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Change the Way You Dress Your Little Girl with Borrow Baby Couture!

*Mommys Craft Obsession has received compensation to promote Borrow Baby Couture, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Wanting your little one to look stylish is something that comes natural to a mother. We want our children to look well put together and stylish, just like we strive to be! Designers taunt us with gorgeous clothing that we long to have, but unless your Oprah rich, you'll probably never get your hands on. Well my friends, it's time to change the way you dress your little girl because with Borrow Baby Couture you can have them dressing in those designer clothes for a fraction of the cost! 

Photo Credits: Borrow Baby Couture

Borrow Baby Couture was created in Spring of 2011 by a husband and wife who wanted their son to look as handsome as could be for a wedding, but weren't willing to pay the outrageous $400 price tag on a suit that he would wear once! With their frustrations in high priced designer outfits, Borrow Baby Couture was born and is revolutionizing the way you are dressing your little one. 

Photo Credits: Borrow Baby Couture

Borrow Baby Couture offers online designer clothing rental for little girls
ages 9 months to 4 years old. Borrow Baby Couture is giving budget conscious moms the chance to have their little one wear the designer clothes that they lust over, but know that their child probably won't wear more than once.
Photo Credits: Borrow Baby Couture

So how does it work? Borrow Baby Couture allows customers to choose from numerous high end designers  for rental duration's of one or two weeks, with discounts up to 80% off of their retail value! What makes Borrow Baby Couture unique and sets them apart from other child clothing rental companies is that "BBC" gives their customers the opportunity to borrow an outfit that is brand new! Once an item has been returned the borrow price on that particular item drops again to a new pricing category of "nearly new". Once you have decided on an outfit to rent for your little princess, simply create an account and check out. Shipping typically takes a few days however you may request overnight shipping if needed. Once your little girl is finished wearing the outfit and your rental time is up, all you have to do is put the outfit into the return packaging that is provided and drop it into the mail! It's really that simple. 

Photo Credits: Borrow Baby Couture

The cleaning process at Borrow Baby Couture is a top priority for their company. Understanding that little girls make messes, they work with a high quality, professional, cleaning team to ensure that the outfits you receive are in the same condition as they would be if you had purchased them straight from the designer. Each item of clothing is inspected before it is shipped to you, and when it is returned it is immediately professionally dry cleaned at an environmentally friendly cleaner to ensure that the clothing is germ-free. When they receive it from the cleaners the outfits are individually packaged and remain in that very packaging until they are delivered at your home. If your child has an "oops" moment, Borrow Baby Couture does not want you to stress about it! Simply return the item of clothing with a note explaining what the stain is (or could be) so that they can do their best to have their cleaners remove it! Borrow Baby Couture treats their clothing as they treat the clothes that hang in their own personal closets!
Photo Credits: Borrow Baby Couture

Borrow Baby Couture has an outfit for your daughter for every occasion whether it be a holiday, wedding, birthdays, portrait sessions, or just a fancy party! You'll find all of your favorite designers including A.Bird, Baby CZ, Baby Graziella, Chloe, David Charles, Dior, Elle, Fendi, I Pinco Pallino, Il Gufo, Isabel Garreton, John Galliano, Jottum, Magil, Moschino, Rachel Riley, Roberto Cavalli, Simonetta, Stella McCartney, Young Versace, Victoria Kids, Zoe, and more! 

Interested in trying Borrow Baby Couture for your little girl? Visit their website to create an account and get started on renting your little girl that gorgeous designer outfit you've been dying to buy them! 

For a limited time, all MCO readers get 25% off if you use the code MCO25! Hurry though, this amazing deal ends in May!!!

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*Mommys Craft Obsession has received compensation to promote Borrow Baby Couture, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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