Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hey guys, MCO here. Below is a post from our guest blogger Rebecca that I felt was very important to share. On my blog, I share a lot about baby gear and being the parent to a very busy toddler, but as you may know, Baby A is my only child and I have not experienced life raising a bigger kid. I have yet to experience my baby loosing his first tooth, coloring his first real picture, or the heart wrenching feeling of watching your little enter a classroom for the first time. Below is a story from Rebecca about sending her son off to Kindergarten, and although I'm not at that stage in my journey through parenthood, this story still wrenched at my heartstrings as I thought about Baby A growing up. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

As I write this, my son M., is about 8 weeks shy of completing Kindergarten. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I also can tell you that every day that he gets on that school bus it feels like the first day all over again. There is something about putting your child in the care of someone else that makes my Mommy instincts kick in gear. Every time the bus pulls away I want to run after it, jump on and grab M. and take him home with me. Crazy, right? You would think I would be used to this by now. But, I am not.

As a parent you just want to keep your child safe from everything! Safe from being hurt, being picked on or teased. You can only hope that your child is being appropriate and kind to others. I try and instill this in my boys every day. But in this world, you also want them to be wary and watch for danger. It is super tough these days to be a kid. (and a parent!) You do not want your child growing up afraid but you need to teach them how to be safe as well.

M. and I have both done a lot of growing since last September.  School has molded him into a better behaved child who understands about following rules and being polite and respectful.  Him being in school has allowed me to let go of him a little more.  That is so hard to do.  Especially because he is only 5 years old.  In terms of a lifetime, that is SO young. He does quite well without me for those 8 hours that he is gone during the day.   He really loves school.  He loves learning and reading.  He loves interacting with children his age.  He is making friends and he loves his teachers.  Knowing that makes letting him get on that bus every day a bit easier.  Also knowing that he is so happy to see me at the bus stop every day.  He will tell me that he missed me during the day.  I do want him to enjoy school and all it has to offer.  He has such a great future in front of him.  All I can do is let him go so he can grab opportunities.  But, I know that he is always my little boy.  He still wants me to tuck him in every night.  And I still check on him before I go to bed.  I probably will until he moves out.  That is just how it is.

First Day of Kindergarten

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  1. It doesn't ever seem to get any easier either! You just have to learn to let go little by little and cherish every single one of these moments!!

    1. Well put!!^^. But it sure is tough to let go sometimes!

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  3. This is the hardest part in parenting according to my experience.

  4. I am dreading the first day our son goes to school...and he isnt even 2 yet!! :(

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