Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Dirty Diaper Dance

Have you ever been pooped at? I have. In her first few weeks of life, my daughter Sophia projectile pooped at me. It was both the funniest and the nastiest thing I had experienced in a while. Of course, it was much more amusing when it happened to my husband! It was a great lesson both in changing a diaper fast and in ensuring your little is completely finished before you try and change them! At least she spread out the love and got both of us each once.

I know itís not popular for a mom to say they donít want to spend 24/7 with their child especially if that mom is a stay-at-home mom like I am. However, there are times when it is not enjoyable to be around your sweet child. Like when that beautiful baby makes something not so beautiful in their diaper. Yuck. Neither my husband nor I are ever very excited when that happens. So, we do the ëdirty diaper dance.

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The dance goes like this: One of us has the baby and she makes a mess. That parent then brings her to the other parent, saying something along the lines of, Can you hold her for a minute? I have to go do XYZ really quick. After that parent has her for a minute or two, the smell tends to waft up. The first parent has effectively passed on the diaper duty to the second parent. Itís like doing the Hokey Pokey, but when you ëturn yourself around,í you run away.

There are some guidelines to the dirty diaper dance that are important to follow. Donít pass off your baby who has just exploded when there is poop escaping the diaper.  Just donít do it. It's not cool, and your significant other won't find it funny. Work as a team to get it taken care of and things will go better for everyone involved. 

Donít do the dirty diaper dance all the time. If you do, it will get old real quick, and then you both will just be annoyed at each other. If you do the dance all the time, then itís not a fun surprise for the other one, theyíll be expecting it each time you hand them the baby.

Recognize what each of you contributes to this baby raising thing, and be willing to laugh at each other and yourself.  Because remember, poop washes off, even if it is gross and you have to take a shower because you were just pooped or peed on (Yep, my oldest, a boy, did that one too).

Being pooped at changes you. It makes you skittish, jumpy and very afraid of a repeat. And so the dirty diaper dance continues. 

Do you do the dirty diaper dance?

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  1. LOL No we don't do the "diaper dance". I'm the main diaper changer since I stay at home all day with our little one and even when my husband is home, he swears that he didn't smell him. He also "needs help" when it comes to a poopy diaper which means IF I actually "help" I end up changing it all by myself with him "supervising" lol

    The only time I have gotten pooped on is when I was sitting on our couch (our son was about 4 or 5 months I THINK (first year is always a blur lol), our son squeezed and it just oozed out of his diaper onto my leg and on the was quite gross. I had to yell to wake up my husband so that he could take our son to clean up while I cleaned up myself and the couch cushion. Other than that we have been pretty lucky with poop incidents. lol

  2. "Didn't smell it" Pfffttt. Your husband is doing the dance, even if you're not! ;)

  3. Funny! I do believe that being pooped at changes you. Gladly it never happened to me (yet)... lol

  4. "I know itís not popular for a mom to say they donít want to spend 24/7 with their child especially if that mom is a stay-at-home mom like I am."

    We just became best friends. If you say things like this, you will love my blog in which I admit things that are not PTA mom approved. Check it out! I love your honesty!


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