Friday, May 3, 2013

DIY iPhone Case {For Cheap!}

These days, technology is thrown in your face no matter what direction you look in. Cell phones have become a staple in just about every single persons life, and it seems like kids nowadays receive cell phones, long before they should receive them (in my opinion that is). Cell phones can be costly and naturally we will want to add protection by putting a super cute case on them! If you're anything like me, you'll end up buying a bunch of cases because you like to change them frequently, but honestly, at $15+ per case, you could be spending a bunch of money when you could be making your own! 

Make your own phone case?! What on Earth am I talking about??? Well read on my friends, I'm about to make your day with a project that will not only save you a ton of money, but is quick and easy too!

DIY iPhone Case

What You Need:

Scrapbook Paper (as many as designs/prints as you would like to make!)
Clear iPhone Case (in the appropriate size for your phone)

Note: I purchased my clear iPhone case on Amazon for under $2!

What You Need To Do:

Start by deciding which scrapbook paper you're going to use and how many phone "skins" you're going to make. Start by flipping your scrapbook paper over and tracing the shape of your iPhone to the back of it. I used a sturdy case that I had handy so that it was more accurate to the size of the phone case since a case is slightly larger than your phone. Repeat the tracing process on as many pieces of scrapbook paper as you would like.

 You'll then need to place your phone over your outline to verify that the shape is accurate (you could skip this, but better safe than sorry). Next, cut your out the iPhone outline of your scrapbook paper. Once it is cut out, you will then want to line it up with your phone and determine where the camera lens  and flash are on your iPhone, then lightly make markings on the front of the paper so that you know where to cut. Now here's where it got tricky for me. If you have a box cutter you won't have any trouble with this, but you need to cut an oval shape in the area that the camera lens and flash need to show through. I used scissors so my ovals are a little.....unique.

Once you've finished cutting out your "skins" place the one that you would like to use into your clear iPhone case and snap the case onto your phone! It's literally that simple and within minutes I was able to create six new cases for my phone! 

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  1. I love this! I might even try it with a photo :)

  2. This is a seriously good idea! I always get a black case or have a black phone and our furniture surfaces are dark cherry, close to black so I'm constantly looking for my phone! I don't get colored cases since I know I'll get sick of it after a few months so switching it up with scrapbook paper is genius! Thanks Alex! :)

  3. Echt cool. Tolle Idee von dir.


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