Sunday, March 3, 2013

#NubyBath Giveaway!!

Rub a dub dub Nuby has launched a NEW Range of bath time toys at buybuy Baby stores! Bath time is fun again with #Nubybath


Whale Pail: Nuby's Whale Pail™ bath toy scooper is great for bath or pool toys! It's mouth is open wide enough to easily scoop up your little ones bath toys! The Whale Pail allows all your little ones toys to be stored neatly and conveniently on your bathroom wall. The excess water drains easily away and toys quickly air dry, plus it is BPA free!
Splish Splash Stacking Cups: The Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups are a bath time classic and provide endless fun! Your baby can stack them together, put things inside, and watch the water drain from the bottom of the cup, plus they are BPA free!
Squid Squirter: Nuby’s Squid Squirter is a great way to make bath time fun! When you hold the squid under water and pull the handle back the chamber is filled with water. Then push down on the handle and watch the water squirt everywhere! Squid Squirter encourages development and play!
Tub Time Turtle: Nuby’s new Tub Time Turtle is another fun and interactive bath time toy from Nûby™. Tub Time Turtle™ floats on the water’s surface so it is always within easy reach. Lift Tub Time Turtle™ out of the water to experience waterfall fun! This toy helps develop hand eye coordination. BPA FREE
Octopus Floating Bath Toy: Nuby's Octopus Floating Bath Toy includes 3 rings to toss and fit onto the Octopus arms! It's fun colors and shapes stimulate your little ones senses. 
Splash n' catch Bathtime Fishing Set: Nuby's Splash n' catch Bathtime Fishing Set is a fun and interactive bath toy!  Your baby is sure to love the fun colorful charters. This bath time set helps develop hand- eye coordination. BPA FREE 
Foam Bath Animals: Nuby's Foam Bath Animals bring underwater animals to your baby's bath! The characters float in the water and when wet will stick to the bathtub wall providing countless hours of fun! Plus they are all BPA free! You can purchase all the above Nuby bath toys and more from buybuy baby!

  Win It: Nuby has offered two super lucky readers all seven bath toys! Giveaway rules can be found here. This giveaway is open to US residents only and closes at 11:59 on March 20th. 

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