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Celebrate You with Mixed Bag Designs

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Today, Megan from Housewife on a Mission has a review 
of Mixed Bag Designs with a $25 Gift Certificate giveaway!

Photo Credits: Mixed Bag Designs

About Mixed Bag Designs:
Mixed Bag Designs was founded in 2008 by two mothers living in the San Francisco Bay Area who had a lot of experience with fundraising for their children’s schools. They had realized that most of the products out there for school fundraisers weren’t really useful in our day to day lives. How much cookie dough and wrapping paper can one person really need? We felt that if we could offer something that people would actually use, it would in turn help raise fundraising profits. We started with our reusable grocery bags and it just took off from there.

For review, I received: a Pink Stripe Market ToteFloral Swirl Medium Zip Tote
Aqua Drug Store Bag and a Blue Camo Lunch Box.

I have been a Mixed Bag Designs fan for quite some time now! Their products are made of great reliable quality and are also sturdy.  I love the prints/patterns they come out with and that they are reusable; green to the environment. I have gotten compliments from my new bags with people wondering where they are from and wanting one of their own!

Pink Stripe Market Tote
I love the pattern of this bag! It's nylon so easy to clean if there happens to be any spills inside the bag or outside the bag. It also folds up small enough that I can fit into my diaper bag or purse, perfect for whenever I need a bag for whatever reason. I'm very excited to use this bag once our local market in town starts up in a few weeks. I'll be able to shop and put all my family's favorite fruits, vegetables and and fresh items into this bag. The shoulder strap is nice to have, so that I do not have to hold the bag by hand. Also, there is an inside bag, perfect to store my phone and keys, or sunglasses and my daughter's epi-pens!
W16" x H18"  $16.00 

Medium Zip Tote
My Medium Zip Tote bag is perfect for so many things! I have used this to pack for an overnight stay, to take items to church in, and to pack multiple toys for my son to take with us to visit family! The best feature about this bag, for me, is that it zips shut. I don't have to worry about losing any of my items or anything falling out. There are more than enough pockets; 9 to be exact! They are: 3 inside flap pockets, 1 inside zip pocket, 4 outside flap pockets, and 1 outside zip pocket. The material is easy to wipe off, I used a wet paper towel and it worked just fine. The inside interior is a different pattern than the outside, which I think is pretty cool! Take a look below.
W19.75" x H12" x D8"  $18.00

Drug Store Bag
This is a great little bag to have for when you are shopping at a drug store (CVS, Walgreens etc.), but also can be used as a gift bag or anything really that can fit into it. My daughter likes this bag because it's smaller for her to hold. This bag can be easily wiped clean also.
W11" x H13" x D6" $8.00

Lunch Box
This lunch box is nice! It shuts closed with a zipper that goes all the way around the front and 2 sides (3 sides all together). It's clean white inside, and both the inside and outside wipe clean easily. There is a handle, making it easy to carry. Plus it's insulated; it kept my food and drinks cool for the 4 hours I had them in there which included an ice pack of mine.
W11" x H9" x D3"  $15.00


Overall, these bags are made of great quality. The stitching looks great and sturdy; I have never had any problems with my previous Mixed Bag Designs bags or these. I personally love the company and their products and know you will too! Reusing bags is "green" and better for the environment since you won't have trash bags to throw away. Reuse your Mixed Bag Designs bags everyday while in style!!

Buy It: You can purchase any of these items by clicking on each product title above taking you directly to the link to buy them at Mixed Bags Designs online store.

Win It: One lucky reader is going to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Mixed Bag Designs by entering through the Rafflecopter below. Open to US residents ages 18+  Giveaway ends on 4/25 at Midnight.

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  1. Really nice bags. I could use any of them so very hard to select just one right now.

  2. We use them when we don't have a big shopping trip mostly because we don't have a ton right now.

  3. I do use them when shopping for food

  4. All very nice bags, but I love the Navy/White Dots Insulated Casserole and would use it because it is insulated and I go to many functions where I need this!

  5. I would like several but the Red Croc Tall Tote and shopping bags are what I'd get.

  6. Just started back at work this week, after maternity leave, and the lunch bag would be really handy!

  7. I would love to get some of the foodies snack bags and/or a purple daisy insulated casserole!

  8. I try to remeber my shopping bags!

  9. Yes, we use reusable bags most of the time. Its usually the ones we got from the store we shop at, tho. These are alot prettier.

  10. I try to use reusable shopping bags every chance I get. However, there are a few times I forget.

  11. I am about half and half, If I shop at for example Aldi I use my reuseable bags. But if I shop at the other store in out area, Walmart, I use their bags/

  12. I use reusable bags anytime I can actually remember to take them out of my car! :)

  13. I don't use reusable bags right now. These cute ones might inspire me to start, though :)

  14. insulated casserole in navy/white dots

  15. We try to always use reusable shopping bags!

  16. I use reusable shopping bags at the grocery store and when I remember at other stores.

  17. Always use totes and insulated bags for grocery shopping!

  18. Yes I use reusable totes when shopping.

  19. Black/White Dots Large Zip Tote

  20. I do use reusable totes for grocery shopping!

  21. I'd love to organize our vehicle with the Flower Swirl products.

  22. I like the Navy Geo Cooler and the Navy Chevron Weekender!

  23. Yes, I love to use reusable bags at the grocery store, not only are they earth friendly, they are more durable and more comfortable to carry heavy items in.

  24. The striped double bin for the car.

  25. Ashley Chassereau ParksApril 22, 2013 at 2:51 PM

    I might buy the "Pink Chevron Hold Everything!"

  26. I'd want to buy the Pink Croc Big Travel or the Black Stripe Trash Tote.


  28. Love the Chevron and Navy Daisy!

  29. I use reusable bags sometimes

  30. So hard to choose - I like the PP199 Pink/Black Daisy Six Pocket Tote and the GB108 Black Swirl Girls Lunch

  31. love the blue stripe cotton tote.. or the orange cotton backpack!

  32. Everyday totes or shopping totes!!


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