Friday, August 2, 2013

Chicken Taco Salad

I don't know about you but I absolutely love Mexican food! It's pretty much the only food I really crave. Since moving from the town I grew up in, the Mexican food just isn't the same as what I'm used to, and I have started making my own versions at home! I have to say they have been pretty delicious.  Alex invites me and my family over for dinner quite a bit and I have never been disappointed with her cooking. She always gives me new great ideas for me to try out at home. One night she had us over for a chicken taco salad it was amazing!!  I just couldn't get enough, so a few days later I found myself at the store picking up stuff to make it.  Mine wasn't exactly like hers but very similar.  I made this again the other night and thought I would share it with you.

What You Need for the Chicken

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 can cheddar cheese soup
1 can rotel diced tomatoes and chilies
garlic salt

Toppings for the Salad

1 can of black beans
1 can of corn (frozen is fine too)
shredded cheese
tortilla chips
hot sauce

How To Make

Place chicken breasts in the crockpot.  Garlic salt and pepper the chicken to taste.  Mix the Rotel and the soup together and pour over the chicken. Cook on high for 4 to 5 hours or on low for 6 to 8 hours. 

When the chicken is about ready mix the corn and black beans in a pan and cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes or until hot.

Once chicken is done cooking take it out of the crockpot and shred.  I shredded mine in my Kitchen-Aid it's so fast and easy.

Then put the chicken in your bowl and top with the corn and bean mixture, add your toppings,  and ENJOY!!

Wondering what to do with any you may have left over?  Here is something I like to do with my leftovers.  Lay out a flour tortilla and add some of the chicken, bean and corn mixture, and top with cheese on one half of the tortilla.

Then fold in half and cook to a golden crisp in a non stick skillet.  This is so quick, easy and my kids love it!

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  1. Looks really good will have to try.


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