Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moredays App for iPhone and iPad

Do you wish that you had more time in your day? That you could capture and journal the memories right after they happen? With the help of the new app Moredays, you can!

From Moredays:
"Everyone who has a family knows that those moments spent together with our family are the most precious in the world. Be it we have a baby or we have adult kids, we want to capture these moments. This is simple with the Moredays application. All that needs to be done is to select a day that you want to add a note and attach a photo to it and the moment is captured forever in your device."

To preserve your special memory, simply snap a photo and upload it to your Moredays App and you'll never forget when it happened, or the joy you felt! Whether it's the day you get engaged, your child's first step, or your parents 50th wedding anniversary you will have it with you always and have the convenience of being able to share it with friends and family when ever the topic comes into your conversation!

From Moredays:
"It is that easy and those moments will be saved in the memory so that we can recall them at any time. Doesn't matter if it is the child's first tooth or its first step, with Moredays you will always have these moments at hand in your device.

It is also very simple to share moments on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and obviously via standard email. It is easy, just click on the icon representing the form of sharing and the system will take care of everything itself."

Photo Credits: Moredays

From Moredays:
"You can have all these moments printed by us annually in the form of a Moleskin diary that will add elegance and style to your memories!"

How amazing would it be to conveniently record your life's memories and have a journal printed at the end of the year of everything that you experienced? I wish I had known about this app before Baby A was born, I have missed writing down so many crucial 'firsts' because I, of course, wasn't carrying around his baby book when milestones happened! 

Aside from recording your life, Moredays also serves as a personal planner and offers storage for various aspects of your busy schedule such as events, notes, contacts, tasks, and media. Moredays can even be synced with other applications such as Google Apps and Evernote. Plan and organize your life, add visual images for reminders or events, leaf through your calendar quickly for your weeks agenda, and capture your wonderful memories with the help of Moredays.

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Photo Credits: Moredays

The best part about Moredays? It's FREE! Yup, you heard it, completely FREE! You can snag your Moredays download from their website, or download it at the [Apple] App store!

*Mommys Craft Obsession has been compensated to promote Moredays. All of my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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