Friday, April 5, 2013

The Inside Story: Pt 2

Today we're going to continue on the life of MCO! If you missed yesterday's post (aka the beginning) use this link to check it out before continuing on this post. 

So when I wrapped up yesterday, I concluded with the fact that I am a momma's girl. Today I'd like to open up my story with my little momma's boy, Baby A.

As you learned yesterday, Baby A was born in September of 2011 and in May 2012 we made our big move to Arizona. He was just 8 months old when he endured an 18 hour car ride like a champ, I was so proud of that little booger. Thankfully the summer months weren't to hard on us, we had a kiddy pool in the back yard and an AC in the house, still though, 108*, no thanks. To say that I'm not really looking forward to this summer is an understatement! From early June to late September we had no visitors, but we were looking forward to seeing both sets of grandparents for Baby A's Mickey Mouse themed first birthday! The first year of Baby A's life went by in a flash, I still have moments where it just flabbergasts me that I have 18 month old. Seriously, where did the time go? My little guy is a complete goofball, always doing things to purposely make me laugh, then accompanying my laugh with his little cheeseball giggle. My mom and I joke daily that Baby A is OCD, I've never seen a baby be so organized. One day after unloading the groceries I accidentally left the panty door open and had my back turned while I was making something (of course now I have no idea what I was making). When I turned back around Baby A had cans stacked on top of each other to the point where it was as tall as he was. I was stunned! He is constantly picking up after himself, putting things back where they belong (such as the remotes or shoes), and if a toy is upside down, he has to flip it over otherwise I can tell that it bothers him. He cracks me up! I blame my grandma and my mom for his sense of organization! Being a mother to Baby A is the best gift that I have ever been given. My time with him is indescribable and he just adds such a light into my life that I never knew existed. Isn't parenting the best?!

As you already know, MCO started in May shortly before we moved. I never anticipated it being anything more than a blog where I could express myself and let my family and friends keep up on our lives. Through blogging I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing women and bloggers (shout out to the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network!) and have had the chance to test out amazing products that I never would have thought to of given the chance. Mostly, I am grateful for my blog because it has shown my that I truly have a passion for writing and that I am good at it (not to toot my own horn.....toot toot). For all of you fans who are reading this, I am extremely grateful to have you as a reader..seriously, without you reading what I write, there would be no MCO. I don't like to think of myself as a quitter, but I am one of those people who are easily discouraged so honestly without you, the blog probably would have been toast before the holidays. So thank you.

So whats going on in my life now? Well, Mr. Hunky and I had wedding plans for September 15th of this year, but it seemed like the world was against us so we decided to postpone for another year. When I say that the world was against us, I don't wholeheartedly mean that. Basically Mr. Hunky had the threat of a pay cut at work looming over us, and we weren't completely satisfied with our wedding date either. We want to get married in the month of September because that is a significant month for us (when we decided to move in together, when Baby A was born), but the dates just weren't what we wanted. I wasn't willing to miss Baby A's 2nd birthday and if we took our honeymoon right after our wedding date of September 15th I would have either of missed it or had to of cut our honeymoon short- and where's the fun in that?! We no longer have a date picked out for our wedding but we will figure it out, we're in no rush! Well, it would be nice to wear my wedding dress (already purchased and hanging in my momma's closet), but I can try and be patient! On a side note, I've been having baby fever like CRAZY! My mind about wanting baby #2 sooner than later flip flops on an hourly basis. When I really sit down and think about it though, as much as I would love to be pregnant again and have another little one, I feel like *for me* it is so important to spend the time with Baby A now, when he's little, and it's just him. Know what I mean? Pretty sure we'll be waiting on more babies until after we're married in 2014!

The last thing I want to cue you in on as far as my life goes is my dogs. Mrs. Bow Jangles (real name: Rayne) has been faithfully by my side through thick in thin since one day before my high school graduation. Taking full advantage of the fact that I had turned 18 just one short week before, I decided to go and adopt a puppy. Without my parents knowing. Oops. I searched the local humane society websites before stumbling upon one that had three little pups, all brother and sister, two without spots and one with. My heart melted when I looked at the little spotted puppy face, appropriately named Freckles, and I knew I had to have her. Straight from class I drove my little car up to the animal shelter and told them I was there for the dog! They were hesitant to let me adopt her, being freshly 18, but with a bright shiny smile and a little white lie I had my puppy in hand and was walking out of their front doors. Mrs. Bow Jangles has been by my side through everything! A graduation, moving out for the first time, a nasty break up from a high school piece of scum boyfriend, meeting Mr. Hunky, moving to our first townhouse, a pregnancy, a childbirth, and engagement, AND an out of state move. Can dogs be your best friends? Because I think Mrs. Bow Jangles may be mine. 

Little L (real name: Luna) arrived on a whim last November after a whole lot of begging on Mr. Hunky's part. He has always longed for a German Shepard and has never had the opportunity to get one. Personally, German Shepard's aren't my favorite breed - my grandma had one when I was younger and it scared the living daylights out of me, so when he kept repeatedly begging to go buy Little L I was pretty hesitant. His coworker had breed his German Shepard and sent Mr. Hunky a picture of the two pups that were left out of the litter. When I looked at the picture the puppy on the right melted my heart so I agreed to go look at them. When we arrived at the breeder/coworkers house the two little puppies instantly ran up to me and I about died. Aimee (aka now Little L) had the sweetest face ever and was so loving. I knew right then she would be coming home with us. Oh man, what an impulse buy that was. The next morning after bring Little L home I flipped a lid and was bawling my eyes out, calling Mr. Hunky telling him that I absolutely hated her and that the second he got home form work he was bringing her back. I realized that morning that there was no way I could handle a puppy. November and December were the hardest months I've endured as a parent, attempting to raise a 14 month old and a 4 month old puppy. I felt like I was out of my freaking mind. Little L is 8 months old now and I obviously don't hate her. She has been a challenge, but I am grateful that she has joined our family...just don't tell Mr. Hunky that..okay? 

Alrighty guys, now you've had the chance to get a little glimpse into my life and get to know the girl behind MCO. I'm just like you, trying to survive this crazy world of parenting and trying not to buy every piece of baby gear that I see. If you have any questions about me please don't hesitate to ask! Otherwise you can stay tuned for random posts here and there with updates, fun facts, and other things of that nature!!!

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  1. Thanks for telling us about you, I liked reading it! My kids are 22 months apart and it is not easy. I kind of wish I would have waited (As long as I was guaranteed the same kids ;-)

  2. Ugh I would just die in that heat! lol I wish our son was that organized. He just LOVES to throw things onto the floor and hit them everywhere! It is my job every night to find every piece of every toy...usually there is 1 that I just can't find. lol
    Aww weddings. More time is always great for planning and saving money. We were young when we got married and did not really have the funds for a huge wedding. I don't regret getting married then one bit, other than I wish that we would of had some things like a DJ and whatnot.
    I want baby #2 now! lol But my husband wants to wait until we have the car paid off and our little one is potty trained (he's 15 months now so we have a bit).
    All of our animals (cats) have been "whims". Knuckles has been with us since we have moved out together (my mom basically through him at us lol). Chloe was the one my mom was suppose to keep when fostering 3 kittens...didn't happen. And we did have Sandy (a stray that my neighbor found) for 5 years before having to put her down because of lung cancer. She was abused before we took her home (used as a breeder and thrown out in the dead of winter without front claws and malnourished. She took a lot of work and money, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!
    It is nice to read about you. :)

  3. I love reading your story! Heck, I love it when bloggers share a little bit more about themselves than that condensed version in the "about me" page. Honestly, I thought you were much older, but that's a good thing. Means you're a mature 20 something & trust me, there's not too many of those out there, and I think you probably know that too! I enjoy your blog, don't stop writing!


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