 5-10 years old.  Each month they have a new theme, we got the spa themed crate to review, and my daughter had a blast with it.  The Crafter's Crate is $19.99 + $4 shipping/month for a monthly subscription, $59+free shipping for three months and $110+free shipping for six months.  You can use promo code craftob10 to get $10.00 off your subscription.

I am always trying to find fun new things to keep Little Miss busy.  When Crafters Crate asked me to review their spa themed crate I was super excited to do so, and I knew Little Miss would love it since she loves to be pampered.

When the box arrived it had an adorable little elephant on the front of the box, which made it look very appealing to my daughter.  She just knew it was something for her, she couldn't wait to open it up and see what was inside. The inside was wrapped beautifully with a pink ribbon and tissue paper.

All the crafts were individually wrapped in plastic with an instruction card for each one.  That made it easy for her to see what she needed to do and she didn't have to try and sort through the supplies to try and figure out what went with what.  The instructions had great pictures on them, which was great for her since she cant read yet.  The instructions were easy for her to follow with very little help.  The crafts included in the spa crate were, Beauty Sleeping Mask, Rockin' Bath Salts, Face Mask, Erasable Door Hanger, and Lipbalm by Me.  They also include great tips on things to talk about while doing the crafts, this one talked about how important it is to take care of your skin and to relax.  I really liked that they put the talking points out there because a lot of times we forget to talk about this kind of stuff with are little ones.

She wanted to do the beauty sleeping mask first, so that's what we did.  I had to help her a bit with this one because she had never sewn before and it was a little tough for her to pull the string through.  she would poke the holes I would pull it through the material then she would pull it the rest of the way.  She loves wearing the mask. 

I think the erasable door hanger was her favorite one!  She was able to follow the instructions and do most of this on her own. Even though painting was involved it really didn't get to messy. 

The bath salts were a lot of fun for her she was able to do this craft completely on her own.  She loved watching the salts turn from white to blue.  She feels so special getting to use these in the bath.

My daughter loves to play dress-up and put on make-up while playing around the house.  She never leaves the house without her purse, sunglasses, and lipgloss, so I knew she would love making her own lipbalm.  I had to help her some on this one because it had to be melted in the microwave and poored into the little tube, but she had fun mixing the ingredients and couldn't wait for it to cool so she could try it out!

I think this is a great way to do crafts with your daughter. Every month you get 5 new crafts to try out which teaches them great new things.  You couldn't go to the store and pick-up all the stuff for these crafts for less then $20.00.  I would recommend this for anyone with young daughters.

To Purchase: Visit Crafter's Crate to sign up for your monthly subscription.  Don't forget to use promo code craftob10 to get $10.00 off your subscription.

To Win: Crafter's Crate and Mommys Craft Obsession want to give one lucky winner a Crafter's Crate box.  Enter the Giveaway Tools form below for your chance to win!

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions, what works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Crafter's Crate however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.


  1. We love doing all sorts of crafts!
    Also, your instagram link isn't working!

    1. I will check it out thanks for letting me know.

    2. It has been corrected! Sorry about that.

  2. I love doing crafts and its a good way to spend time together.

  3. I enjoy simple crafts crocheting, painting, teaching granddaughters simple jewelry making, etc.

  4. Love doing all types of crafts!!!


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