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Warm Tradition's Lamb Hot Water Bottle Review & Giveaway

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is visiting my great grandma and having the special treat of using her hot water bottle. I absolutely loved it! Hot water bottles have been used for years for a variety of things such as aches and pains, on a cold winter night for warmth, and as a method of comfort. 

Photo Credits: Warm Tradition

Warm Tradition offers hot water bottles in a variety of sizes and colors, and they even have covers for them! All of the Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottles are made in Germany from a thermoplastic that is eco friendly and BPA free. All of their hot water bottle covers are made here in the US. Warm Tradition operates by the mission to offer the best quality water bottles that you will find online, the best customer service, and the convenience of fast, free shipping.  

Warm Tradition generously sent me a Lamb Hot Water Bottle for Baby A to enjoy this Easter! I was so excited for it to arrive knowing how much I loved my great grandma's hot water bottle, I was eager for him to have one growing up as well. The cover for the hot water bottle as you can image is a little lamb and it just has the sweetest face! With a face like that and its floppy little ears, how could any little one resist! Not to mention he's soft and cuddly!

The water bottle itself is made from a thick plastic to prevent any accidental leaks, but I loved that you could still fully feel the warmth of the hot water inside. The Lamb Hot Water Bottle includes a 'junior' sized hot water bottle that is perfect for your little munchkin!

So I have a feeling for some of you, a hot water bottle may be a brand new concept. I have a few friends that weren't quite sure about its uses or how to even fill it up for that matter, so let me show you! A hot water bottle has a screw in top for easy filling or dumping of the water. For this particular hot water bottle I just let my sink water run on hot for a few minutes before filling it up. I filled the hot water bottle to the top and screwed the cap back in! Baby A and I have used our new hot water bottle about three times since we received it and I have never had a problem with leaks. What's great about this hot water bottle too is that it really radiates the heat! I can feel the warmth of the water even through the lamb cover.

I am apologizing in advance for the slightly blurred photo below. Baby A has been quite the wiggle worm lately, especially when I break out the camera, and he would not sit still for me to snap a picture of him with his new lamb! For the last three nights he has used it on his lap during bottle time, he loves it!

Easter Sunday is March 31st so why not fill your little ones baskets with something that they can love and cherish their entire childhood?

To Purchase: Go grab your little one their very own Warm Tradition's Lamb Hot Water Bottle for your little one to enjoy this Easter Sunday!

In Celebration of Easter, Warm Tradition wants to give one lucky reader a Lamb Hot Water Bottle for their little one's Easter Basket! 
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A winner has been chosen! Congrats to Christina Howell!

The Giveaway will close late on the evening of March 23rd. The winner will be chosen at random through Rafflecopter which uses The winner will be announced both on Rafflecopter as well as MCO’s Facebook. The winner will have their prize sent to them by Warm Traditions. Must be 18 years and older. Mommys Craft Obsession is not responsible for the prize shipment. US Only.

*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions, what works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Warm Traditions however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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